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Warning! Absolutely NOT for Children! Rating Comment
Accelerando - Datenshi-tachi no Sasayaki (OAV) Very good Although Accelerando is only available censored at this point in time, it's still hotter than roughly 48.3482% of all the uncensored hentai I've ever seen. Excellent character artwork that puts most other hentai and even many mainstream anime to shame. The first episode features an unassuming start to the story, but then packs on so many layers of sexual tension and intrigue that you'll be thinking "I hope my body can take it" by the time it's over. If nothing else, it gives a new meaning to the phrase "filled to capacity." The second episode isn't quite as good -- it backtracks to show the sordid and sometimes tragic histories of the two major female characters, and how their sexual selves came into being. Ep 1 concentrates mainly on couple scenes, while ep 2 brings more participants into the mix. Despite that, this is one of the best hentai of recent years.
After Class Lesson (OAV) So-so In retrospect, I view After Class Lesson as a "warm-up" to the (in)famous Princess 69. ACL is very simple and straightforward, with a completely unsurprising surprise ending. Reclusive, creepy teacher uses whatever means necessary to score with students and build up a little harem of sex slaves. Each episode, each scene ups the ante in terms of the debauchery and degradation that the girls endure, especially in the last episode where a rather unconventional type of "swimmers" is used. If for no other reason though, ACL is worth watching to see the girls of the harem keeping each other entertained while their Master is busy banging one of the other girls.
Anal Sanctuary (OAV) Bad I'll just say up front that the only reason I watched this was because it was shown at Naka-Kon 2007. And the only way I survived it without running in terror is that the other guys in the room and I had requested and given ourselves authorization to make fun of it, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. Otherwise, I never would've chosen to watch this hentai that manages to combine some of the most celebrated perversions of the medium: tentacles, demons/possession, bondage, torture, w/s, and best of all, scat. Not to mention tentacles consuming said scat. It's not bad artistically, especially with all the churches and other elaborate academy settings for backgrounds. The "action" itself, on the other hand, is so messed-up and disturbing that Anal Sanctuary had zero value in arousal, entertainment, or enjoyment. Except for the live commentary, of course. Obviously this will appeal to some, and I don't begrudge them that, but I just don't have a "taste" for this kind of thing. Not recommended in the least.
Ane Haramix (OAV) Good If you know Japanese, the title of this one implies what's in store for you: older sister + incest + pregnancy. Oh, and there's some Shinigami around to facilitate the "you must get a girl pregnant or you will die" storyline.
Another Lady Innocent (OAV) Very good Animation and artwork good enough to prove that lightning only strikes once, sadly enough. Late-19th-century American setting with lavish costumes and backgrounds, though I have to approve of the minimal-clothing "maids on display" rules of the main mansion. Sex scenes involve clandestine psuedo-incestuous trysts among some non-blood-related siblings. There actually is a broader story, but the lack of a followup episode limits its potential. Very much worth seeing for technical quality that eclipses almost all other hentai (and indeed, many mainstream anime).
ARISA (OAV) Weak Kind of like Mahoromatic, only with a little more porn and a lot less plot. The title character represents a massive fetish convergence, as she's a loli-catgirl-robot-maid-fangtan-angel, so if you're into any of those, you might find Arisa worth a look. There's also some off-the-wall funny moments interspersed with the attempted plot and average sex scenes, but there are funnier hentai out there. Arisa wasn't bad, but I can't especially recommend it, either.
Bible Black (OAV) Very good Since Bible Black is so infamous, and because my friends kept referencing it, I checked it out. While it mostly fails in its mission to sexually arouse, Bible Black works great as a sadistic comedy romp with the most rediculous Christian-esque occult machinations around. Plus, who could forget the line in the dub, "Asada was walking with his girlfriend, but when he saw Murai, he told her he love her, and began to rape her. Oh, this is so bad!"
But for all its blunders, Bible Black far exceeds the technical stanards of hentai, with a varied color spectrum, relatively fluid animation, and music that works perfectly to set the gothic-horror mood. Even if you're against hentai as I used to be, BB is a "landmark" that's worth checking out.
Bible Black Only (OAV) Decent Proof that the boys and girls of Bible Black are only lonely on the inside. Because on the outside of the main storyline of BB, a bunch of secondary characters and random students are fucking up a storm. The story (im)pales in comparison to the main BB anime, but does that really matter? No, what matters is that Bible Black Only delivers on its promise of being an "All Sex Hentai" with the designs and animation quality you've come to expect from BB. Scenes range from solo outings to full-on orgies, and even poor Imari gets in on the action in a hard-to-find bonus scene. Definitely a good choice if you like BB and want more. Works equally well as a standalone, though it is good to see the main series first and have some idea what's going on.
Bible Black Origins (OAV) Not really good Bible Black is back with a blast from the best, as Bible Black Origins explains the events leading up to the first scene of the main series. You can expect plenty of demonic magic and mind-controlled sex throughout, although the main distinguishing feature is a slightly higher amount of lesbian sex than the original. Oh yes, and demonic tentacle rape, can't forget that no matter how hard you try. One thing BBO executes well is the story of Reika Kiitami -- although she was a hermaphroditic scheming bitch for most of the main series, you might find yourself genuinely feeling bad for her when you see this prequel.
