Yandere Simulator Will Let Players Love Their Sempai — To Death

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Yandere Simulator has been in development for over a year. The term yandere was coined for the sweet on the outside but possibly murderous on the inside girl. The game offers the experience of being that girl and her quest to get sempai to notice her — and absolutely no one else. Note: the videos below contain mature topics, including using information of a character's sexual assault to set up their murder. The game seems to take a few notes from School Days.

In the simulator, murder is always on the menu but rash actions also put your sanity at risk. The closer you approach to insane, the more sadistic your murders become and the rest of your classmates are more likely to notice the blood on your clothes and maniacal laughter. It takes a level of clear headedness to push your love rival off a roof and make it look like a suicide, but if you aren't yandere enough, you'll be too slow.

The police arresting the character is also a risk. Players can also forgo murder and just orchestrate social ostracization and ruin other's reputations. How dark the game gets is dependent on the player. The game's scope currently covers 10 weeks, where a new love rival appears each week and must be eliminated. Only when all 10 rivals are eliminated will the main character confess her love to Sempai. Sempai will be male or female depending on the player's choice but the playable character is always female.

Yandere Simulator is still in production and the staff plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign when the game is further developed.

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