Want to see Comment
Angelique (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Angelique: Seichi Yori Ai o Komete (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Angelique: Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoir (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Angelique: Twin Collection (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Banner of the Stars III (OAV)
Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black
Chrome Shelled Regios (TV)
CLAMP in Wonderland (OAV)
CLAMP in Wonderland 2 (OAV)
(La) Corda D'Oro - primo passo (TV)
Earl and Fairy (TV)
(The) Garden of Sinners (movie series)
Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe wieder (TV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (OAV)
Happy Seven (TV)
Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time – A Tale of the Eight Guardians (TV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2: Shiroki Ryū no Miko (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Ajisai Yumegatari (OAV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyō Shō (OAV) Waiting for this to come to the U.S.
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Maihitoyo (movie) Waiting for this to come to the U.S.
Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (TV)
Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians (TV)
INTERSTELLA 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (movie)
Kobato. (TV)
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kagayaki no Ashita (TV) Waiting for this to come to the U.S.
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique: Kokoro no Mezameru Toki (TV) Waiting for this to come to the U.S.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (TV)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st
Make-Up! Sailor Senshi (movie) What can I say, it's part of Sailor Moon. Too bad it wasn't released when it was licensed here in the states
Meine Liebe (TV) Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Mutineer's Moon (stalled TV) Doubt if I'll ever see this one but I can always hope. Wish like hell that SOMEONE from ADV would say something about the status of this. Written 2-9-06 Well, there may be SOME hope. The November issue of Anime Insider had a small article about this and said that it was still in the production stages, how far along and when it will be released, the article didn't say. But there does seem to be hope....Written 12-15-06
My-Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OAV)
Occult Academy (TV)
Sailor Moon SuperS (special) I would like to see this. Too bad it wasn't released when the TV series were being released. Written 2-9-06
Sailor Moon SuperS Plus - Ami's First Love (special) See above
Saint Beast (TV)
Saint Beast ~Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen~ (OAV)
Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan (TV)
Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris (OAV)
Sakura Taisen: New York NY. (OAV)
Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ō to Sōheki no Tsuki no Himegimi (OAV)
(The) Story of Saiunkoku Second Series (TV 2)
Tenshi na Konamaiki (TV) Waiting for this to come to the U.S.
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (OAV)
Tsubasa: Spring Thunder (OAV)
Utawarerumono (OAV)
Vampire Knight (TV)
Vampire Knight Guilty (TV)
xxxHOLiC: Kei (TV)

Seen some Rating
Bleach (TV) Good
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV)

Seen all Rating Comment
Angelic Layer (TV) Decent Misaki Suzuhara leaves the country to go to school in the Big City and hopes to see her mom, who she hasn't seen since Kindergarden. Once she arrives, Misaki sees a "white angel" firghting on TV, discovers that it's a game called ANGELIC LAYER and is suckered into buying a doll by a wierd guy in a white lab coat. She learns to use her fighting doll and enters into the national tournement, not knowing her mother is also entered in the tournement. Misaki, of course, makes several friends on and off the tournement floor. The reasons for her not seeing her mother is different from the manga; I feel the anime reasons are much better. This is a CLAMP title. This anime is not as "adult' as some of their others, but it is not bad. Written 2-11-06
Azumanga Daioh (TV) Very good This is the biggest collection of high school oddballs that I've ever seen. And they are extremely funny. You have Sasaki who really likes cats ;), Tomo, who's more than just a bit hyper, Koyomi, who's know Tomo forever and probably wants to kill her, Osaka, who's more than a little vague, Kaorin who likes Sasaki a little too much, Kagura who's a great athlete but causes undue stress for Sasaki, and then there is Chiyo-chan the 10-year-old high school prodigy. And of course the teachers aren't exactly normal: Mr. Kimura, the teacher who likes high school girls just a little too much, Yukari who is the homeroom teacher for the main cast and who has her own issues and then there is Minamo Kurosawa, fellow teacher and former classmate of Yukari...don't let her drink too much when she's around impressionable young girls! I've seen all of this now and it's very funny, I laugh out loud every episode. Every episode has something enjoyable in it. I don't remember watching one and thinking "Oh ?God! Just get this over with!" The best episode was the final one with Chiyo-chan's reactions to graduating. This is a must have for every collection! Written 10-14-06
Banner of the Stars (TV)
Banner of the Stars II (TV)
Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody Good
Blue Seed (TV) Good Before she disappears, kaede Kunikida, tell her adopted father to protect the "other Kushinada": Her twin Momiji Fujimiya. Momiji, unaware of her fate to be a sacrifice to save Japan and the World, is a normal High-schooler. As she learns more about her role as the Kushinada and what she is to do against the evil Aragami, she meets her twin's father and his team who fight the Aragami. Momiji also meets Mamoru Kusanagi, a you man who was forcibly given 7 mitamas ( the Blue Seed) as a child and was told to protect Kaede. Kusanagi tries to kill Momiji, but her resemblence to Kaede makes him hesitate. After being attacked in her school and saved by Kusanagi, Momiji travels to tokyo where her real adventures begin. Good story, very entertaining and no fillers. The omake extras are very funny and some are quite pervy! Enjoy! Written 4-19-06
Cardcaptor Sakura (TV) Very good Sakura Kinomoto sets free a deck of magical cards (Clow Cards) and meets the talking plushie(Kero) that was supposed to be guarding them but he fell asleep for about 30 years. Kero calls Sakura "the Cardcaptor" and that he's chosen her to get them all back (since she's the one who set them free, even though he was supposed to be guarding them). Sakura has a huge crush on her brother Toya's best friend, Yukito who has a huge secret even from himself. Eventually Sakura is found out by her best friend, Tomoyo and eventually they are joined by Shaoran, a decendant of Clow Reed, Sakura's predecessor. Shaoran was sent by his mother to capture the Clow Cards but didn't know about Sakura until he arrived in town. Usual boy/girl stuff of competing against each other, then liking the same person, then liking each other much to the dismay of big brother Toya. Unlike many other animes, the boy realizes his feelings first rather than the girl. There is a second arc where Sakura must convert the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards in order for her to continue to use their magic. And someone seems to be causing problems just perfect for requiring her to convert each card. Excellent storylines. You can see Sakura grow into herself which is always a part of the "Magical Girl" storyline. The graphics are good as is the dialog. Stay away from the English version of this anime, it was destroyed to try and make Shaoran the lead character. Written 2-11-06
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card Very good Shaoran and his cousing Meilin come back to vist just in time for a festival and for the Sakura Cards to disappear! Sakura and Shaoran go off to recover the cards before all that they know is gone and Sakura realizes just who her special someone is. Excellent graphics. The English dub of this is the best out of the entire Cardcaptor Sakura line. Written 2-11-06
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie Very good Takes place somewhere in the middle of the first story arc. Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong, takes Toya, Yukito and Tomoyo with her. Once there, she runs into Shaoran and Meilin and is introduced to Shaoran's mother. Sakura also runs into a Sorceress who has a grudge against Clow Reed, Sakura's predeccessor. Excellent grpahics. Okay dub. Watch the subtitled, I feel that it's better than the dub version. Written 2-11-06
Castle in the Sky (movie) Very good Sheeta is a young girl who has been taken by the Army, who wants her to find the mysterious floating island Laputa. When the airship she is being held on is attacked by pirates, she tries to escape but falls, floating down through the sky until she is caught by Pazu. Pazu works in a mine that isn't doing quite well. Pazu takes Sheeta to his home and when the pirates arrive, tries to protect her. Pazu and Sheeta only escape for a short while before they are captured by the Army. Pazu is thrown out by the Army and joins forces with the pirates to rescue Sheeta. This is an excellent story. Miyazaki strikes again! A must have for any collection! Written 4-16-06
Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV) Excellent Aya Mikage turns 16 and discovers that there is another being inside of her name Ceres. Because Ceres, most of her family wants her dead. Aya's twin, Aki, is being consumed by a being inside of him that just wants his "woman" Ceres who is inside of Aya. Just before her birthday, Aya meets a mysterious man who rescues her, just before she is hit by a car, and who later helps her escaped from her murder-minded family. She also meets Suzumi Aogiri, and her brother-in-law, Yuki. Suzumi takes in Aya and shelters her. The story goes on about how Aya deals with Ceres, her brother and family, and the mystery man, Toya, who becomes very important to her and her future. Aya has to deal with a great deal of death: her own attempted murder and the deaths of several people that she knows. You can see in this anime Aya grow from a self-centered brat to a strong woman. The pace on this anime is good and doesn't drag. It really keeps you hooked the entire time. While certain story arcs in the manga are left out and a major character is reduces to a minor one, the overall story is not ruined because of it. This story is VERY TRAGIC!!! Have lots of tissues handy. The animation on this is excellent as is the dialog of both Japanese and English casts. Written 2-12-06 Ceres - Which was originated by the same Manga-ka as FY (Yuu Watase). This is about Aya Mikage. She turns 16 and her life goes to hell. She finds out that she has a seperate being inside of her who can take over her body and morph it. The being, Ceres, has a serious hatred for the Mikage family especially Aya's twin Aki, who has some serious...emotional/physical feelings towards Ceres and Aya. There is also Toya, Aya's love of her life, who also has his own issues towards the Mikage and Aya. Again, very good, humorous (you may like Alex Howell - anime fan boy ), there is also murder, rape and betrayals of family and trust. Tissue recommended also.