(The) Black Mail II - The Animation (OAV) Decent Continues where the original left off with more of the same, taken up to the next level. Now we get WeddingDressRape, full-on sex slavery trade, exponentially increased gangbangs, one of my favorite situations, the "girl must go to school / other public place with some device inside her" scenario. And this is all accompanied by the same themes of sexual violence, emotional cruelty, and betrayal found in the first installment. It's all worthy of an "Eww, gross, yet strangely compelling" award. FWIW, the first series had slightly more plot; it felt like when the second part came around, they said "Screw it, we used all our good story hooks already, let's just spend 90 minutes breaking these girls physically and mentally." But what little story there is gets adequately resolved.
Blackmail (OAV) So-so Much like Sex Taxi, Blackmail is one of those dark and disturbing OVAs that basically establishes a contract with the viewer. "You can get off, but you have to agree to feel guilty afterwards." Through all its scenes of coercion, rape, and degradation of various females, Blackmail actually manages to weave multiple plot threads that see some resolution and even emotional weight within its three episodes. Be warned that this is not for the faint of heart (well, the truly faint of heart wouldn't watch hentai to begin with, but you know what I mean). There are numerous occurrences of violence/torture (though not as bad as some other hentai out there), watersports, scat (luckily always off-camera), and just repeated acts of physical and psychological cruelty against the many female victims. Granted, you can't expect hentai or any porn to be progressive or "empowering" towards its female characters, but Blackmail has got to be one of the most deliberately misogynist hentai I've seen. And here we males are out there fapping away to it, because the girls are attractive, and the situations are morbidly arousing. Especially if one has become bored with / desensitized to "normal" sex scenes.
Can Can Bunny Extra (OAV) Good Can Can Bunny Extra succeeds in ripping off Ah! My Goddess with even less shame than Ken Akamatsu's "A.I. Love You" manga. But that's okay, because both AMG and A.I Love You are so frustratingly chaste (relative to their potential for "steamy results") that a hentai variation on the theme is welcome. And to some extent, CCBE feels more like a romantic comedy than porn. It features some quality character designs, like the cute Suwatee, the buxom Shuree, and a variety of designs for the other women Kenta encounters, all drawn in a mid-90s style that some might feel nostalgic for. Even without nostalgia, CCBE looks no worse than most other anime from the same era. The story is divided into two distinct arcs -- the first half has Kenta going around and scoring with seven different women as per Suwatee's gift, and there is effort with each one to justify the requisite sex scene without resorting to magic or force. The second episode in particular is may actually be sad for some people. Unlike the OVA above this one that I just commented on, all of the sex in CCBE is very tender and romantic. The second arc that features an extended beach-house stay isn't as good, but it's still the same kind of story and action. I don't think I need to put action in quotes there. The only problem is, CCBE suffers from "the bigotry of high expectation." Through six episodes of humor, drama, and story to back up the ero-scenes, you might find yourself expecting certain things to happen and being disappointed when they don't. Even so, CCBE is easily worth watching.
Cantaloupe Collector (OAV) Weak Some kind of big-breasts/MILF-hunting generic junk. So forgettable I forgot it.
Canvas - Sepia-iro no Motif (OAV) So-so Only 2 episodes, but it's a passable story about a guy and his struggles with art & women, with the standard "cute childhood friend" as a main love interest. Animation is nothing spectacular, but not horrible, and the fanservice and sex are appealing without being over-the-top or disturbing like most hentai. Nothing too special overall, but I'm sure fans of the game will enjoy it a bit more.
Chains of Lust (OAV) Weak Metafiction at its finest! Chains of Lust is hentai about the pornography business, specifically the "abduct and rape" subgenre. So as one might expect, there's a standard cycle of abduction -> coercion -> enslavement -> enjoyment that the women go through. The sex scenes are decently realized, and I should warn that CoL rates somewhat high on the sexual deviance scale, thanks to some bondage, torture, and enema/goldenshower scenes. And of course, you can't spell "impregnate" without "rape." I would've rated this as a middle-of-the-road average hentai, except for a few leaps of logic that jump too far even for the world of porn. Not to spoil anything, but mothers are far better at recognizing the voices of their children than CoL portrays them. And the secondary story of the two brothers and the seedy porn industry they inhabit is capped off by one of the most egregious uses of I Got Better that I've ever seen.
Class Reunion Again (OAV) So-so As hentai go, Class Reunion Again is a softcore piece that stays very true to its H-game origins; the two episodes are separate stories featuring the main protagonist attending a party and choosing a different girl. So basically, you get a story and romance-based buildup to tame, consensual sex scenes, no rape or anything bad. And they're nice little stories too, not the kind of eye-rolling "we need something to kill time between ero-scenes" stuff common in other hentai.
Classroom of Atonement (OAV) Good If didn't know any better, I'd say that Classroom of Atonement was a satire of Japanese social and sexual mores, in porn form. From the criminal justice system's unwavering obsession with convictions over justice, to the laughable "bloodline guilt" (directed at the daughter of an alleged murderer), to every possible "She deserves to be raped" / "I deserve to be raped" cliché in the book, CoA covers them all. It's enough to make one chuckle with dark humor over the attitudes underlying the relentless rampage of schoolgirl rape running over the screen. There's a few good twists involving a hawt "punishment outfit" and yuri content, although you get the feeling they had no idea how to draw girl-on-girl sex due to the sudden lapse into a slideshow (when most other sex scenes are adequately animated). Although some of the proceedings may be mentally disturbing, the open-ended conclusion manages to add some satisfaction to the mix. You get the sense that justice has been served, even if there is no justice like street justice.
