Kikuko Inoue Celebrates Her Daughter Turning '5 Years Older' than Herself

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Veteran voice actress says she'll always be 17 years old

Veteran voice actress Kikuko Inoue (Fairy Tail's Minerva, Ah! My Goddess' Belldandy) celebrated her daughter Honoka's 22nd birthday on Twitter on February 9, tweeting: "Happy birthday, Hocchan! I'm shocked at how she's become 5 years older than me in the blink of an eye! I'm thankful that she's grown so well." She also thanked everyone for supporting Honoka, and promised that both mother and daughter will continue to work hard.

Inoue is currently 55 years old, but has established a reputation for claiming to be 17. It's gotten to the point that she is considered the founder of her own religion, 17-saikyou ("age 17ism"), with fellow voice actresses Yukari Tamura, Sakura Nogawa, Rina Satou and Yui Horie. It is also customary to respond to her claims with "Oi, oi!", a Japanese way of showing skepticism. Honoka's own Twitter bio reads: "My mother is 17 years old (oi, oi!)"

Honoka Inoue is an up-and-coming voice actress. She made her live singing debut in December 2015. Some of the characters she has voiced include Tomoe Kawakita from Cinderella Nine, Ruby Azumi from Between the Sky and Sea, and Sakura Uzuki from Pazudora. In 2016, Kikuko and Honoka teamed up to pose as high school students for promotional pictures, and in 2017, they starred as a mother-and-daughter duo in Pokémon Generations episode 18.

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