JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OAV)

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Alternative title:
JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken (Japanese)
JOJO冒險野郎 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Le bizzarre avventure di Jojo (Italian)
Невероятное Приключение ДжоДжо (Russian)
ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 (Japanese)
죠죠의 기묘한 모험 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: Kujo Jotaro is a normal, popular Japanese high-schooler, until he thinks that he is possesed by a spirit, and locks himself in prison. After seeing his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, and fighting Joseph's friend Muhammad Abdul, Jotaro learns that the "Sprirt" is actually Star Platinum, his Stand, or fighting energy given a semi-solid form. Later, his mother gains a Stand, and becomes sick. Jotaro leanrs that it is because the vampire Dio Brando has been revived 100 years after his defeat to Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro's great-great-grandfather. Jotaro decides to join Joseph and Abdul in a trip to Egypt to defeat Dio once and for all.
User Ratings: 251 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 21 votes (sub:18, dub:2, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Excellent: 28 votes (sub:23, dub:3, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Very good: 61 votes (sub:48, dub:11, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Good: 63 votes (sub:48, dub:8, raw:1, ?:1, others:5
3 French subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
 Decent: 36 votes (sub:26, dub:6, ?:1, raw:1, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 So-so: 16 votes (sub:10, dub:5, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 9 votes (sub:7, dub:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Weak: 9 votes (sub:6, dub:3)
 Bad: 6 votes (sub:4, dub:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Awful: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
Seen in part or in whole by 570 users, rank: #1762 (of 6945)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.024 (Good), std. dev.: 1.9164, rank: #2537 (of 6956)
Weighted mean: 6.914 (Good), rank: #2826 (of 6956) (seen all: 7.33 / seen some: 5.65 / won't finish: 3.56)
Bayesian estimate: 6.943 (Good), rank: #2488 (of 5255)
Running time: 40 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 13
Episode titles: We have 13
Vintage: 1993-11-19
Release dates: We have 13
Trivia: We have 4
In order to maintain chronological stability, the American release begins with the second OVA and then moves on to feature the first one. 
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DVD (Region 1)
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 1) 2003-05-10 (from $8.99)
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 2) 2003-11-15 (from $8.99)
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 3) 2004-02-24 (from $8.99)
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 4) 2004-04-27
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 5) 2004-06-29
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (DVD 6) 2004-08-31
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure + Artbox (DVD 1) 2003-05-10

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Eiji Yamanaka (ep 12)
Hideki Futamura (eps 7-10)
Hiroyuki Kitakubo (eps 1-6)
Noboru Furuse (ep 7)
Takashi Kobayashi (eps 10-11, 13)
Yasuhito Kikuchi (eps 8-9)
Junichi Hayama (ep 8)
Koji Masunari (ep 3)
Sadami Morikawa (ep 2)
Satoshi Kon (ep 5)
Tsuneo Tominaga (ep 4)
Episode Director:
Eiji Yamanaka (ep 12)
Hiroyuki Kitakubo (ep 6)
Koji Masunari (ep 3)
Masashi Abe (ep 4)
Satoshi Kon (ep 5)
Original Manga: Hirohiko Araki
Character Design:
Junichi Haneyama 
Junichi Hayama (eps 1-13)
Art Director: Satoru Kuwabara
Chief Animation Director: Junichi Hayama (eps 9-13)
Animation Director:
Junichi Haneyama 
Junichi Hayama (eps 1-2, 6-8)
Masahiro Kurio (ep 5)
Takahiro Kishida (ep 3)
Yasuhito Kikuchi (ep 4)
Kazufumi Nomura (Studio A.P.P.P.)
Tetsuo Daitoku (Shuiesha)

Assistant Episode Director: Masashi Abe (ep 6)
Assistant Production Manager: Susumu Murakami (ep 3)
Composition Cooperation: Satoshi Kon (ep 6)
Cover Art: Junichi Hayama
Hiroki Goto (eps 8-9)
Kazufumi Nomura (eps 1-7)
Kazuo Nakano (eps 8-13)
Nobuhiko Horie (eps 10-13)
Sound Design: Gary Rydstrom
Juurouta Kosugi as Jotaro Kujo

Chikao Ohtsuka as Joseph Joestar
Hirotaka Suzuoki as Noriaki Kakyoin
Katsuji Mori as Jean Pierre Polnareff
Kenji Utsumi as Daniel J. D'Arby (ep 10)
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Mohammed Abdul
Kouji Nakata as N'Dour (eps 8-9)
Mugihito as J. Geil (eps 4-5)
Nobuo Tanaka as Dio Brando
Norio Wakamoto as Hol Horse (eps 4-7)
Rei Sakuma as Holly Kujo (eps 1-2)
Rica Fukami as Enya Geil (eps 1-7)
Takeshi Aono as Vanilla Ice (ep 11)