Cool Devices (OAV) Very good
Cosplay Cafe (OAV) So-so
Crazy Gate (OAV) Bad First half of the freakish chimera-like R1 release "Study-A-Broad", consisting of 19 whole minutes of facepalm-worthy stupidity. So we get a genius teacher who quickly proves he's a master of "rapeduction," a term I'm coining to describe the act of forcing oneself on a woman, and in the process making her aroused and willing to do anything. (You heard it here first folks, I checked google and didn't find "rapeduction" anywhere else.) So far, not so bad, that kind of thing isn't extraordinary in the realm of hentai. But then he meets up with a girl who is either: his sister; his stepsister; some younger childhood friend who affectionately calls him Big Brother; some possibility I haven't considered, because the OVA is too damn vague about their actual relationship. But either way, she's his next target, and the subject of the second and final sex scene, in which our genius educator proves that you really can rape the willing. Seriously, this is one of the most boneheaded and inane things I've witnessed in any porn ever. The girl was 100% unopposed to normal, "boring" sex, and the guy just has to go out of his way to make it a painful deflowering, with a little anal sex thrown in the mix for bad measure. What. the. fuck. It's almost as if he was thinking, "Curses! This girl has foiled my plans to rape her by consenting to sex with me! I must make her pay!" All the roll-eye emoticons in the world can't cope with the situation. Sure, maybe Eisai Kyouiku was trying to portray a warped male mind that could only see sex as a power interaction and women as conquests. But if so, it did far too little to develop that theme in the short runtime, and even then I think I'm giving it too much credit.
Dark Love (OAV) So-so If the presence of tentacles and the imageboard tag "all_the_way_through" mean anything to you, you know whether you want to watch this OVA or not.
DNA Hunter (OAV) Bad This one offers "genetic" evidence that I shouldn't hold high expectations when it comes to hentai. It had a rock-solid premise to start with; woman must seduce and obtain semen from various men to earn money as an operative in a high-class sperm bank. Let me tell you, that premise was the only thing that was still rock-solid after the three episodes drew to a close. See, I thought the action would involve main character Mai going around and seducing a variety of men, using a variety of techniques, come-on lines, outfits, etc. But noooooo, what really happens is that Mai and her more-experienced (yet equally naïve) coworkers find themselves making stupid decisions while out on jobs, leading them into dangerous situations. Tl; dr: good premise wasted on a bunch of lame excuses to get the women gangbanged. I thought that the premise would lead to some pregnancy or pregnancy-risk situations, since Mai is trying to earn enough money so that her employer can implant her with her dead husband's baby via cloning. (Srsly, I'm not making that up. But then again, you didn't have to exert yourself to believe that, did you?) But no, DNA Hunter doesn't even deliver on that front. This all wouldn't be so bad if there were some impressive artwork or animation to serve as eyecandy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The men are ugly, the women don't look much better, the animation is littered with stills and jerky movement, the voices are grating (in Japanese -- I don't even want to know how the English track turned out), and they even manage an epic failure of a blowjob scene where you can see an incompletely drawn dick as the woman bobs her head away. Just an awful, awful hentai all the way through, even if it doesn't have any over-the-top deviant sex acts to up the squick factor.
Dream Hazard (OAV) Decent As a rule, one-shot wonder hentai are rather disappointing. Much like real life. But Dream Hazard isn't too bad for what it is. At base, it's a montage of fantasy sex scenes orchestrated by a virtual reality machine, many of which have an S&M slant to them. While I don't remember it as being visually stunning, it wasn't bad either. I saw DH at SoGenCon 2008 after drinking significant amounts of SoCo, in a room full of people MST3King it, so understandably my memories of the finer details are a bit vague. Assuming there were any fine details to begin with.
(The) Duchess of Busty Mounds (OAV) Very good The only reason this gets "Very Good" is because of the English dub. Bamboo mentioned it in Shelf Life at one point, and I'll echo her remarks. Get The Duchess of Busty Mounds, get some strong drinks and get a group of dirty-minded friends together. It'll be a fun time, I promise. They completely cut loose with the dialogue in this vaguely-19th-century-British period porn (not THAT KIND of period porn, damn it!) featuring a stepmother-character who is truly what the title says. And heck, you might be distracted enough by the jokes and the pairs of breasts attached to women throwing themselves at the male lead that a surprise "plot" twist may actually be a surprise.
Foxy Nudes (OAV) So-so Not a bad concept, pretty good watch if you want something centered on an experienced, mature woman instead of poked and bleeding virgins. And the "sexy and dangerous newscaster" aspect makes for a great satire of sensationalist media. Only thing I didn't like was a chain of events at the end; chances are there'll be at least one moment where you'll wonder, "Okay, so why did that have to happen, exactly?" There is some admirable weasel work to soften that event (trying to avoid spoilers, but it's not directly related to a sex act), but that doesn't change how it feels at the time. Still, it's a reasonably complete story, which is more than can be said for many hentai out there.
Free Zone (OAV) Bad Part of the "Pervs on a Train" collection. Too short to bring any satisfaction on the story or the porn front, poorly animated, overall just not worth it. Not when there are so many better train hentai out there, most of which are mentioned somewhere in this list.