Chance Pop Session (TV) Good This is a cute series. Very light and frothy. Yes, there are a couple of serious moments but nothing gut wrenching. I had to resort to my tissue box mid-way through the series and at the end. The characters are fun to watch and I empathized with all of them and could see where each of them were coming from. You will have to listen to the same 2 or 3 songs throughout the series but they are well performed and are not bad songs to listen to. This isn't the world's greatest anime series but it's a relaxing one to watch. It's not that long of a series, so it should take too much time to watch (if you have the time), I really enjoyed it. I think that others will enjoy this too. Written 3-25-07
Chrono Crusade (TV) Very good This is a wonderful story. Rosette Christopher is looking for her brother and the demon, yes, demon, who abducted him. To do so, she made a pact with another demon, Chrono, to help her find Joshua and Aion. Chrono used to be an ally of Aion until Aion betrayed him. Together, Rosette and Chrono fight demons, make new friends, fight with one of said new friends and continue their search for Aion and Joshua. Throughout the story they laugh, cry, argue and love each other very much. While I prefer happy, or at least semi-happy, endings with my anime, the ending for this story is the only one that fits. It's perfect. This is a wonderful story and I recommmend it to everyone. Written 1-9-07
Clamp School (TV) Good I just finished this (in the English dub. I haven't listened to the Japanese yet). Not a bad series. The English VAs to a pretty good job. The only one that I had a problem with was the VA for Akira - she tried a little too hard to be young and bouncy. The other two were okay and gender neutral. The sound was good. The animation and character design is dated to today's standards but this shouldn't keep you from enjoying this series. Enjoy it! Written 3-3-09
Crest of the Stars (TV) Excellent I can't recommend this one strongly enough. This series should be in everyone's collection. The anime is really good but what really gets you is the storyline and the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel. The series is only 13 episodes long but a lot is packed into those 13 episodes. It is really great watching Jinto's and Lafiel's friendship grow from complete strangers to friends who have to part from each other because of duty. There is so much more to this story that I really can't explain but, if you haven't seen this series, you really, really should! Written 7-20-08
D.N.Angel (TV) Very good Daisuke Niwa has spent most of his life in training and on his 14th birthday discovers why: He is the carrier of a magical thief named Dark, who is a completely sepearate personality from Daisuke. Dark's purpose is to steal and seal away the magic of various artworks. To add to Daisuke's troubles, he's in love with Risa Harada, who doesn't love him but is in love with Dark. Risa's twin, Riku is falling in love with Daisuke but hates Dark. And to add to Daisuke's troubles, his friend, Satoshi (an other in a long line of too young anime cops) is out to get Dark and is is trying to keep his own secret sealed. The graphics are good, but there are spots where the computer graphics are very obvious. It is a good story and I really enjoyed it. Written 2-12-06
Dai-Guard (TV) Good I first saw the first two episodes of the on Cartoon Network a few years ago when they were doing a Giant Robot week. They also showed episodes of Martian Successor Nadesico and EVA. And because of that, this one stayed on the back of my mind, so when TSRI had the ADV sale, I bought it. I just finished watching this and I have to say that I enjoyed the heck out of it. I'm not a really big Mecha fan but I did like this one. The giant robot Dai-Guard was developed to defend Japan and it's people against the monsters call Heterodyne. But, 12 years before this story begins the Heterodynes where bombed and haven't been seen until "today." During that time, Dai-Guard became the symbol and promotional tool of 21st Century Security Corp. When a Heterodyne suddenly appears, the Promotional Department leaped into action and saved the day! Not without causing a whole lot of damage to Dai-Guard and the surroundings! Darn Civilians! ;) The cast of characters is fairly stereotypical. The 3 pilots of Dai-Guard are: Akagi, the lead pilot who is a good-hearted guy and salary man. He doesn't seem to suffer from the suicidal despair, congenital spinelessness or whininess that a lot of Mecha pilots seem to have. He just wants to protect and defend his friends, the city/country and the people who live there. Ibuki, the navigator is an office lady with a tragic past. Her birth father was the one that initially developed the possibility of the Heterodyne but was laughed at and ignored. He [spoiler]was killed when the first Heterodyne appeared.[/spoiler] Ibuki has difficulty accepting the truth about her father and difficulty understanding her step-father. Aoyama, the engineer, was quite content being a salary man and taking care of his sick mother. Not to mention being a bit of a flirt (which the VA Miki Shinichiro seems to fit so well!). He's possibly the most sensible out of the entire group but ends up with the same zeal for protecting those around him. The rest of the cast are also fairly typical: The mysterious President of the company and his secretary who's related to Akagi, the board of Directors who consist of sneaky snakes, The Promotional division chief with the bad comb-over. There is also the "big sister" office lady and her subordinates: the shy four-eyes, the kogal and the humorous flirt. There are also various other salarymen, mechanics and the underage mad scientist. And if the Heterodyne is not enough for you as villians, there are: Shirota, an army observer (spy) who becomes something more to our intrepid heroes; Saeki, Shirota's junior who finally learns that the manual isn't everything. And last, but not least, various Army officers who hate that civilians are kicking Heterodyne butt and making them look like fools. This is 26 episodes and while there are sad parts, none of them made me cry. I laughed more instead. This is really a "feel good" Mecha series that says teamwork is the best and protecting people is more important than saving face. I really recommend this one if you want to watch a Mecha series and not have to worry about straining the brain or using too much kleenex. Written 12-9-06
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (TV) Good Not much to say about this one. Kazuki is a boy who sees things that actually turn out to be real but in a parallel world. But one classmate does believe in what he sees and Mitsuki is the beginning of the harem he collects. This is a harem anime with mecha. Fairly simple in the story line but it is enjoyable. Fortunately it isn't very long either. Longer than the 13 episodes that it consists of and it would have been very bad. Written 4-9-07
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures Special Good This just rounds off the end of the story. It shows what has happened in the "new world." Kazuki still has his harem but now he's related to most of them. Oh well, it's still a fun little ending to the story. Written 4-9-07
Eight Clouds Rising (OAV) Good Takeo Nanachi is traveling with 3 friends to a shrine to do research for a script. Takeo takes with him a sword that had been in his family for several years but can't be removed from it's sheath. He's taking it to the shrine to be "blessed". When they arrive, they discover that a special ceremony is about to be held and they are forbidden from watching and are not really wanted in the area. Good graphics and storyline. The only problem with it is that when it ends it is obviously not the end of the story. I have no idea if there is something to finish the story or not, but this is still worth seeing. Written 2-12-06
Elemental Gelade (TV) Good
Escaflowne: The Movie Excellent The movie Hitomi is different that the TV series Hitomi. This one is depressed about her life and the direction it's going. She has quit the track team, hurt her best friend and just wants to fade away. Then she is called to another world, Gaea, as the Wing Goddess of prophecy. Do not look at this as the same as the series. Treat it as what it is, a completely different story. The character designs are a bit different from the TV series as well (Folken looks like David Bowie in "Labrynith") But the persanalites of most of the characters are the same. Good movie, well paced and excellent animation. A must have! Written 5-16-06
Fake (OAV) Decent Not bad if you don't mind one guy tring to get into another guy's pants while on vaction and dealing with murder at the same time. With this anime you really should read the manga to understand what's going on. Written 2-12-06
Fate/stay night (TV) Very good Wow! I'm enjoying this one so far! Shirou Emiya is perhaps a bit of a typical anime character: naive, ignorant of his powers etc. but has a really powerful Servant. Saber is a Servant who is a bit cold in personality but seems to be immensely strong for her relative size. At first, due to the words of her incantation of summoning, I thought that I wouldn't like Rin Tohsaka but she does seem to have a a decent heart, since she save Shirou's life. And her Servant Archer seems to be a capable and amusing fellow. I do not like the little girl Illya. Someone needs to get the brat ASAP. I like the idea that the Servants are Heros of the Past. Illya's Servant is Hercules for example. I thought that I knew who Saber was, but when I went and read previous threads, I found out that I was wrong. I enjoyed the music in this series as well. Of course, I have the habit of not really "hearing" it but I have to say that it didn't jolt me out of what I was watching and go "WTF?" Written 12-24-06 The series is compete! And I really, really enjoyed this. I wish that it had gone into a little more detail but it was still quite enjoyable. And the ending was just right for the series as well. Written 12-12-07
Fruits Basket (TV) Excellent Tohru Honda is orphaned and goes to live with her grandfather but when his house is remodeled to accommodate more family members, Tohru is asked to find another place to live for a while. Since she won't ask her friends to put her up, she goes to live in a tent. She later discovers that the tent is on the property of the family of a classmate, Yuki Sohma who is considered to be the hottest boy in their school. Due to a landslide that destroys her tent, Tohru is invited to move into Yuki's cousin's, Shigure, house and work for room and board as a housekeeper. These three are quickly joined by another Sohma cousin, Kyo. At that time, Tohru learns about the curse the Sohma family has been struggling under for centuries. The story continues with Tohru's best friends meeting the people she lives with and how she becomes closer to everyone. This is a good story, wonderfully crafted. The conclusion to the anime is only somewhat satisfying but to gain the true ending read the manga which is just as good. Written 2-12-06
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Very good Teenager Sousuke Sagara has been a soldier all of his life and has been assigned to the most dangerous assignment of his life: Go to high school and guard Kaname Chidori. Why is this so hard for him you ask? Well, he's never attended school like "normal" kids and Kaname is a person who has black tech hidden deep in her unconciousness. Kaname at first is unable to stand being around Sousuke, attacks him for stalking her but when what could possibly be the worst school trip ever occurs, she begins to trust him. This is a great and fun anime. It also has it deep and serious side. Most enjoyable. Written 3-17-06
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (TV) Excellent WOW!!! This is terrific so far. The regulars are the same as always, so I'm happy. Gates is one loony modderpocker! I think that I'm going to feel sorry for Yu Fan and Yu Lan. I also don't think that their story will be a happy one in the end. Written 12-13-06 Yup, Gates is a very, very insane person and things did not end well for Yu Fan and Yu Lan. And what poor Sousuke and Kaname went through! To be torn apart the way they were without any warning or being able to talk to each other! That was unfair! But it was interesting to watch Sousuke's decent into depression. But what was really amazing was who Yu Fan and Yu Lan's teacher was and how he actually snapped Sousuke out of his depression. Of course, Kaname finished the job but the "teacher" started it. Watch this series. I highly recommend it. Written 5-6-07
