Commercial Released for New Pokemon Variety Show

posted on by Eric Stimson
Stars Shokotan, Hyadain, Japanese comedians

A commercial has been released for the new Pokemon variety show, Pokemon no Uchi Atsumaru? ("Gather at the Pokemon House?"). It shows the cast of the show — singer and voice actress Shōko Nakagawa ("Shokotan"), singer Hyadain, and comedians Abareru-kun and Antony — expressing their fervent love of Pokemon by, among other things, imitating a Torchic (in Abareru-kun's case) and playing with a giant bouncy ball (apparently an Electrode about to use Explosion).

Since the show was initially announced, it has added a cast member: Rinka Ōtani, a 15-year-old model. The show's premise is meant to embrace all ages and genders; the only qualification to hang out in the Pokemon House is an interest in Pokemon.

From left to right: Hyadain, Ōtani, Nakagawa, and Abareru-kun

Pokemon no Uchi Atsumaru? will premiere at 8 AM on October 4 on TV Tokyo.

[Via Pokenchi official site]

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