G-spot Express (OAV) Decent The first train-based hentai I've ever seen. Apparently train groping and molestation is a big problem for women in Japan, though you'd never guess it from hentai like this where women and girls start to enjoy it and get soaking wet after a little bit of groping and fondling. But as long as you don't go studying techniques to apply in real life, OVAs like G-Spot Express make for some good fantasy. After seeing several other train hentai, it seems to me like there's always a "master" who shows the lead male the tricks of the trade. In G-SE, this master is thankfully not a mystical martial arts type, but rather an average dirty old man who wants to see Katsuhiko get away with his acts. There's also a diverse assortment of girls, many of whom cum back for repeat visits. My personal choice had to be Yumi, the girl who gets saved from an all-out gangrape and eventually joins Katsuhiko in groping other girls. The other highlights of G-SE would be the actual plot involving a female train security worker who tries to stop the gropings. Naturally, she gets subjected to a variety of humiliation for her troubles, thus providing the most deviant and memorable scenes of the series.
Girl Next Door (OAV) Weak Attempts to be a comedy hentai, but winds up being lamer than lame. Something about the main character's obsession with a slightly older childhood friend character and wanting to save his virginity for her. To no one's surprise, a bunch of girls start throwing themselves at him, and he tries to beat them off with a stick before they can beat off his stick. All jokes aside, Girl Next Door certainly takes the cake for quantity of "sex acts that preserve technical virginity," with all kinds of oral, manual, and mammary stimulation going on. So if you're into that, GND might be more worthwhile. I don't know, I was looking for a romantic/story-based/non-hardcore hentai, and while I suppose GND meets those conditions, it felt more disappointing than anything else.
Gold Throbber (OAV) Weak A rather lackluster entry in the train hentai category. Part of the draw of OVAs like G-Taste Express and Midnight Sleazy Train is that they don't require complete suspension of disbelief -- as long as you believe that these females enjoy their experiences, the action is more or less realistic. With Gold Throbber, we get magical glowing yellow hands and the "God of Perversion" who trains his disciple in ways reminiscient of kitschy martial-arts movies. This wouldn't be so bad, except that the animation is so cheap that all the sex scenes cut away to nothing but the two participants in any position they desire against a gold background, when they're supposed to be in the middle of a crowded train car. Of course, there's no need to take things so seriously, and the plot has some comedic value as the Pervert Master squares off against an organization of women who blackmail men by accusing them of train groping. But train hentai has been done better in the sex and story categories.
Green Green Thirteen: Erolutions (OAV) Decent Green Green Erolution overcomes the limitations of its parent series, which danced around the line between regular anime and hentai, by actually becoming hentai itself. And in contrast to GG TV, the animation looks better and the proceedings are actually a bit tender and sweet, as opposed to raunchy and disturbing. The actual sex scenes tend more towards the romantic side and aren't particularly hardcore. Erolutions is a much more satisfactory ending to Green Green than the TV ending (although I'm reminded of Kyon's words, "It's all good, as long as it's over"), and could work well as a standalone hentai...if it didn't require viewers to suffer through GG TV in order to understand the story and the characters.
Hatsukoi (OAV) Not really good Hatsukoi isn't very well-known, and there's probably a veeery good reason for that. It tries to be a sweet romantic story in the first episode, and sort of succeeds. Then it tries to be Rumbling Hearts in the second, and fails spectacularly. The art appears as if somebody was trying for a pleasing aesthetic, but it missed the mark by a moderate margin. It doesn't help that the female characters are purported to be age 19 or older, when that's so obviously not the case. The eyes don't lie, and I spied loli with my little eye. While the realism of the sex scenes leaves a bit to be desired (Can you believe it's not butter?), they really do work well within the context of the story. There's no gratuitous or coercive sex to be found, and the story really as a passable "romance that happens to contain some sex" for awhile...until one point in the second episode when they decide to chuck it all into the depths of utter stupidity. I assume the developments that occur were part and parcel of the game source Hatsukoi does not handle drama effectively. Just thinking about it wounds my brain. Yet I must be a glutton for punishment, as I'm working on a solo fansub project to release this OVA at some point in the future. Look for it wherever not-so-fine hentai can be illicitly acquired.
A Heat for All Seasons (OAV) Decent Decent but not exceptional romance-themed hentai. Starts out fine with the lead male pining over his true love, but things go south when they shoehorn another love interest in. I don't know if this was based on a game or what, but if so it shows the perils of trying to fit too many game character paths into one over-arching story. But if you're looking for a more "love-love" softcore hentai, A Heat for All Seasons is not a bad choice at all.
(The) Hills Have Size (OAV) Weak Kind of disappointing if you're looking for a bunch of ero-scenes with big-breasted babes. Partially because the breasts in question are ridiculously huge enough to lose their arousal factor, and because there's no sex with "babes" (plural). The Hills Have Size goes against the hentai convention of "if a female with a name and/or significant screentime is introduced, the guy *will* have sex with her." I do have to respect this OVA for sticking to one romantic pairing (young guy + older married woman), but it made other characters like the woman's sister and daughter feel like pointless time-fillers.
Hitō Meguri Kakure Yu (OAV) So-so Chitose's back, once again getting taken by a man who's not her boyfriend, while her boyfriend looks on helplessly.
Hitō Meguri The Animation (OAV) So-so 1-shot entry in the NTR field that proves that when it comes to gaining leverage in real-estate deals by raping and abducting vulnerable women, there's always a bigger fish.
Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 2 - Hitozuma Love Love Cosplay OVA Decent
Holy Sleazy School (OAV) Decent Second half of "Study-A-Broad," one of those "we can't sell 19 minutes for $30 so let's find 2 one-shots with a vague thematic connection" R1 releases. Seisen Gakuin is one of those "wtf" kinds of hentai, but in a good way. Rather than agonizing over questions like "What were the characters/writers thinking?", we get reactions like, "Wtf? Phallic idol that gives shy teacher the power to seduce women? Sign me up!" I won't spoil exactly how this power works, but suffice to say it's deviant enough to be interesting, while still not being completely disturbing. Despite the short runtime, there's a decent variety of women and situations. You get the sense that there could've been more, and indeed this could've been pretty good with another 2-3 episodes. But at least they did the best they could with the time they had to work with.
Immoral Sisters (OAV) Good You know from the title that this one isn't going to be one of those tamer, gentler's a story of deceit, blackmail, corruption, and debauchery as a woman and her cousin/stepson proceed to exploit an unfortunate woman and her two daughters. And these daughters had a bit of sexual curiosity of their own going into this story, too. So you can expect these sisters and their mother to get a little closer by the time all is said and done. There's a bit of an evil factor in the form of coercion and non-consensual sex, but nothing too hardcore or worthy of /d/.
Immoral Sisters 2 (OAV) Decent The sisters are back, they're not moral, and they're welcoming their dad home from the business trip he was on during the events of the previous series. Immoral Sisters 2 focuses a little more on the Takizawa family -- now that mom Yukie and daughters Rumi and Tomoko have been opened up (in various ways) to the world of sex, it's only a matter of time until their dad learns that the family that plays together, stays together. Not surprisingly though, the dad already has an obsession with younger daughter Tomoko, particularly her school swimsuit. I have to say this adds an air of creepiness that's hard to shake off. Sure, it's all covered by the "not related by blood" shield, but it's still creepy. There's plenty of sexy action to be had here, and while it doesn't reach the highs of the first series, it's still pretty good.
Immoral Sisters: Blossoming (OAV) So-so This is a sequel to the previous Immoral Sisters series in name only; it involves some of the same themes of blackmail and coercion, but the characters are different. It's also more of a school setting (uniforms and swimsuits, in various stages of removal) than a home setting. It's a decent hentai, but it just doesn't live up to the "Immoral Sisters" name.
Inmu (OAV) So-so One of the first hentai I saw with tentacles as a major feature. Though I've never been a fan of the whole tentacle scene (see the Anal Sanctuary comment), Inmu held my interest. It avoids the general hentai problem of story deficiency by telling four separate stories within the two episodes rather than one whole story. It's all tied together by a mysterious fortune-teller/dominatrix, who invites sexually frustrated individuals to a realm on the border of dreams and reality, where their lust and desires can run wild. Sooner or later, you can bet on some tentacles showing up, of course. Inmu can be dark and disturbing, but it's not debased libertine evil like some other hentai.
Inmu 2 (OAV) Not really good Rather weak follow-up to the controversial and captivating first Inmu OVA. There's some supernatural sperm and double-D dopplegangers this time around, but Inmu 2 really suffers from the lack of the fortune-teller woman that served to tie things together in the previous installment. Overall, Inmu 2 is just not as daring or deviant as its predecessor, especially in the last story, a run-of-the-mill "let's do it before dad gets home" stepmom/stepson story.
(The) Invisible Stud (OAV) So-so Much like DNA Hunter, The Invisible Stud starts out with a great premise and proceeds to make a complete waste out of it through lackluster sex scenes, stupid characters, a lame story, and mediocre artwork. While the protagonist is the dumbest of them all for not observing the time limits of the invisibility potion (thereby opening himself up to repeated Love Hina-esque beatdowns when the girls discover him), he's not the only one. First among my memories is the scene where a woman sits directly on top of the invisible stud in a bathhouse and never realizing anything, even when a remarkably penis-like invisible object begins penetrating her in a remarkably penis-like fashion. I've heard of "Willing Suspension of Disbelief," but this is Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief. While the premise isn't something that's been done a thousand times, The Invisible Stud nevertheless goes down as an average-quality hentai that doesn't rise above the pack.
Kaette Kita Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi (OAV) Decent More of Angels in the Court, this time with crappy JP -> CN -> EN subtitles.
Kateikyōshi no Onee-san The Animation - H no Hensachi Agechaimasu (OAV) Good Proof that censorship doesn't necessarily ruin the fun when it comes to hentai. Tbh Kateikyoushi no Onee-san is much hotter than many of the uncensored releases I've seen. There's no good story, but there's a good enough story, and it sets up the situation just fine. It doesn't hurt that the women span the spectrum from cute to gorgeous, and their varying personalities (and fashion senses up to and including cosplay) add diversity to the ero scenes. It also helps that the main character consumes a mysterious "energy drink" that gives way to some nice bukkake-type scenes. KKnO also features one of the best female voyeurism/masturbation scenes I've seen. Because we all know that the natural female response to witnessing a sex scene is to get aroused and pleasure herself. What, you say that's not true? Hentai lied to me? Next you're going to tell me that women don't enjoy rape.
Like Mother, Like Daughter (OAV) Decent I had to go back and look through the episodes to confirm it: There is nothing noteworthy or memorable about this hentai. Just a standard stepfamily/psuedo-incest story that switches partners around until things end in an orgy. Omg spoilers. Animation is in the neighborhood of adequate, or at least not bad enough to distract the viewer from the action. Like Mother, Like Daughter isn't a bad hentai by any means, but you could do a lot better for this category. Immoral Sisters comes to mind.