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (OAV) Good This really doesn't have anything to do with the actual series. But it does deal with Tessa trying to figure out what exactly she had done the night before when she'd been tricked into having a drink by Melissa. In trying to find out, she does learn some things about the people under her. For example: Andrey Kalinin has been trying to make borscht that's just like what his late wife used to make and Belfangan Clouseau is an anime fanboy who doesn't exactly appreciate his anime being tampered with. This is purely for fun. Written 5-6-07
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (TV) Good This was extremely funny. I'm not really certain but I think that it takes place during Full Metal Panic! as side stories. There are usually 2 stories per episode and they are all extremely funny. Sousuke at his undercover in high school best and Kaname beating the snot out of him with her fan. Of course, when he does rescue her, she is appriecative. The best stories are the one about the pervy "Pony Man" and one involving school repairs and a fish. You'll enjoy and laugh til you hurt! Written 3-17-06
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) Very good Edward & Alphonse Elric learn alchemy to try and resurrect their dead mother. In trying to do so, not only to they fail, but Al loses his entire body and Ed is leg. Ed secures Al's soul to a nearby suit of armor, losing his arm in the process. The story continues with how Ed becomes a "dog of the military." Ed and Al meet several people in their travels, including Col. Roy Mustang and his team, various other alchemists, a group of homunculus named after the 7 deadly sins and a scarred man who is out to kill every State alchemist he can get his hands on. The theme of this story, in my opinion, is consequences and the results. This is a tremendous story and one that people should see. Written 9-8-06
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa Very good The story continues with Ed in "our' world and Al in "theirs." Ed is living with another boy named Alphonse Heiderich, who looks the way Al should if Al was his correct age. Heiderich is interested in the science of making rockets and such and has convinced Ed to go with him to a carnival to help promote rockets. On the way, they come across a group of Gypsy women, one of whom looks VERY familiar to Ed. And then the story takes off...It does help if you know a little bit about the History of Germany Post-WWI and Pre-WWII but it isn't really necessary. The movie ties up pretty much all of the loose ends from the TV Series, some are left unanswered but they won't cause you to stay awake at night. I think the theme of this movie is Fear. The Fear of something that is like you but you perceive it to be different from you. The animation of the movie is the same quality as the TV Series but I am a bit disappointed that they didn't take it up a notch since it is a movie with a presumably larger budget. But it's still a good movie and a good ending to the entire series. Written 9-8-06
Fushigi Yugi (TV) Excellent This is a story about Miaka Yuki and her best friend Yui Hongo. While visiting the National Library, Miaka sees a red bird and follows it to the rare book room and finds "The Universe of the Four Gods." As she and Yui start to read it, they are sucked into the book and find themselves in ancient China, where they are attacked by slavers. They are saved from a terrible fate by a mysterious boy and somehow Yui is sent back to our time, while Miaka stayed in the book. Miaka, who doesn't know that Yui is back in the 'real' world, thinks that the boy has taken Yui away and goes in search of him. Several events happen and she learns that the boy's name is Tamahome. They end up being captured and sent to the Imperial dungeons. They escape, accidently get seperated and Miaka meets Hotohori. More things happen and Miaka agrees to become the Priestess of Suzaku to save the kingdom of which Hotohori is Emperor. To succeed in saving the kingdom, Miaka must find her Celestial Warriors, two of whom are Tamahome and Hotohori. Eventually, Miaka finds cross-dressing Nuriko, priest Chichiri, bandit Tasuki, doctor Mitsukaki and child genius Chiriko. On the other hand, Yui also re-enters the book, but doesn't end up in as a nice situations as Miaka as she is confused and manipulated by Nakago, a general of Kouto, the enemy. Nakago uses Yui's confusion and the actions of Miaka and her companions to get Yui to go after the same things Miaka's needs. This is a great story. Lots of love, romance, angst and action. Based on the manga of Yu Watase. This is a must have for any collection. Written 3-25-06 This is about Mika Yuki and her friend Yui Hongo who go to the National Library, wind up in the rare book room reading a book and somehow both are sucked into the book. Yui makes it out of the book and for about 1/3 of the story is in a way the Narrator (the other 2/3s is Mika's brother, Keisuke). Mika stays behind and becomes the Priestess of Suzaku, who must make 3 wishes, hopefully using them to save the country against the evil clutches of another country. Part of the first half is Mika looking for and finding the Warriors to help her make the three wishes. The second half is much darker. Yui re-enters the book, becomes the Priestess for the enemy, becomes Mika's enemy, etc...Mika and her crew have to go against Yui and her group to get magical objects to help them summon the Gods because of problems in the first half of the story. It's very good, there is humor throughout, but there is also murder, rape and betrayals. Tissue recommended.
Fushigi Yugi (OAV) Excellent This takes place after the events in Fushigi Yugi TV. Tamahome is with Miaka and they are beginning to start a new life with each other when he is sucked back into the world of the book. Miaka follows and they fight against the demon Tenko. They win but in doing so, Tamahome is told that he can't be with Miaka. This is also very good. A must have. Written 3-25-06
Fushigi Yugi (OAV 2) Excellent Miaka is once again with her beloved but now his name is Taka and he has no memory of being a Celestial Warrior. Miaka is now in high school and a mysterious boy name Ren is spreading lies about her and causing classmates to attack her. When her classmates throw her off the school roof, Taka tries to save her but before it is too late, they disappear into a red cloud...ending back in the book. They meet their old friends and discover that to save everything, they must find the memories of Tamahome and give them to Taka, otherwise Taka and everything else will disappear. This is a wonderful conclusion to the the main Fushigi Yugi story. This is also a must have. Written 3-25-06
Fushigi Yugi Eikoden (OAV) Very good This takes place after Miaka and Taka get married and find that they are expecting a baby. Somehow a girl name Mayo discovers the book "Universe of the Four Gods" and enters it to make Taka hers. Just as Mayo enters the book, Miaka collapses, is sent to the hospital and it is discovered that the baby in her womb is missing. Taka, to save Miaka and their child, enters the book and discovers that Mayo is carrying the baby and is telling everyone that she and Taka are married. Taka denies everything of course but in someways goes along with Mayo's delusions to protect the baby. Taka goes in search of his fellow warriors to help turn things back to the way they should be. It's a good story. I enjoyed it. Written 3-25-06
Gakuen Alice (TV) Good
Gakuen Heaven (TV) Not a bad story. Not like the manga. Written 12-12-07
Geneshaft (TV) Good It is the 23rd century. There hasn't been a war in sometime. The ratio of men to women is 1:9. All births are controlled by the government. And, when you turn 45 years old, you will die because you have ceased being physically useful. This is the world Mika Seido lives in. She has joined the military, I guess she did this to find herself. Mika is assigned to a top-secret project. The project involves a mysterious mecha, Jupiter and it's moon, Europa and deadly golden rings. Mika is joined on this mission by her best friend, Sophia; Tiki and her older brother, Mario (which people think that the relationship, and admitting they are brother and sister, is gross and disgusting.); Mir, the woman with the century's finest DNA (and she knows it too!); Remmy, who seems to be Mir's yes-woman but has a big secret; and Mika's worst enemy - Hiroto, a man who may have killed Mika's best friend. Together they go in search of the secret of the Rings, are betrayed by a man who they thought they could trust (and who was trusted implicitly by one person) and must also do their best to save humanity. This is a terrific story. I've enjoyed it every time I've watched it even though it puts me into tears each time. Written 11-30-06
Getbackers (TV) Very good Ginji Amano and Ban Midou are the Get Backers. They are Recovery Agents with an !00% success rate...and 0% success rate of hanging on to their money. Ginji is able to control electricity. In fact, in his previous home - the Limitless Fortress, he was know as the Lightening Emperor. Ban has hands that can crush just about anything as well as the Jagen or Evil Eye that cause people to Dream the dreams of his choosing. Throughout the series you meet their new friends, old friends and old friends who just may be their enemies and still be their friends. This is a great series. While there is lots of humor, there are also serious moments. I think that the best parts of the series is when the guys and their friends enter the Limitless Fortress to find out what Ginji's old friend Makubex is planning to do with a very dangerous item and later to go and rescue Makubex from his kidnappers. I recommend this series! Very enjoyable! Written 3-12-07
Ghost Hunt (TV) Very good Saw this in Newtype USA November 2006. I'll have to see if it makes it here to the U.S.
Gunslinger Girl (TV) Very good Terrific show! I really, really enjoyed this. There were scenes that made me laugh but many that made me cry. Henrietta is a terrific little girl and the tragic decision that Rico made, made me gasp! This really is a must see title! Written 12-12-07
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (TV) Good
.hack//SIGN (TV)
Howl's Moving Castle (movie) Excellent This is about Sophie, a young woman old before her time, literally. One day she encounters the magician Howl, who saves her and also uses her as a shield against the Witch of the Waste. The Witch later finds Sophie and curses her, changing her into an old woman. Sophie, angry about what happened to her, goes in search of Howl to make him change her back. This is a wonderfully written story and beautifully animated. It doesn't have the enviornmental themes of other Miyazaki films but there is somewhat of an anti-war one. This is still a good film. Written 3-25-06
Ikki Tousen (TV) Good There is fan service out the wazoo in this series. There is so much in this that the parts that DO NOT have any are very noticeable. But, once you get past all of the fan service, it's a pretty good story. Trust, Friendship, Family, Treachery, Betrayal and Love are all a part of this series. Oh, and being stupid actually is important. The basic story line (once you're past the fan service) is excellent. The animation is good, the characters do their parts properly, the fan service is the main focus of the character drawings, of course. Like I said, once you get past the fan service, which BTW is directed strickly to the guys - none for us girls really, it's a good story. Written 10-29-06
Kaleido Star (TV) Good Sora Naegino has had a dream of appearing on the Kaleido Stage ever since she was a child and saw the performance of Alice in Wonderland. When she arrives in the States to audition, she gets lost, has her legs felt up by a perv (?) and has her luggage stolen. After she retrieves her luggage, she is too late for the audition but then the Perv appears...He's the owner and says to let her stay and try. She appears on stage but almost fall but is saved by the male star of the show, Yuri but Yuri's partner, Layla, has nothing but harsh things to say to Sora. Through trials, fears and heartbreak, Sora stays, makes friends and discovers that she has been chosen by the Fool, the Spirit of the Stage, to perform the Ultimate Manouver. But he won't tell her what it is because it is deadly. Sora overcomes a great deal, especially from within herself. Well written and performed, makes you ache for the main characters. Most enjoyable. Written 5-15-06
Kaleido Star: New Wings Extra Stage (OAV) This is sitting on my shelf waiting to be watched - I'm being lazy.
