Osamu Tezuka's Hello Kitty Drawing Isn't So Cute

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Pioneering creator Osamu Tezuka's (Mighty Atom/Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor/Kimba the White Lion, Phoenix) daughter Rumiko Tezuka tweeted a unique image by her father that hasn't seen the light of day since 1976 until it was reprinted in the Hello Kitty 30th Anniversary Memorial Book in Japan in 2005. The well-known mascot company Sanrio published the short-lived Lyrica shojo magazine in the 70s, which carried Tezuka's popular unicorn manga Unico. Sanrio's famous Hello Kitty mascot launched in 1974, so as part of its inaugural year, Lyrica's editors asked Tezuka to draw a version of Hello Kitty. This is what they got:

Tezuka could have drawn a cute version of the famous mascot, but instead opted to cross her over with one of his own reoccurring characters, Hyoutan Tsugi (Patch Gourd), a sort of pig-mushroom-zombie.

[Via Rocket News 24]

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