Living Sex Toy Delivery (OAV) Decent Passable if formulaic revenge-rape-torture story. Has a similar feel to Sex Taxi in the methodical meetings, blackmailings, and abductions the guy carries out. Only in Living Sex Toy Delivery, there's at least some motivations for these acts, unlike in Sex Taxi where the guy's sequestering girls for kicks and kinks. And at least the protagonist of LSTD (unfortunate acronym) practices the "catch and release method." The prior reviews on LSTD I'd read made me think it would be much more dark and disturbing than it actually was. Yeah, it's coerced sex with a bit of torture involved, but once the girls' kinky fetishes kick in, the traumatic/rape aspect goes out the window. There's also a rather bizarre sci-fi plot twist to look out for, but don't worry, it doesn't interfere with the blackmail/revenge sex.
Love Is the Number of Keys (OAV) Decent Not bad for a one-shot, though the art and animation aren't terribly good. Guy gets with numerous women in the apartment complex he works at, fun is had by all.
Love Selection ~THE ANIMATION~ (OAV) Good
Magical Kanan (OAV) Decent Rather effective hentai parody of the Sailor Moon-type Magical Girl genre of anime. As a longtime watcher of MG anime, I definitely appreciated some of its takes on MG conventions. It answers questions like "Just how provocative are those short skirts?" and "Just how close are those Magical Girl + shapeshifting magical companion relationships, anyway?" I'd almost call it a parody of a parody, because the general plot falls close to that of the Tenchi Muyo spinoff Magical Project S. In fact, it's oddly prescient of the kind of Dark Magical Girl plot that would appear in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha a few years later. The end result is a story that's considerably better than the average hentai; after all, the "lonely Dark Magical Girl who is/becomes the main character's friend" element is a surefire tearjerker in those other series, and it's no less effective here. The "Summer Camp" episodes are sillier and more random than the main 4-episode arc, but they still keep up the same energy and entertainment value. This story is backed up by artwork that's good enough to make you forget you're watching hentai, until the tentacle tendril-based sex scenes during the fights and the "power transmission" segments between Chihaya and Natsuki. It could almost work on its own without the sex, and in fact was made into an all-ages TV series in 2005, which I haven't seen as of this writing.
Magical Kanan Summer Special (OAV) Decent
Magical Twilight (OAV) Decent Yet another "magical" hentai. If the above Magical Kanan is hentai's answer to the Sailor Moon model of action/combat Magical Girl anime, Magical Twilight is the equivalent parody of the "traditional" MG anime of the 80s/early 90s. Following the standard setup of "girl(s) from some Magical Kingdom must come to Earth for some kind of task," MT gives us an action/adventure first episode, hotsprings hijinx in the second, and some fairly touching drama in the finale. The few sex scenes sprinkled throughout are a little forced -- not in the sense of "coerced," but more in their "Oh, I love you. Let's get it on" nature. But with a mere 3 episodes, we can't expect too much build-up. There's a sort of innocent sweetness permeating MT, whether the characters are on some standard anime dating excursion or having oral sex on a train. Overall, it's a story that could've succeeded without the sex, and we all know that's not true for all hentai.
Maid Service (OAV) Good The best part about Maid Service was watching it in a room full of people at a latenight non-event at Sogencon 2007. For some reason I can't comprehend, the general audience was much more sickened and offended than I was at Maid Service's sick and offensive events. So while they were covering their eyes and wishing they could unsee what they'd seen, I was sitting there laughing. Is this somehow wrong? Well, MS is what I like to call the logical "extension to extremes" of the non-hentai series He is My Master. Lecherous rich boy hires/lures/blackmails attractive girls into being maids for him. Unlike in HiMM, these maids serve their master in every way. This might not sound so deviant...maid girls, maid outfits, clothes getting torn up, and coercive master-maid sex would be things you'd reasonably expect. But much like a good maid, Maid Service goes above and beyond expectations to bring you things that only aren't sick/offensive if you've been desensitized to them via other hentai or mainstream porn. To put it one way: perhaps the most memorable line from the Master of depravity is: "Good job sucking my cock. Now I feel like taking a piss all of a sudden." It doesn't take a million-dollar education to guess what happens next.
Maple Colors (OAV) Good Not to be confused with the Maple Story online game, lol. This is one of the funniest hentai I've ever seen; there's actually a decent story that I wanted to see more of, and there's plenty of comedy in the sex scenes and normal scenes. It could be described as Love Hina slapstick + eroticism. The line "Naka ni dashicha dame!!" should be familiar to most hentai watchers, but how often is it succeded by the girl kicking the guy across the room? There are other strange twists on the school setting (like aliens present for no explainable reason), and I loved the cute schoolgirl uniforms and Mirai's Absolute Zone *drools* To mask the fact that I've forgotten some of the details of Maple Colors, I'll close by saying that you'll have to see it to believe it. Fortunately there's nothing too extreme or bizarre about the actual sex acts.

Ah yes, I'd forgotten that I wrote a review on AniDB for this one, which can be found here.