Kaze no Stigma (TV) Good Kazuma is lazy, self-absorbed, greedy, insane and compassionate - not always all at once but often enough. Ayano is not the sharpest crayon in the box but she's a good girl with heart. And Ren is just a sweetie. This will NEVER be a Top 10 title, but I enjoyed it. Nothing really complicated but not that poorly done either. Just a good watch. Written 11-9-2009
Kiddy Grade (TV) Excellent Eclair and Lumiere are special agents for GOTT(Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs). Their job is to make sure that corporations and people are operating within the law. Unfortunately, they are occasionally sent on missions that go against their personal beliefs and that struggle with right and wrong leads to a major story line in this anime and eventually the conclusion. Eclair and Lumiere have lived for a long time doing the same job and for Eclair it got to be too difficult and she forgot everything which is also a major factor in this series. I just enjoyed this series. The story line was terrific, one little phrase, one little action in one episode lead to an explanation and something bigger in the next. The writers just did a terrific job. The character designs were terrific as well. I didn't really enjoy the next to last versions of Elcair and Lumiere but that's just me. Alv was a terrific villain. I had no sympathy for her whatsoever. I did develop some sympathy for Dvergr, however. And D'Autriche was the villainous type that you just KNOW that there is something else going on and that he WILL have a good reason for what he has done. Everyone should see this series. Written 1-16-07
Kyo kara Maoh! (TV) Very good WARNING! THIS IS A GENEON TITLE. THE CHANCES OF THIS SERIES BEING COMPLETLY RELEASED IN THE STATES IS CURRENTLY SLIM TO NONE. Yuri tries to protect a friend from bullies and is flushed down the toilet. Literally. On the 'other side' he meets the man who had named him, Conrad Weller and discovers that he is the King of the Demon Kingdom. He also meets Conrad's half-brothers: Gwendal, soldier extraordinaire and lover of plushies (he even makes them) and Wolfram, temperament and hot-headed. Through a series of misunderstandings, Yuri not only gets into a duel with Wolfram but becomes engaged to him as well. Yuri goes back and forth from our world to the alternate world via various forms of water. I've been really enjoying this anime. In the last volume, Conrad suffers a serious accident and Yuri's friend, Ken (the one that was bullied) ends up in the alternate world with Yuri and is able to understand the language! Obviously much more to come and I'm looking forward to it! Written 3-17-06 All sorts of things going on, Conrad seems to be on the enemy's side, Ken is definitely more than what he seems and powerful too. I'm looking forward to the start of the second season! Written 11-5-06
Last Exile (TV) Very good Claus Valcan and Lavie Head are Vanship pilot and navigator (respectivly). They take courier jobs to make a living then one day, accept a job that takes them into a battlefield. And that is the start of the dramatic change in their lives. When they participate in a race and are about to win, they are knocked off-course by another vanship pilot with a special cargo, a young girl. Claus and Lavie promise to deliver the girl, Alvis "Al" Hamilton, safely and that's when their lives REALLY go off-course. They end up on the "Kill 'em All" Silvana, captained by the tall, dark and brooding Alex Row, who knows them from his and their past but won't remind them. They also meet the XO Sophia Forrester, who has a few secrets of her own, one of which isn't has hidden as she thinks. Claus and Lavie grow and change and develop throughout this story but it isn't all about them either. There are a few side stories that keep you going as well. And the main villian...well, this person is the "best" villian I've seen in a while. The animation of this series is stunning. A must have for any collection! Written 9-4-06
Leave it to Kero! Theatrical Version (movie) Good Food addicts in the form of plushies are funny!
Magic Knight Rayearth (TV) Excellent Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, ordinary Jr. High school girls (different schools), on a school trip to Tokyo Tower. Suddenly there is a bright light and a voice asking them to save Cephiro. The next thing the girls know, they are falling through the sky in a strange place. Rescued by the magical pet of Master Mage Clef, the girls learn from Clef that they are the ones chosen to save Cephiro and the Pillar of Cephiro, Princess Emeraude, from High Priest Zagato. Clef gives Hikaru her magic just before they are attacked by Zagato's minion and Clef's student, Alcyone. The girls escape, Hikaru's magic becomes evident and Alcyone is thwarted. Eventually, the girls learn from Master Smith Presea and Clef what their quest is. In their travels, they come across mysterious traveling swordsman Ferio, who helps them out every now and then. They also meet more of Zagato's minions: Ascot, Caldina, Lafarga and Invouva. And all three develop and grow their magic powers and weapons skills. Eventually they come up against Zagato and learn who the REAL enemy is. Wonderful story! Developed by CLAMP. A must have for anyone! Written 5-11-06
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 (TV 2) Excellent This takes place after the events of the first season. The girls return to Cephiro and find that it has changed a great deal. They meet all of their old friends again. And they learn that a new Pillar of Cephiro must be found or else the entire country (world) will be lost forever. But there are problems! Other countries have learned of Cephiro's plight and have come to take over/control and to try to become the new Pillar of Cephiro. From Autozam: Eagle Vison with Geo Metro and Zazu Torque. From Farhen: Aska with Chang Ang and Sang Yung. From Chizeta: Twins Tatra (seemingly dippy elder sister) and Tarta (hot headed and determined younger sister). But along comes the real danger: Nova, who looks a lot like Hikaru, and her "Mother" Debonair. And then there is the younger brother of Zagato, Lantis, thrown into this wonderful mix. This part is even better than the first! Written 5-11-06
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (TV)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's (TV)
Marmalade Boy (TV) Good Miki Koishikawa is an ordinary high school student with wierd parents. Her parents go on vacation to Hawaii, come back, say that they are going to get a divorce and that they are going to marry two people that they met on vaction and who are going to do the same thing. (Hope this makes SOME sense) And the other couple have a son Miki's age and so that both kids can be with all their parents, everyone is going to move in together. Miki is, needless to say, stunned, shocked, hurt and appalled. In the inital meeting with the entire group, she tries to get the other couple's son, Yuu Matsuura, to agree with her but he says that if that's what his parents want, it's okay with him. Miki seems to give up but is determined to keep her parents together if at all possible. After they all move in together, Miki still has issues about the whole thing and thinks that school will be her refuge...until Yuu enrolls. This is very much a character driven story with several storylines. Love triangles? Far too simple for this story: Miki loves Yuu; Ginta, Kei and Michael love Miki; Akiko, Arimi and Jinny love Yuu, Brian and Bill love Jinny...needless to say things get REAL interesting. There is also the relationships between Miki and her best friend Meiko Akizuki, Meiko and a teacher, Meiko and the student body president who just may be related to Yuu, Meiko and her parents, Yuu and his parents....WOW! Just lots going on. And lots of people falling in love with each other or someone who doesn't love them, heartbreak and misunderstandings. The animation on this series is obviously older but it is still very enjoyable.Written 5-11-06
Marmalade Boy Movie Good This is not a sequel to the TV series. Nor is it a prequel. This take place as the same time as the beginning of the TV series from the viewpoint of Yuu Matsuura when he is told about the divorce and remarriage plans. While this is going on, he see this girl who catches his eye, so he follows her around for the day. Then comes the introduction dinner... Good story from Yuu's viewpoint. Written 5-11-06
Martian Successor Nadesico (TV) Good Akito Tenkawa was a native of Mars but when it was attacked by the Jovians, he somehow ended up on Earth. He starts working as a chef, but after one disasterous day, he's fired then almost run over by the car of Yurika Misumaru, a girl Akito knew as a child. Yurika is the captain of the Nadesico, a privately owned space battleship. Akito follows Yurika to find out about his past but Yurika takes is the wrong way...thinking that Akito's in love with her the same way she's in love with him. The Nadesico is crewed by some of the biggest misfits ever to go into space. But, they work well together. This series is very funny, some episodes have absolutely nothing to do with the main story but are also very funny. There are several storylines in this, Akito's past with Yurika, Ai, and Inez. Various love stories. But the main theme is what the Jovians are up to and why and who they really are. Great series, and very enjoyable. Written 5-11-06
Mirage of Blaze (TV) Very good Takaya Ohgi, high school student and a bit of a punk, has always defended his best friend Yuzuru Narita from bullies. But one day, Yuzuru defeats the bullies but doesn't remember how. As the 2 boys are walking home, they come across a girl who is suddenly enveloped in purple flames that only they can see. Soon after, they meet Nobutsuna Naoe, who tells Takaya that he is actually Kagetora, a nobleman from the Warring States era, and whose job it is to defeat spirits and demons and send them back to the other side and keep the peace. Not only does he have past lives that he only partially remembers but he also has the issue of being somewhat attracted to Naoe who has past lives and issues of his own. Naoe is attracted to Takaya mainly because of the fact that Takaya is also Kagetora, the man Naoe has served for many centuries. Naoe loves Kagetora but due to actions in their most recent past lives, the love has become twisted and dark. Both Takaya and Naoe have to overcome the past but still remember it to defend the future. Good story! The relationship between Takaya and Naoe is twisted, convoluted and painful to both of them. One of the main questions is will they be able to defeat their past memories and move ahead to the future. Excellent animation. I really liked this story. It is my understanding that this is based on a series of books, unfortunately not released here in the US. Written 5-12-06
Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River Edge (OAV) Very good This is a sequel to the TV series but it focuses a little bit more on Ayako Kadowaki, one of Takaya/Kagetora's helpers. This shows one of Ayako's past lives battling evil, when she meets a young doctor and falls in love. And she has been waiting all this time for him to be reborn and find her. Then she comes across a man who looks like her former lover, but isn't. Takaya is still trying to deal with his feelings/relationship with Naoe who is working as a secretary/bodyguard for a businessman. Of course what Tayaka is looking into and who Naoe is protecting is linked to Ayako's lover-look-a-like. This is also a very good story in that it gives you a further glimpse into the lives of the main characters. Written 5-12-06
My Neighbor Totoro (movie) Excellent Just got this movie. What a wonderfull Summer adventure for two little girls. Meeting a forest god, giving him an umbrella and watching him enjoy listening to the sound of rain on it. Helping the god to grow trees and dancing on the wind and through the treetops on a spinning top. Just the sort of adventure that we all dreamed of having as kids. I also like the relationship between Satsuki and Kanta. Very cute. Typical "romance" between kids of that age...making faces at each other. Written 3-12-06
My-HiME (TV) Very good Mai Tokiha and her younger brother, Takumi, are going to their new school via ferry when they find a girl floating in the water. They rescue her and then the ferry is attacked by another strange girl and sinks. Mai, Mikoto (the rescued girl, who constantly carries a really big sword), Takumi and their new friends try and have a normal school life but that idea will soon disappear like the morning mist. First, Mai and other girls who all have the same mark on their bodies are attacked by strange monsters and each of the girls develop their own mysterious ways to combat the monsters. Then they meet a bigger monster, the Searrs Foundation and Alyssa Searrs and her servant Miyu (who isn't all that she seems). After the issues with Alyssa and Miyu are resolved, the girls think that they are going to have normal lives once again...but once again they are doomed for disappointment. And they discover that what is going to happen next will challenge each of them and the friendships that they have forged. This is a great story so far. I'm really enjoying this and I do recommend it. Obviously the story isn't over yet, but like I said, I'm enjoying it. Written 10-8-06 Oh those poor girls, one hit to their hearts after another. It's no wonder that some of them go insane. Peoples hearts aren't meant to be manipulated, torn and shredded like that. I enjoyed the ending, I personally feet that it works well in the context of the story. I know that others don't agree with me but they have their opinion and I have mine. I think that just about anyone will enjoy this series. Written 5-13-07
My-Otome (TV) Very good I've seen the first DVD so far and I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Arika is quite a charming girl and I'm looking forward to seeing what she is like in future episodes. It's also nice to see characters that we became familiar with in My-Hime, in different circumstances and ages. So far this is a great deal of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. There also seems to be a secret involving Arika but so far none of the adults have admitted to it yet where we can see. Written 9-6-07 I'm on the 3rd dvd now and I'm still enjoying this series. Arika is still just adorable. I still really haven't figured out which way this story is going. But that Nagi...He told Sergei Wang that he (Sergei) better not betray him (Nagi). So what happens if Nagi betrays Sergei? Interesting thought! Written 2-3-08 I've finished disc 4. Poor Arika! Poor Sergei! My heart hurts for both of them. I like this series a lot better than My-Hime. Written 3-2-08 Well, I've seen the entire series now. I really enjoy it and I think that if you enjoy this type of series you should watch this. It has been interesting to see Arika and Mashiro grow. And it's been interesting to see the torment that Nina and Sergei have gone through. I didn't expect that Sergei wouldn't end up with the person that he will end up with but it works (I had my heart set on him being with someone else but I can't have everything.). Watch this series. Like I said, I really like it and I still like it better than My-Hime (which is still very good.). Written 7-20-08
My-Otome Zwei (OAV) Good
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (TV) Good Not a bad story. Loki, the Norse god of Mischief, has been banned to our world because Odin, the chief god, is paranoid that Loki will cause the End of All Things (Ragnarok) and/or Loki will kick Odin out and become ruler. Either way, Odin isn't about to try and let Loki live. And while Loki is dealing with various assassins, who are fellow gods - Heimdall, Frey (who's more comic relief than anything) Freya (who's madly in love with Loki), the Norn (the goddesses of Fate) and Hel (who's reasons for killing Loki are probably better than the others), Loki also has to deal with Mayura who's a human girl mad for Mysteries! Also by Loki's side are Yamino and Fenrir, both of whom have pretty tremendous secrets (especially Yamino) and the god Thor (who tries to live on a series of part-time jobs and sponging off Loki). It's not a bad series. And while the ending isn't bad, it's a bit blah. But after the ending credits, there's an indication that there should have been a second series which never came about. But apparently, if you read the manga, the story continues from there. Written 1-4-08
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (movie) Excellent Wonderful story. The animation compared to today is dated, but if you ignore that it is just plain EXCELLENT!
Neo Angelique Abyss (TV) Good
Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age- (TV) Good
Ouran High School Host Club (TV) Very good Saw this in the May 2006 issue of NEWTYPE USA. Hope it makes it here to the United States. Looks interesting. Written 5-7-06
Outlaw Star (TV) Decent Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking are two guys just trying to make a living. Gene at bounty hunting and bodyguarding and Jim repairing anything. One day they take a job that turns their world around. They are hired by a woman who turns out to be Hot Ice Hilda, an Outlaw that is being chased by Pirates. Needless to say, she's has more than a few secrets, one of which is Melfina, a ship build with technology from both the Pirates and the Law. Jim and Gene end going along with Hilda and end up taking care of Melfina and the ship (eventually named the OUTLAW STAR). They are joined by Aisha ClanClan and Twilight Suzuka and financed by Fred Luo and the whole crew go off in search of the Galactic Leyline which is somehow connected to Melfina. This is a great story. Funny and serious. Written 5-11-06
Petite Princess Yucie (TV) This is a cute story and I enjoyed it very much. Yucie is the lead character. She's 17 years old and is stuck in the body of a 10 year old. Naturally, she is extremely unhappy about that but she is usually a very cheerful and happy girl who loves her father, even if he gets carried away with showing his love. When she finds out that she could have a chance to become her proper age if she becomes the Platinum Princess, she jumps at the chance and becomes a Platinum Princess candidate at the Princess Academy. There she meets other P.P. Candidates: Cocoloo - Princess of the Spirit World; she's shy but wants to be friends with everyone and work together. Beth- Princess of the Fairy World; She's angry and doesn't want to play nicely with others. Elmina - Princess of Heaven; she is trying to please her overly-demanding father by being perfect. Last, but certainly not least, is Glenda - Princess of the Demon World; She is the obnoxious one. Loud and brash and rather violent. Glenda and Yucie spend a lot of time arguing with each other but it turns out that they have more in common with each other than they know or want to admit to each other. The girls go through the usually exercises of strengthening their hearts to prove that they would be worth of becoming the Platinum Princess. Along the way they learn things about themselves, each other and make new friends. Naturally, they meet, and Yucie falls in love with, the mystery boy, Arc, who has a pretty big secret of his own that he keeps from Yucie for a while until the jig is up. The end of the story is excellent. The girls, and Arc, have to make difficult choices that will change everything they are forever. I cried through the last two episodes; they were that good. Get this series! You can't go wrong! Written 3-12-07
Porco Rosso (movie) Excellent Really enjoyed it. Will have to get it. Laughed most of the way through. 2-6-06 Just bought this today. Watched the Subtitled version. Just as good as the dubbed. Not as many deliberate laughs. This story is about a flying pig who used to be human. He is a bounty hunter chasing after pirates in the Adriatic just after WWI. The pirates get fed up with him and hire an American, Curtiss, to take him down. Curtiss shoots up Porco's plane. Porco takes the plane to Milan to be repaired by his old friend Piccolo. There he meets Piccolo's granddaughter, Fio, who redesigns and repairs his plane. After Porco & Fio escape Milan with the Facist Spies and Air Force right behind them, the pirates and Curtiss challenge Porco to a duel with Fio & Porco's Piccolo bill as the bet. Good story. A must have for any collection! Written 2-27-06
Pretear (TV) Very good This is labled as a retelling of Snow White, since there is the Heroine and 7 warriors, but it could also be Cinderella (sort of, no cleaning of fireplaces, etc.) since there is a Stepmother and 2 stepsisters. Himeno Awayuki's father, Kaoru, marries Natsue who's two daughters, Mawata and Mayune, are less than thrilled with the entire situation. Himeno tries her best to deal with Mawata's ignoring her and Mayune's constants petty attacks and pitfalls. Then one day she meets Hayate and the other Knights of Leafe. Himeno is told that she is the Pretear, the one who will defeat the Princess of Disaster who wants to suck all of the Leafe (life) from the world. Of course, Himeno has the usual doubt, fears and falls in love. This is a great story. Enjoyed the heck out of it. This is a must see. Written 5-12-06
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live-action TV) Good Saw this as a bootleg (once again bad me). The english subtitling SUCKED. The timing was off in several places. But I still got the gist of everything. Not bad, deviated a bit from the original but that did not detract from the overall Sailor Moon that we all know. If anything, the deviations added extra enjoyment to the series. Written 2-9-06 I would have to say that the biggest character change would be that of Minako Aino (Sailor Venus). In this series, she's a pop idol, knows a whole lot more than the others girls and is very, very serious about what she needs to do and really doesn't want to join with the other girls. VERY unlike the animated Venus. That and the ultimate reason why the world was destroyed in the past. Written 1-17-06