Arisa Andou as Holly Kujo (eps 11, 13)
Asako Fujii as Child (ep 5)
Hajime Koseki as Cafe Manager (ep 10)
Hidenari Ugaki as Pilot B (ep 8)
Hidetoshi Nakamura as Driver (ep 12)
Hideyuki Umezu as Pilot A (ep 8)
Jiro Saito as Prisoner C (ep 1)
Junpei Takiguchi as Wilson Phillips (ep 12)
Junro Maruyama as Prisoner B (ep 1)
Kazuyuki Ishikawa as
Child (ep 5)
Monk (ep 4)
Pilot B (ep 3)
Prisoner A (ep 1)
Zombie (ep 7)
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as M. Avdol 
Kokoro Shindou as Schoolgirl B (ep 2)
Megumi Toyoguchi as Nena (eps 4-5)
Nanako Fukushima as Woman (ep 6)
Nobuo Tanaka as Dio 
Norio Wakamoto as Horu Housu 
Rei Sakuma as Holley 
Rica Fukami as Dio's Aide 
Ryoko Kinomiya as Suzi Q. Joestar (eps 11, 13)
Saburo Kamei as Warden (ep 1)
Sayaka Aoki as
Schoolgirl C (ep 2)
Woman (ep 1)
Sayuri Kubo as Chérie Polnareff (ep 3)
Shiho Kawaragi as Schoolgirl A (ep 2)
Shinobu Adachi as Boy (ep 10)
Takehiro Murozono as
Child (ep 5)
Jailer (ep 1)
Pilot A (ep 3)
Zombie (ep 7)
Tomohisa Asou as Vagrant (ep 4)
Japanese companies
Animation Assistance: Zero-G
Animation Production: Studio A.P.P.P.
Filming: Mushi Production
In-Between Animation: Lee Production
Music Production: Media Remoras
Recording Studio: AVACO Creative Studios
Title Production: Maki Production
VTR Editing: Tokyo Laboratory
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Elaine Clark
Executive producer: Kazufumi Nomura
Producer: Cindy H. Yamauchi

Audio Post Supervision: Marco D'Ambrosio
Casting: Elaine Clark
Dialogue Editing: Al Nelson
Dialogue Mixer: Tom Myers
Dialogue Recording: David Cuetter
Key Animation: Shigenori Kurii (eps 9, 12-13)
Re-Recording Mixing: Marco D'Ambrosio
Script Adaptation: Mark Giambruno
Sound Design: Tom Meyers
Timer/Subtitler: Mark Giambruno
Voice Direction: Elaine Clark
Abie Hadjitarkhani as Jotaro Kujo

Andrew Chaikin as
Dio Brando
Carrie Francis as Holley Kujo
Charles Martinez as Pilot B
Dave Arendash as J. Gail (ep 5)
Doug Boyd as Noriaki Kakyoin
Elaine Clark as
Dio's Aide
School Girl
J.S. Gilbert as
Chief Jailer
Muhammad Avdol
Kathy Garver as School Girl A
Marco D'Ambrosio as Prisoner C
Mark Atherlay as Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Michael Bennett as Joseph Joestar
Roger Jackson as Hol Horse (eps 4-7)
Sayuri Kubo as Polnareff's Sister
Terri D'Ambrosio as
School Girl
Tom Myers as Pilot A
English companies
Licensed by: Super Techno Arts
Recording And Mixing: MarcoCo. Studios
Recording Studio: Voice One
French staff
French cast
Adaptation: Jérôme Pauwels
Jacques Albaret as Jôtaro Kujo

Jérôme Pauwels as Jean-Pierre Polnareff
Pierre-François Pistorio as Noriaki Kakyoin

Anne Dolan as Enya
Brigitte Guedj as Suzy Q
Cyrille Artaux as Daniel J.D'Arby
Emmanuel Gradi as N'Dul
François Creton as J'Gail
François Siener as Joseph Joestar
Frantz Confiac as Vanilla Ice
Jean-François Vlerick as Dio's Aide
Magali Barney as Holly Kujo
Pascal Germain as M.Avdol
Sylvain Lemarié as Hol Horse

French companies
Distributor: Déclic Images
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Aldo Stella
Diego Sabre as Noriaki Kakyoin
Ivo De Palma as Kujo / Star Platinum
Riccardo Lombardo as Jean Pierre Polnareff / Silver Chariot

Enrico Bertorelli as Joseph Joestar / Magician Red
Marco Balbi as Mohammed Abdul
Marco Balzarotti as Dio Brando

Aldo Stella as Iggy
Andrea De Nisco as
Annamaria Mantovani as Suzie Q.
Cinzia Massironi as Alunna
Claudio Moneta as Hol Horse
Donatella Fanfani as Innamorata Di Hol Horse
Elisabetta Cesone as Enya Gail
Francesco Orlando as Carcerato
Gianluca Iacono as
Giovanni Battezzato as J. Gail / Hanged Man
Lorella De Luca as Lebbrosa
Lorenzo Scattorin as
Vanilla Ice
Marina Thovez as Holly Joestar
Maurizio Arena as
Oliviero Corbetta as Daniel J. D'arby
Paolo Sesana as Carcerato
Riccardo Peroni as Senatore
Tony Fuochi as
Italian companies
Distributor: Yamato Video
Dubbing: Raflesia srl
Publisher: Yamato Video
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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