ANN Readers: Here's The Most Anticipated Anime for Winter 2019

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The readers over at Charapedia are clamoring for the second season of Kemono Friends, but over here at Anime News Network the series didn't even crack the top 10. Instead, it was the Shonen Jump thriller The Promised Neverland that pulled ahead for the top spot followed by Mob Psycho 100 II. Mob's emotional psychic journey wasn't nearly as high up on the Charapedia poll, coming in at #16.

ANN Reader's Top 20 Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2019

  1. The Promised Neverland
  2. Mob Psycho 100 II
  3. Boogiepop and Others
  4. The Rising of The Shield Hero
  5. Dororo
  6. Kakegurui××
  7. Kaguya-sama: Love is War
  8. The Morose Mononokean
  9. Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka
  10. Date a Live III
  11. Kemono Friends 2
  12. The Quintessential Quintuplets
  13. Star ☆ Twinkle Precure
  14. My Roommate is a Cat
  15. Domestic Girlfriend
  16. B-PROJECT: Zecchō Emotion
  17. Meiji Tokyo Renka
  18. Girly Air Force
  19. BanG Dream! 2nd Season
  20. Kemurikusa

The poll was taken prior to the launch of Preview Guide and the season proper. Would you change some of your picks now that a few of the first episodes are already out?

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