Princess Nine (TV) Good Ryo Hayakawa is the pitcher of a town baseball team when she is scouted to be in a girl's high school BASEBALL (yes! BASEBALL) team. Of course, the stuffy board of the high school are entirely against the entire thing since GIRLS shouldn't play like that, but they are overridden by the Chairwoman, Keiko Himuro. Keiko has had this dream ever since she was younger and knew Ryo's father. Ryo is joined on the team by eight other girls including Izumi, Keiko's daughter. All of them, especially Ryo, deal with doubts, fears, family problems, old secrets and love. Oh, and before I forget, their coach is a slightly lecherous drunk! Good story! Written 5-12-06
Princess Princess (TV)
Princess Tutu (TV) Excellent Duck really is a duck. A duck that has become a girl for a special reason. To restore the heart of the Prince (Mytho). But people stand in her way: Fakir, who isn't exactly as he seems and Rue, who isn't exactly as she seems either and then there is Mytho himself. This is an incredible story. Obviously, it's intent is a tragedy, after all, aren't most ballets and good stories tragedies? But, as with all stories, there are unexpected twists and turns. The Opening Sequence is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen, both visually and musically. The music throughout this series uses recognizable classical pieces throughout. You may not be able to name the piece but you will know it. While this is an absolutely incredible series and the ending of the tale quite outstanding and appropriate, my romantically inclined heart wishes that it had turned out a little different for Duck. Ah, well, the ending is still very, very good. If you are able to get your hands on this series, I strongly recommend that you do so! Written 5-20-07
RahXephon (TV) Very good Ayato Kamina thought that he was just an average high school student living in Tokyo, which was all that was left after a disaster a few years before. To his surprise, he isn't. One day disaster strikes, he is attacked but saved by a mysterious woman. After running from everyone, following a mysterious girl in a yellow dress, he finds himself in a chamber with a strange mecha, the RahXephon. After ending up inside the RahXephon and battleling other mecha, he finds himself in another place...it's the really REAL world. Tokyo was encased in a field and the real world went on around it. This series deals with Ayato's denial and acceptance of who and what he really is. Good story. It is convoluted and you may have to watch a couple times to really understand. There is laughter, deep tragedy, dark secrets and a love that has lasted for several years. Watching the movie afterwards will help to clear some things up but WATCH THE SERIES FIRST! Written 5-12-06
RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio (movie) Very good Purchased this one as well. There are no different characters in this as in the series. They are all the same people. Some of the situations are a little different but not much. WATCH THE TV SERIES BEFORE WATCHING THIS MOVIE! You will be very, very lost if you watch this first. Written 2-22-06
Rental Magica (TV)
S-CRY-ed (TV) Good Kazuma is a Native Alter, a slacker and a jack-of-all-trades that would do anything for money. Ryuho is also a Native Alter, but unlike Kazuma, he believes in work and Law, and as a member of HOLY, he also goes after Native Alters who commit crimes against the general population. The only things that they have in common is a sense of what is right and what is wrong and a sever case of testosterone poisoning. When things start to go wrong in the Lost Ground (an area of Japan that had split off from Japan into it's own little island due to an event 22 years before), Kazuma and Ryuho (very) relunctantly work together. They work together to defend their loved ones and their friends: Kaname, Mimori, Kimishima, Cougar, Asuka and many others. They both succeed and fail in many ways and in doing so they grew stronger. Written 11-26-06
S.A (TV) Very good
Sailor Moon (TV) Excellent Tsukino Usagi is not your typical Japanese junior high school student. She has poor grades, a klutz, a crybaby and is a food-devouring machine. One day, late for school as usual, she rescues a black cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead. Later that evening, the cat, called Luna, finds Usagi and tells her that she is Sailor Moon: Champion of Justice! Not only does she have to protect the weak, etc.; she also has to find her fellow senshi, find the Imperium Silver Crystal AND locate the Moon Princess. Naturally, Usagi doesn't want to do any of this and Luna has to do some serious convincing, but Usagi begins to get into her role of being Sailor Moon after her best friend Naru is attacked by an energy-seeking monster and Sailor Moon is helped/saved by a hot guy who identifies himself as Tuxedo Kamen. Eventually, Usagi and Luna find the other Sailor Senshi: Ami/Sailor Mercury, Rei/Sailor Mars, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter and last but not least the mysterious Sailor V reveals herself as Minako/Sailor Venus and her crescent-mooned cat, Artemis. In between her battles, Usagi struggles with school, her crush on the arcade guy, her brother, and her arch enemy Chiba Mamoru. Usagi also learns the true identity of Tuxedo Kamen, the true face of their enemy and why they are stealing energy from innocent people and why they, too, are looking for the Imperium Silver Crystal and she finds out who the Moon Princess is. This was the first anime I truly watched. I still love it to this day even though I've discovered anime that have even better story lines. This is still enjoyable. Pretty girls and a guy, magical transformations. It also has what I like: seeing characters grow into the roles that they have to play/be. Usagi really does the most growing up throughout the entire Sailor Moon series. This is a great story. If you can get your hands on it, do so. Written 7-18-06
Sailor Moon R (TV) Excellent This season really has two arcs: The Doom Tree arc and the Dark Moon arc. The Doom Tree arc basically takes place right after the end of season one but Usagi and the others have forgotten all about being Sailor Senshi. To aliens name Ail and En arrive on Earth to get energy to feed to their tree which also keeps them alive. Once again, poor Naru is attacked and Luna has to revived Usagi's memories of being Sailor Moon so that she can save her friend. Eventually, she meets up with the other Senshi (who Luna has to revive their memories as well) and they do their best to defeat Ail and En and their Cardian minions. Usagi also discovers another problem, Mamoru doesn't remember anything about her or being Tuxedo Mask. AND there's a guy that behaves like Tuxedo Mask, i.e. saving Sailor Moon in the nick of time, but he calls himself the Moonlight Knight. This arc is only about 13 episodes so it goes by pretty quickly. The Senshi all power-up (but you never see these skills again), they defeat Ail and En, discover the truth behind the Moonlight Knight and Mamoru regains his memories. In the second arc, Dark Moon, the girls still remember who they are and are looking forward to some quiet time, especially Usagi who is dating Mamoru. Then out of the clear blue sky, a little girl with pink hair comes crashing into their lives. Quiet time is over because the little girl, Chibi-Usa, is after Sailor Moon's Silver Imperium Crystal and there are people looking for HER. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask once again leap into action against the 4 Dark Moon Sisters, their handler, Rubeus and then they come up against Emeraude, Sapphire and Prince Diamond, who has the hots for Neo-Queen Serenity who is Chibi-Usa's mother and the future form of Sailor Moon. In this arc Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time, is introduced and the Sailor Senshi power up (which you continue to see throughout the rest of the Sailor Moon series). This is a great season as well. The Doom Tree arc is completely original: The anime was being produced quicker than the manga, so they made up their own story to give Sailor Moon's manga-ka a chance to come up with a continuing story (Dark Moon). Again, it has what I love: a good story line, cute girls and guys and the growth of characters. Once again, if you can get this, do so. Written 7-18-06
Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose Excellent This movie takes place in the Dark Moon story arc of Sailor Moon R after Chibi-Usa discovers the "real" identities of the Sailor Senshi. Mamoru, Usagi, Chibi-Usa and the other girls are visiting a beautiful public garden for the day. After his attempt of a private kiss with Usagi is interrupted by a bunch of peeping Tomasinas, Mamoru walks along a path and suddenly flower petals fall out of the sky and everyone is entranced by the sight up until Mamoru is approached by a young man about his age and is told that the young man has come to keep their promise and that it was time to leave. When Usagi tries to tell the stranger that Mamoru wasn't going anywhere because he's HER guy, the stranger rudely shoves her to the ground and promises Mamoru that he'll be back to complete their promise, of which Mamoru has no clue of what he's talking about. The next day, the girls are heading off to school, when they find people laying in the street drained of their energy. And then they are attacked by these same people who are now being controlled by a really dangerous flower. They defeat the flower and the stranger reappears calling himself Fiore and that he's going to destroy the Senshi and all of those who hurt Mamoru. Once again, Tuxedo Mask goes to Sailor Moon's rescue, is hurt and is captured by the enemy and, once again, Sailor Moon and crew go off to rescue HIM. You see how Mamoru and Fiore met and you see the actual first meeting between Mamoru and Usagi in this world/lifetime. Good story. No manga connection whatsoever. I enjoyed this story in and of itself. Written 7-18-06
