Atlus USA Reveals Western Release for The Alliance Alive 3DS Game

posted on 2017-09-13 22:00 EDT by Justin Piselli
Furyu's RPG arrives in Americas, Europe in early 2018

Atlus USA announced on Wednesday that Furyu Corporation's The Alliance Alive role-playing game will be available for the Nintendo 3DS in early 2018. The game will have a physical and digital release in the Americas, and a digital-only release in Europe.

FURYU released the game in Japan on June 22.

Atlus describes the game:

One thousand years ago, Daemons invaded the world and subjugated all that stood in their path. They then separated the realms with the Great Barrier, which thrust the world into a sea of chaos. The barrier caused the Dark Current, an ocean current that submerged most major cities, to wreak havoc and decimate humanity. All hope was lost, and all remaining humans had to bend the knee to their new Daemon kings. Hundreds of years later, the world is about to change again... There are whispers of resistance, and now the time is ripe to bring it to a roar. Can you fan the flames of rebellion and lead mankind to victory?

Masataka Matsuura directed and produced the game. Ryō Hirao was the character designer, Yoshitaka Murayama wrote the scenario, Kyoji Koizumi was in charge of game design, and Masashi Hamauzu composed the music.

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