Yen Press Announces New Adaptation and Licenses

This weekend at Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA, Yen Press announced a number of upcoming titles, including licenses of Japanese manga series and a brand-new novel adaptation.

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's New York Times bestselling BEAUTIFUL CREATURES will be adapted into a graphic novel by Yen Press! A movie adaptation will hit theatres in February 2013, starring Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, and Jeremy Irons; filming starts later this month. School Library Journal suggested BEAUTIFUL CREATURES for "fans of Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT," and said that BEAUTIFUL CREATURES "[may just be] the next major young adult novel to turn into a film sensation."

The graphic novel will be illustrated by Cassandra Jean, a talented new artist who's already building a reputation for her amazing illustrations. Yen is excited to bring her work to a larger audience with this adaptation. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES will be serialized in the online manga anthology Yen Plus prior to the graphic novel release in 2013.

Other new titles announced today include:
1. THERMAE ROMAE by Mari Yamazaki, an award-winning manga series that celebrates the bathhouse culture of ancient Rome and modern Japan, recently adapted as a TV anime and live-action film. Yen Press will be releasing Thermae Romae in a deluxe hardcover omnibus format, with each omnibus containing two volumes of the original series.
2. KAORU MORI: ANYTHING AND SOMETHING, a standalone collection of short stories and art by Kaoru Mori, author of the critically-acclaimed A BRIDE'S STORY and EMMA. KAORU MORI: ANYTHING AND SOMETHING will be released as an oversized hardcover to match A BRIDE'S STORY.
3. UMINEKO WHEN THEY CRY, a manga adaptation of the mystery visual novel series by Ryukishi07, author of the New York Times bestselling HIGURASHI WHEN THEY CRY. This series will be released as an oversized omnibus edition, with each English volume containing two volumes of the original series.
Blood Lad by Yuuki Kodama, a dark, comedic fantasy about a human girl's efforts to recover her life—with the help(?) of vampire/demon boss Staz—after she stumbles into the demon world .
4. TRIAGE X, a fast-paced, full-throttle action series from the artist behind the New York Times bestselling HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD.
5. THE MISFORTUNE OF KYON & KOIZUMI, a collection of short story comics by various artists, featuring the boys of the SOS Brigade and based on the internationally-bestselling Haruhi Suzumiya novel series.
6. ALICE IN THE COUNTRY OF HEARTS: MY FANATIC RABBIT, spun off of the popular game series by QuinRose. In this telling, Alice takes up residence at Hatter Mansion with Mafia boss Blood and his faithful rabbity companion, the March Hare. The manga adaptation of ALICE IN THE COUNTRY OF HEARTS will be released as three omnibus volumes in June 2012.

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