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Episode 7

by Grant Jones,

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The Granedger continues towards the Wall and has nearly arrived at its destination. However, its approach creates new sources of tension. The Rekka general Bai Toatsu and his army have their eye on the Granedger but cannot engage for fear of causing an international incident. Within the ship, community members are beginning to have reservations about breaking through the Wall and incurring its curse. Nevertheless, Back Arrow and Atlee unleash the full force of their Briheights against it but to no effect. Shu figures out how to get the cannons working and fires them as well, but they also prove ineffectual. Eventually, the Wall emits a huge gust of air from vents that knock them all away, but that in turn proves to Shu that the Wall is man-made.

General Bai can contain himself no longer and rushes into battle against the advice of his superior. However, he is intercepted mid-air by the flying Briheight of Commander Prax from Lutoh. She takes his axe and tells him to back off, and the prime minister of Rekka tells him to stand down as well. After the Rekka troops withdraw, Commander Prax invites Granedger and Back Arrow to Lutoh to meet the princess. However, Back Arrow refuses and decides to stay behind while the others journey there without him.

Another solid episode this week.

I think the revelation that the Wall was man-made is probably not a surprise to anyone. I think the “Not Quite the Great Wall” trope usually has this sort of twist, so unless you're new to media with big walls in them as plot points, it's pretty clear this was coming at some point. By the same token, I'm glad we established this pretty early on (well, 7 episodes in seems early to me at least) and Back Arrow doesn't make it to be a shocking revelation.

I'm a sucker for Commander Prax; she seems like a great foil to the other major generals we've seen. I have nothing but love for the mech-with-the-cape-over-one-shoulder shtick (Rose Gundam says hi), and the fact that flight is a treaty-breaking act is a nice touch. The scene she had early on with Walston at Lutoh was also great. I hope we see more of her.

My other favorite minor detail is the naming of the Briheights at the beginning of the episode. I enjoy the fact that the mechs being manifestations of conviction incorporates a lot of usual mecha handwavium. Naming the mechs is not only appropriate but actually strengthens the pilots' bonds with their machines! Love that, terrific little bit of writing in my opinion.


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