Midnight Sleazy Train (OAV) Decent Some say that anime is 90% escapism, and squanders its opportunity to educate viewers on important issues of our times. Well I say that I have never seen a more heartrending portrayal of the plight of small-town Japan in the face of migration to the big cities. Midnight Sleazy Train shows us a setting where a way of life followed by three generations of railroad workers is coming to an end with the impending shutdown of a rail station. Can any of us fault these men for doing whatever it takes to keep their line open and preserving their livelihood? Even if "whatever it takes" means creating mobile orgies in train cars? The even better part is that they solved two social problems at once -- not only did they keep rider members numbers up, they provided a safe outlet for the train groping that plagues the Japanese rail system. Luckily, the resident Master of Sleaze is good at "recruiting," leading to some great "close-quarters" train scenes. And in the second episode, that recruitment turns up one of my personal favorite hentai girls, the cute blonde, naïve, yet surprisingly lustful Airi. She's also a Third Person Person, which of course ups the cuteness 41.18%. Sure, she's a totally artificial male fantasy construct, but that's why we watch hentai, isn't it? One of the orgy scenes showcases the Best mother-daughter dialogue EVAR: "Mom? Is that you?" "Don't tell your father!"

Afaik Midnight Sleazy Train is among the first major train-based hentai, and it's certainly superior to its later imitations. There's even a satisfying love story that gets neatly concluded in the end, amidst all the perversion.
Midnight Sleazy Train Track 2 (OAV) Decent Sequel to the outstanding Midnight Sleazy Train that focuses on different characters and a different story structure. In Track 2, we get someone who aspires to be on the Sleazy Train, rather than its creators. As far as the action is concerned, it's more of the same, although the self-centered pleasure-seeking attitude of the protagonist makes things a little darker. Aside from some weird light/shadow effects in the animation, Track 2 is not significantly worse than the previous OVA. It's not as good, but that doesn't make it bad.
Mother Knows Breast (OAV) Weak Otherwise known as "Mother Knows Breast." Watched at Naka-Kon 2007 with other viewing room denizens. I might have sought this one out on my own, but I would've been let down. Seriously, there's just a lot of other, better "incest but not really incest with stepmothers and stepsisters," notably Stepsister and the Immoral Sisters "trilogy." The sex scenes tend to be boring, the art is similarly lackluster, and the story suffers from "try to incorporate as many game endings as possible" syndrome, so you have the male lead in EvilRape Mode in one scene and then in complete "love-love" mode the next. It's not as openly offensive as many hentai, but Mother Knows Breast is just not worthwhile when there's other options out there.
My Brother's Wife (OAV) Good Also known as "My Brother's Wife." I have to say I liked the stepbrother-stepsister connection better than the pairing advertised by the title. Why, I don't know. Maybe it was from seeing the movie "Clueless" back in 1995. If you've seen that, then you probably know where I'm coming from. There's also plenty of action to be had with the main character's teacher, who teaches him a lot more than reading, writing, and arithmetic.
My Classmate's Mother (OAV) Decent While the top billing of this OVA is the scandalous male student / female teacher relationship, I found myself much more interested in the illicit cohabiting relationship between the male lead Jun and his actual classmate. The classmate in question, Sae, lands roughly in the 75th percentile in the lineup of "interesting female characters in hentai." Either she's bipolar, suffers from extreme mood swings regardless of cyclical variation, or has some of the most wildly inconsistent character writing I've ever seen. But it is interesting to see her go from slavishly affectionate over Jun to coldly manipulative and back again, several times. When she goes from jilling off over Jun's mere scent in once scene to assuming a quasi-dom role over him in the next, you can tell that she's not the typical highschool girl / pseudo-little-sister hentai girl. Unfortunately, the story arc that develops really needed a third episode to conclude things, preferably with threesomes and lesbian incest. But oh well, like most things sexual it was good while it lasted. Sae's got a cute twin-tail chracter design, and the overall look of things doesn't scream "cheap porno" in every scene. The sex scenes with Jun and Sae's mom (mostly flashbacks or dream sequences) certainly aren't bad either, they just didn't grab my attention like the Jun/Sae scenes did. But then again, calling a hentai "My Classmate" doesn't grab a lot of attention, does it?
Nee, Chanto Shiyō yo! (OAV) Decent Title should technically be "Nee, chanto shiyou yo!" because that makes it a double-entendre title: Nee, chanto shiyou yo! = "Hey, do it right!" // "Nee-chan to shiyou yo!" = "Cm'on, do it with your big sister!" So basically you have a guy getting it on with his five of-course-not-blood-related sisters, all with varying shapes, sizes, outfit choices, and yes, even varying personalities, all falling somewhere on the spectrum between aloof/dominant and friendly/submissive. Seems like a good concept, but it doesn't quite deliver on its potential. Maybe it's because I didn't like which sister got chosen, or maybe because there's some random plot about demons and magical battles thrown in. As a total package, it looks good and there's a lot of variety with 5 episodes and 6 women in on the action; that's more than can be said of most hentai.
New Angel (OAV) Good Along with Magical Twilight and Can Can Bunny Extra, New Angel is an example of hentai trying to transcend the "it's just porn" stereotype. And it enjoys some success in doing so, by using some fantasy sex sequences to compensate for the relatively few real sex scenes. NA has enough episodes and runtime to give some measure of development to its characters and storyline, which is more than can be said of most "60-minute wonders." Unfortunately, the male lead is a shameless yet clueless horndog devoid of common sense. This doesn't stop him from scoring with a number of women, although it's clear to him and the audience that he can't quite get the one girl he really wants. At its heart, NA does have one of those childhood friend romances going on in the background behind the more outlandish or downright supernatural stories in the individual episodes. Episode 4 is standout for ramping up the sexual tension between leads Kousuke and Shizuka, via the sort of contrived "living under one roof" situation that I tend to favor in anime. And in the final episode, things come to a satisfactory climax, although for awhile I was RAAAAGING over a cheap and unfunny repeated gag that went on far too long for its own good. I can't think of any reason for that sequences's existence other than "we ran out of story and needed to fill time." Seriously, that's when you tell your friends, "get the fuck out of here, guys" and lock the door. Preferably with chains and deadbolts. I was worried that they'd skimp out on the final story-based sex scene, but luckily this hentai decided not to be a tease. While New Angel isn't particularly new or angelic, it still looks good for a show of its age, and is highly recommendable in the softcore/romance hentai category.