Sailor Moon S (TV) Excellent Once again Usagi and the girls are in a fix! And they discover that they have a new enemy when Rei is attacked! Poor Usagi isn't able to help her because her Senshi powers fail her and Rei is actually saved by two mysterious shadowed figures who turn out to be Sailor Senshi as well, but they want nothing at all to do with the original 5. In fact, the new 2 tell the others to fight their own battles. Of course, Usagi regains her powers and even powers up a notch. This time the Senshi are up against the evil Professor Tomoe and his lovely but evil assistant Kaorinite, who uses the diamons created by the Professor to hunt for the Heart Crystals that will reveal 3 objects of power which will in turn reveal the Holy Grail that will give the user immense power. Naturally it takes a while for the Senshi to learn about this but they, along with Tuxedo Kamen, do their best to protect the lives of all those attacked. Along the way, Minako develops a HUGE crush on Tenoh Haruka, a very pretty boy who turns out not to be a boy after all. And of course, Haruka has a good friend (wink, wink) named Kaioh Michiru and these two have more than just one secret of their own. Chibi-Usa returns and she has a surprise for everyone - She, too, has become a Sailor Senshi; although her powers aren't quite as strong as the older girls, she's able to delay the diamons long enough for the older Senshi to get their acts together. Sailor Pluto makes her return as Meioh Setsuna and helps in her own way to reveal the 3 objects of power that are in the possession of Haruka and Michiru, who are Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectively, and the Holy Grail. Chibi-Usa makes a friend with Tomoe Hotaru, the daughter of the Professor. Hotaru is a delicate girl in poor health, but she enjoys being with Chibi-Usa just as much as Chibi-Usa likes being with her. But Hotaru also has other problems besides her health; She's Sailor Saturn, the Scout of Destruction, and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune want to kill her before she destroys the universe but SURPRISE! Hotaru has been possessed by Mistress Nine who is in league with Pharaoh 90 and they want to take over the Earth. But Hotaru along with Sailor Saturn has a few surprises up their sleeves for Mistress Nine and Pharaoh 90. This is just as good as the other seasons. You get to see Usagi and the others grow and develop more. Of course, there is the usual silliness, fights and arguments that the girls' have with each other. But that's the power of friendship that they have, which makes them stronger than their enemies. Buy this and the others, you won't regret it. Written 7-19-06
Sailor Moon S Movie: Hearts in Ice Excellent The girls are enjoying the Winter break from classes and are watching preparations for a space launch on which a Japanese woman, Nayotake Himeko, is going to be on. But, once again disaster looms for the Earth and the Sailor Senshi. Snow Princess Kaguya has returned from the depths of space and is hell-bent on taking over the Earth and turning it into a frozen wasteland. She sends ahead of her, a piece of herself that is discovered by Ozora Kakeru, scientist and long time friend of Himeko. Kakeru, not only being one smart cookie, is also the savior of Luna when she falls ill and is nearly hit by a car. Luna develops a huge crush on Kakeru much to the shock and dismay of Artemis. Snow Princess Kaguya uses Kakeru's energy as well as her own to try and take over the world but Sailor Moon and ALL of the Senshi, including Chibi Moon, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune unite and kick some snow butt. The main premise of this story, though, is love; crushes, true love, love of friends and of where one lives. This is the only movie that has a corresponding story in the manga. It's just as good as all the other Sailor Moon stories, although I remember laughing my butt off when I saw Sailor Moon's transformation sequence (I hadn't seen the S TV yet at the time). Get this and enjoy. Written 7-19-06
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (TV) Excellent Excellent, unfortunately the only way that I have seen this one is by a bootleg DVD (bad Me). It definitely concludes the entire Sailor Moon story arc. The beginning actually concludes Sailor Moon SuperS then goes into Stars. This final season really shows how much Usagi/Sailor Moon has grown and matured as a woman and as a Scout. Written 2-8-06 The subtitling was pretty good. Just a couple lines were missed here and there but I was still able to understand what was going on. Written 2-9-06
Sailor Moon SuperS (TV) Excellent This particular season really revolves around Chibi-Usa. In her dreams she meets and talks with a Pegasus and wishes that she could meet him in real time. Then, when people are attacked and Dream Mirrors are forced out of them, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon are unable to defend the people and defeat the enemy, the Pegasus appears and helps Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon power up to defeat the enemy and save the dreams of the people. This story isn't that bad. Actually I liked the first three seasons better but still this is good. You get to see more of Chibi-Usa and what she deals with on daily basis. Usagi seems to have slipped back into a less grown-up role than in the last season but pulls through and is more grown up in the last episodes. All of the Sailor Senshi power up in this season after going through some self exploration. Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn do not make an appearance in this season. Chibi-Usa probably does the most growing up in this season since it does revolve mostly around her. The best episode is when she does "grow up" and wants the Pegasus, whom she now knows as Helios, to like her new look. The enemies are fairly the same as the other seasons, you start out with one group and when they fail at their task, they are destroyed and another group takes their place and eventually you meet the ultimate bad guy/gal, in this case her name is Nehelania and she is the Queen of the Dark Moon. She is essentially the opposite of Sailor Moon's Mother, Queen Serenity or Sailor Moon's future self, Neo-Queen Serenity. Good story. Buy it now! Written 7-21-96
Sailor Moon SuperS Movie: Black Dream Hole Excellent In this movie the evil witch Badiyanu wants power to absorb the Earth and the way she's going to do it is to use the children of Earth and their lovely dreams. And the more children she captures the bigger her Black Dream Hole gets. Of course it's up to the Sailor Senshi to defeat her. And to do that, they have the help of a boy Chibi-Usa meets, named Peruru who used to be with Badiyanu until he discovered what she was doing and decided to do his best to put a stop to it. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus join the other Senshi in this movie to help defeat the witch and save the Earth and the dreams of children. Good story. Get it now. Written 7-21-06
Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris (OAV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment
Sakura Taisen: Sumire (OAV) Decent Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment
Sakura Wars (OAV) Very good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Sakura Wars (TV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Sakura Wars 2 (OAV) Very good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Sakura Wars: The Movie Very good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Samurai Deeper Kyo (TV) Very good Mibu Kyoshiro and Demon Eyes Kyo: Two men living in the same body! And both have a bounty hunter, Shiina Yuya on their tail. This is a excellent story. It takes place after the battle of Sekigahara in the 1600s in what has become an alternate history of Japan. This story tells of Yuya meeting the shy but lecherous medicine man Kyoshiro because he did a dine n dash and now has a bounty on his head. As they are waiting for the morning to come they are attacked by a monster wanting to attack Demon Eyes Kyo. Kyo emerges and defeats the monster but wasn't strong enough to keep control of the body. Later on, Kyo does come out to play and stays. Kyo is looking for his "real" body that Kyoshiro has hidden somewhere. And the reason why he wants his body back is so that he can defeat Kyoshiro and prove that he is the strongest. Yuya is also searching for someone - the person who killed her older brother. These two meet others who come along with them in their search. This is an excellent story. Everyone will enjoy it. And you can see the various characters grow, change and develope into stronger people. Written 6-8-06
Scrapped Princess (TV) Excellent Pacifica Cassul is the "Poison that will destroy the world" if she reaches the age of 16. But she actually likes living and her older siblings, Shannon and Raquel, plan on helping her achieve that goal. When you meet Pacifica, she comes across as a nasty tempered spoiled brat but as time goes on, you sort of see why she's that way and you also see that she has a soft, kind heart and a lot of love and compassion in her...when she isn't making Shannon's life hell. Raquel is a bit vague, a bit dippy and the most powerful mage you ever want to come across. Shannon seems to be zoned out most of the time, but he loves his little sister even if he does want to strangle her at times. He has made a very difficult promise to Pacifica. Oh, and when Shannon merges with a certain someone to protect Pacifica and the world she lives in...watch out! As our three heroes travel along, they meet various others: Leo - an aspiring Knight who will have a difficult decision to make; Winia - a nice, hard-working girl who falls in love at first kidnapping...ummm, sight; Zephris and Cin - opposing sides of the same coin. Steyr - who definetly has her own agenda, Chris - who's duty is to kill Pacifica but learns that all may not be what it seems and Forsythe - Pacifica's twin and who has his own grim decision to make. There are others that they meet along the way who are just as important to the story but I will not name. This is a terrific story. I enjoyed it very much. The animation is stunning and the opening and closing credit songs are beautiful. Get this series...you won't regret it. Written 9-18-06
Shonen Onmyouji (TV) Very good So far so good. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and if Masahiro actually gets a clue. Written 9-6-07
Sister Princess (TV) Good Wataru Minakami is a hard-studying junior high student, until he fails his high school entrance exam! When he arrives home, his man, Jeeves, greets him, congratulates him, tells him he's (Jeeves) is retiring and two men in black grab Wataru, congratulate him on getting into a high school on a recommendation and toss Wataru's butt on a boat bound for an island with a weird statue that revolves at the peak of it. When he arrives, he gets and loses an apartment and is given a new home to live in which is also occupied by his 12 little sisters. Yup, 12! The girls are: Karen, the gentle Japanese school girl; Sakuya the shop-a-holic; Chikage the fortune teller; Sickly Maria and her dog, Michael; Tomboy Mamoru; Rin Rin the technical wizard; Haruka, the proper Japanese Lady and Warrior Princess; Sister Spy Mami; Shirayuki the master chef; Girl Detective Yotsuba; Kaho the cheerful klutz; Aria the baby-talking Gothic Lolita and finally Hinaka the youngest sister. Oh, and one of these girls is NOT his sister. The animation and music aren't anything spectacular but it is fun watching Wataru dealing with being surrounded by all of the girls and how he tries to fit in and make them happy. This is a light anime watch, no heavy thinking required. The only things not explained is how Wataru forgot that he had that many sisters, where their parents are, and why the island residents seemed worried if he didn't return to the island. Written 1-22-07
Stellvia (TV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
(The) Story of Saiunkoku (TV) Very good I enjoy this series. Shurei is a delightful girl and a strong one. Ryuki is the pain but he's trying. Or at least trying to impress Shurei. The rest of the cast are interesting. Several have secrets. Two of the secrets, the makers really didn't try to hide but one character's secret really surprised me...but it shouldn't have - you really have to watch the quietly dippy ones. There are a few other characters with secrets and mysteries of their own.
