Bunshun: Yuuki Kaji and Ayana Taketatsu Had Been Secretly Dating for Over 2 Years

posted on by Kim Morrissy
The two voice actors announced their marriage on Sunday

Voice actors Yuuki Kaji and Ayana Taketatsu made a surprise announcement over the weekend that they had gotten married. According to an anonymous industry source cited by Bunshun, the two actors had been dating secretly for over two years, and hardly anyone even within the industry knew about it.

The same source also said that one of the reasons the two kept their relationship a secret was because Kaji had previously dated another voice actress. Because the industry is so small, rumors spread quickly, so Kaji and Taketatsu kept the relationship secret out of prudence.

Kaji's most prominent character is his ongoing starring role as Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan, and Taketatsu's breakout role was Azusa Nakano in the K-ON! franchise. Among other projects, they starred together in Star Driver, Guilty Crown, and High School DxD.

Source: Bunshun via Yara-On!

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