Girls und Panzer Manga Teaches You How to Play World of Tanks Game

posted on 2013-09-12 16:07 EDT by Bamboo Dong
MMO-action game collaborates with Girls und Panzer and others for its Japanese launch

Online MMO-action game World of Tanks launched its service in Japan on September 5. To help kick off the release, they collaborated with popular series Girls und Panzer to publish a special tutorial comic. The tutorial is illustrated by Midori Hagi, and is called "Hajimete no Senshadou~ WoT for Beginners." The first chapter will feature characters from Girls und Panzer explaining the tanks in World of Tanks.

Also available is a specially drawn comic from military manga expert Motofumi Kobayashi, whose works include Panzergrenadier, Apocalypse Meow, and the Cat Shit One spinoffs. Samples of the pages can be read here. It doesn't have any cute girls, but there are some magnificently drawn WWII-era world leaders.

For those wanting a more of a live experience, September 13 will see events in places like Shinjuku and Akihabara featuring real Type 95 tanks patrolling the streets. A limited time "World of Tanks Cafe" is planned at the mia* cafe maid cafe in Akihabara.

You can see the Japanese TV spot for World of Tanks here or below.


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