Tenjho Tenge (TV) Very good Freshmen Souichiro Nagi & Bob Makihara are out to conquer their 100th school and have chosen Todo Academy. They arrive and start kicking Senior butt. Later they are defeated by a super-deformed girl (Maya Natsume) and a 'sissy' boy (Masataka Takayanagi) who are actually the captain and co-captain of the Juken club. During this fight, they meet Maya's younger sister, Aya who falls in love with Souichiro. Souichiro & Bob, wanting to become stronger, join the Juken club and end up coming up against the Academy's Executive Council, who President is Masataka's older brother and Maya's former love, Mitsuomi. The Executive Council orders punishment against Souichiro & Bob because of their opening day fight and begin the "punishment" by attacking Bob's girlfriend, Chiaki. Things come to a head with an all out battle in a bowling alley between the 5 friends and 200 Executive Council members. Guess who wins. After the battle, Maya tells the others why there is such a conflict between the Executive Council and the Juken Club. This flashback story is about Maya and Aya's older brother, Shin and why certain things came to be the way they are. Unfortunately the anime ends before all of the various story lines are settled. Very disappointing in that fact but...I still enjoyed the heck out of this series. I do recommend it. Written 8-20-06
Tenjho Tenge: Ultimate Fight (OAV) Very good These are episodes 25 and 26 on DVD 8 of the series. Geneon was sneaky. These two episodes are pretty good, they begin to bring in Nagi's mother deeper into the story but unfortunately the story still isn't complete. Written 8-29-96
Tokyo Babylon (OAV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Tokyo Babylon 2 (OAV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom Very good I got the Clamp Double Feature and this is a great story. It's only about 35 minutes long. A little bit longer than a regular episode but it's a good little story. The animation was excellent and the story has a small tie in with xxxHolic the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream. An enjoyable, self-contained small part of the series. Written 3-10-08
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (TV) Excellent Now that the series is out legitimately, I threw away the bootleg that I had and I'm enjoying immensly this series. It's a bit slow going but as it unfolds it just gets better and better. At least in my opinion! Written 12-12-07
(The) Twelve Kingdoms (TV) Excellent This is an absolutely incredible series. I really enjoyed the heck out of it. Youko is a wonderful heroine. She definitely changes in this series. She goes from a conflicted goody-goody to a strong warrior. Of course, the strongest opponent that she battles is herself and her own weaknesses but she works past them and realizes that they will probably ALWAYS be a weakness for her. I don't think that I've seen many characters like that. Her friend Sugimoto is one who took a different path than Youko but, in her own way, ended up in the same place. The world that Youko goes to is well thought out and described. The animation is very good and there wasn't anything in the animation that stood out as a glaring issue for me. The only reason that I did NOT rate this a "Masterpiece" is because when they are in the middle of telling one particular story, they break off and start another one. Unfortunately, they don't go back to the other story so you don't know how it ends. That's why I'm going to start investing in the novels! Barring that one thing, I recommend that everyone watch this at least once. Written 5-12-07
Utawarerumono (TV) Very good I enjoyed this series. The characters really engaged me as I watched this. Hakuoro certainly kept me guessing as to who he really was. Eluluu and Aruruu were just too cute. I can't name all of the characters but each and everyone of those who grew close to Hakuoro, made me truly care about them and worry about them. This series also made me cry at the end. Get this series. It is certainly worth it! Written 2-8-2009
Vandread (TV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
Vandread: The Second Stage (TV) Good Haven't gotten off my lazy butt to make a decent comment but I enjoyed this a great deal
(The) Vision of Escaflowne (TV) Excellent Just purchased. Will let you know later 4-11-06
Wedding Peach (TV) Good When I first started watching this, my immediate thought was "OMG! This is totally a Sailor Moon knockoff!" Well, it is in the way the main characters sometimes behave, transform, transformation devices, fighting uniforms, big pre-attack speeches, their magical attacks and the search for the magical item. There is also the crush of the main Character, who spends much of the series making fun of her but gradually, reluctantly falls in love with her, the mystery man who suddenly appears, gives verbal courage and occassinaly fights the villian. And there are the villians themselves, the Evil Queen who doesn't go out and sully her hands but sends out her henchmen and their flunkies and when the henchmen fail...they receive a slight case of dead by her hands. The henchmen send out their "monster of the week" flunky and after that one is cleansed, always seems to say "I'll get you next time!" BUT, as I watched this, it developed a charm all of it's own and I have been able to seperate it from Sailor Moon. I like this series. It's fun. The animation is "old": Mid 1990s but what the heck, everything gets old sooner or later. Written 12-24-06 And it turns out the Crush of the Main Character has a tremdous secret of his own, it's so secret, even HE doesn't know about it!. I enjoyed this series. While I thought at first that it was a Sailor Moon knock-off, Wedding Peach has a story line and a charm all of it's own. I don't regret having watched this series. Written 1-1-07
Wedding Peach DX (OAV) Good LOL What is it about Magical Girl anime where the main characters lose their memories after the first season? Oh, well, at least the girls asked for their memories to be erased for good reasons. In this short OAV, the girls regain their memories of being Fighting Angels of Love, they power up and they manage to keep their secret from the boys that they love. In a way, with this Wedding Peach could have continued with another story line but I think that this has ended in a satisfactory manner. I enjoyed the way the girls received their Power-Ups and how they were utilized in the series. I also enjoyed the various stories. This one you HAVE to watch after the Wedding Peach TV series, otherwise you will not understand some of what is going on. Written 1-1-07
Witch Hunter Robin (TV) Excellent Robin Sena returns to Japan after living overseas for most of her life, to help out the STN-J, the Japanese branch of her organization that hunts down Witches. Robin, herself, is a Craft user who's talent is fire. She arrives at the STN-J offices and begins to make herself somewhat at home. It's a little difficult because she is the youngest at 15. The others she works with are Micheal Lee, computer wiz that works there...or else; Miho Karasuma, a lovely lady with a talent for touch telepathy; Haruto Sakaki, the young hot-head; Yurika Dojima, the pretty girl slacker who is not what she seems to be and Amon, Robin's partner, a tall, dark, brooding man with more than a few secrets of his own and a difficult choice in the future. Other cast members are the mysterious office head, the stereotypical second-in-command who isn't so stereotypical, the office flunky and the all-seeing restaurant manager. You see Robin and her co-workers go through tough times, hard changes and chilling realizations about themselves and each other. And you get to see them hunt down Witches, then become the Hunted themselves. This story twists and turns and when you think that one person is one thing, they turn into another. I love this story. It is well written, the characters are well developed and you actually regret not liking some of them some of the time. The animation is also well drawn and designed' the coloring is dark but it is a dark story; light really wouldn't work here. I recommend that everyone see this at least once, but you do need to watch it at least twice to pick up on subtle things that you may have missed. Written 11-6-06
X (movie) Good This version came out way before the TV series and obviously before the manga has even finished. There are most of the same characters except that Kazuki the dreamseeker was replaced by Shogo who enjoys his "work". The story goes a little too fast on this, not enough time to really understand the characters and their motivations. But it still ends just as tragically as the TV series and the manga will probably be the same way (if it's ever finished). The animation is terrific but then movies always get the better budgets. I still enjoyed this movie nonetheless. Written 10-8-06
X (TV) Very good Kamui Shiro has returned to Tokyo after 6 years. And his goal is to retrieve the Shinken (divine sword) and return to his new home. But he is prevented from taking it by the sword's Guardian. But before Kamui can try to get it again, the sword is stolen and the Guardian gravely injured. From there Kamui learns that he must decide if he is going to become a Dragon of Heaven - one of the Seven Seals who believe that the Earth should be maintained as it is now or a Dragon of Earth - one of the Seven Angels who believe that the Earth has been abused for far too long and should be destroyed and reborn. In making his decision he meets the members of the two groups. Dragons of Heaven: Sorata Arisugawa - a priest of Mt. Kouya, told that his duty is to protect Kamui but that he will die for a woman. Arashi Kishu - the hidden priestess of the Ise Shrine and the one that Sorata has chosen. Yuzuriha Nekoi - granddaughter of the Mitsumine Shrine Master and her friend and Spirit Protector, Inuki. Yuszuriha is happy to be in Tokyo especially now that others can see her beloved friend. Subaru Sumeragi - Yin-Yang master, greives for his murdered twin sister Hokuto and continues to search for her killer, his former best friend. Seiichiro Aoki - Editor at a publishing company, loving husband and father, windmaster. Karen Kasumi - a firemaster with an abusive past. Hinato - Dreamseer with a sinister secret. And the Dragons of Earth: Kakyo Kuzuki - Dreamseer - knows what will truly happen and greives for everyone. He continues to greive for his beloved Hokuto (Subaru's twin) whom he never truly met. Satsuki Yatouji - Comuputer genius and beloved of the Beast. Nataku - emotionless clone searching for it's father. Seishiro Sakurazuka - assassin. The murderer of Hokuto. Yuto Kigai - charming, pretty boy public servant but still deadly. Kusanagi Shiyu - soldier and the first person (outside of family) to see Yuzuriha's Inuki. Kanoe - Hinoto's younger sister. While she isn't a dreamseer, she can watch her sister's dreams. While she wants to free her sister, she has no idea of what she is unleashing. Other important characters are: Kotori Monou - Kamui's childhood sweetheart, budding dreamseer and tragic pawn. Hokuto Sumeragi - Twin to Subaru, Beloved of Kakyo, and caster of a powerful, final spell. Finally, Fuma Monou - Kamui's childhood best friend and Kamui's Twin Star. Which side will Kamui choose? The Dragons of Heaven and make sure that the ones he loves are safe and happy or the Dragons of Earth and destroy everything including his own hurts. This is a great anime! A truly must have. It's one of those stories where you can see that both sides have the right idea. Written 7-26-06
xxxHOLiC (TV) Very good I really, really enjoy this series. CLAMP's character designs on this series do take a bit of getting used to. They are long, lanky and angular. I do like how non-important people to the story are blank outlines walking by. Not only is it a money saver but it doesn't distract you from what you should be focusing on. Watanuki and Yuko have a fascinating relationship with each other. He doesn't want the spirits to follow him and she really doesn't want to get close to anyone. But, even though Watanuki gets really frustrated with her flakiness, drinking and various other foibles, she does grow on him. It has been interesting to see him relax more around her and around the magical/spiritual situations that he ends up getting involved in. But, he does spazz out at least three times an episode; usually due to Yuko's drinking or sudden decisions in what she wants to eat, Himawari's presence and the fact that Domeki walks the earth. I really enjoy this series and recommend it...especially if you are a CLAMP fan. Written 7-20-08
xxxHOLiC the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream Very good I got the Clamp Double Feature and this is pretty fun. Watching Watanuki deal with the spirit was interesting. Certainly makes you wonder what people walking by must think of the weirdo! This is a self-contained story. I don't think that it's really connected to the series but I did enjoy this. And there is a small connection at the end to Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE The Movie: Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom. Written 3-10-08