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Comic-con Adult Swim News

posted on by Christopher Macdonald

Additional Material Source: Anime Tourist

Cartoon Network confirmed long stading rumours regarding a second season of Big O at Comic-con, they also confirmed Viz & Sho-Pro's long standing assertions that Inu Yasha would eventually be on TV and announced that Production-IG's Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex would air on CN.

The second season of Big O 2 is being produced in Japan exclusively for Cartoon Network. Currently there are no details about a possible home-video release, and no mention of Bandai Entertainment being in the picture. Bandai was the North American Licensee for the original Big O anime and sublicenced the broadcast rights to Cartoon Network. Apparently CN was unhappy with the way Big O ended and persuaded management to produce a second season. Furthermore, CN is also trying to do the same with Cowboy Bebop; the difference obvisouly being that the producers of Big O always hinted that the series would continue, whereas the producers of Cowboy Bebop have quite firmly stated that the series is complete; it remains to be seen as to whether they can be convinced to change their minds.

The North American licensor of Inu Yasha, Sho-Pro USA and their Sister Company Viz Communications, have long been stating that Inu Yasha would wind up on TV. To quote Viz, "It's not a matter of if, but of when." At Comic-con their assertions were validated when CN announced that the show would be shown. There still is however no mention of a date, so the question of "when" really is all that remains. Viz Communications will be handling the home video release of Inu Yasha, but it is unlikely that they will release it before the CN broadcast starts. At Otakon, Viz announced the first DVD of Inu-Yasha is due out in November this year.

The biggest announcement, something that had not been hinted at in the past, is that Cartoon Network will be broadcasting Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The new GitS TV series is currently in production at Production I.G in Japan and has been licensed for North American release by Bandai Entertainment. Bandai's license includes "Broadcast and licensing outside Asia" therefore CN would have licensed the show from BEI, not Production I.G

Also announced was that Dragon Ball GT is currently in dubbing and will air on Cartoon Network in September. Previously ANN suggested that statement regarding a September broadcast was only a rumour, as our sources suggested the series was not yet dubbing.

Finally, more Yū Yū Hakusho will be shown later this year.

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