Ogenki Clinic Adventures (OAV) So-so Faces on penises Faces on penises Faces on penises ...yeah, that's most of what I remember from this one, but gimme a break, it's been almost 6 years since I saw it. Ogenki Clinic is more of an erotic comedy than straight-up fap fodder. I recommend watching it in a club/convention setting with others around to laugh at it, as it won't do you much good to watch alone.
One: True Stories (OAV) Very good I don't keep any official Top X list for hentai, but if I did, this "one" would be at or near the top. I saw One: True Stories recommended along with Wet Summer Days (see below) as a hentai OVA that was softcore, dramatic, and possessing a respectable storyline. But from the very first lines like "I'm standing in a place where we can have an eternity" and opening flashbacks, it's clear that OTS will not be a typical hentai. What unfolds is a drama that lives up to the phrase "plot with porn," as Kohei Orihara meets girls at his school, gets to know them in the Biblical sense, and "vanishes" from their lives in a way that's truly unexpected and moving. The sex scenes (1 per episodes) could use a little more buildup, but I'll assume that more "point A to point B" development takes place in the game, as there's more time to interact with the female characters. But still, everything is soft and sensual when it comes to the ero-scenes, nothing objectionable on grounds of gross depravity. By the time the third episode rolled around and concluded, I was getting the same vibes from OTS as I did from AIR and Kanon. Turns out there's a good reason for that, as the game was created by staff from Tactics who went on to found KEY. So if you like Air/Kanon/Clannad, you owe it to yourself to check this OVA out. Particularly with Clannad, you can see where KEY first used some of their favorite supernatural concepts. Obviously the music and animation aren't up to the standards set by Kyoto Animation for the later adaptations, but they are considerably above typical hentai levels. Despite being one episode shorter, OTS is a more coherent adaptation than the 4-episode all-ages One ~to the shining season~ OVA, so don't let the adult content scare you away from an excellent romantic drama anime.
Panty Flash Teacher (OAV) Decent Wasn't exactly what I expected from the title (that is, a deliberately exhibitionist teacher), but still good nonetheless. Shows just how cruel and sadistic kids can be, especially when there's no apparent authority or social order to keep them in line. There is plenty of exhibitionism, but it's of the "unwilling" variety as main character Michiko gets put in a number of revealing outfits and compromising situations. What's interesting here is that she doesn't get into her predicament through pure coercion or blackmail; there's a component of her own lusts and desires that get the better of her while dealing with calculating, manipulative students. She looks pretty hot in thigh-highs, too. Attractive artwork and and a few kinky surprises during ero scenes make Panty Flash Teacher a winner, even if it sorely needs a 3rd episode.
Perverted Thomas (OAV) Bad At or close to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to train hentai. It tries to be a parody, but winds up being what it's trying to satirize. Production values are terrible across the board, and while it is funny at times, the one-episode length puts a severe limit on the amount of amusement or arousal one can obtain from Perverted Thomas. If you manage to become interested in the story or the characters, then it's over before you can get into it. Besides that, the title is dumb...I can understand why they used it, as the Japanese title is "Chikansha Thomas," a play on "Kikansha Thomas" AKA "Thomas the Tank Engine." How about "Thomas the Skank Engine"? Doesn't quite make sense in context, but it's a lot catchier.
Pleasure Commute (OAV) Bad The first half of the Pervs on a Train release. Even worse than the second half, Free Zone. At least FZ had some attempt to present a story and a set of characters. PC just presents some random dude who gropes girls on a train, with mixed success. He runs into a woman who says his skills are insufficient. So you'd think he'd go out, grope some more girls, then come back and show her the time of her life. Nope, he goes and bangs some faux Chinese a relatively empty train car, thereby removing the "crowded" and "in public" elements that are the building blocks of train hentai. High-Standards Woman is never seen from again, and PC ends after 19 minutes with no climax, no punchline, no other words, the technical definition of yaoi, without the gay sex.
Princess 69 (OAV) So-so It pains me to give a relatively low score to Princess 69, because its technical merits are right up there with Bible Black and Accelerando. P69 features attractive girls catering to gymnastic-outfit fetishes, with every relevant movement and facial expression well-animated. Unfortunately, this high-quality animation is used, some would say wasted, on two hours featuring some of the most deplorable and disgusting acts I've ever seen in hentai or anywhere else. And this corrupted writer has seen and read a lot over the last nine years of Internet activity.

The story of Princess 69 isn't "that bad" on the surface. Rich girl is jealous of other girls, so she enlists the aid of her ugly and horny gymnastics coach to deflower, demean, and degrade her rivals the old-fashioned way with "the fate worse than death." A bit twisted, but pretty standard as hentai goes, right? To talk about how this concept is executed, I think the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" format from Animaniacs is useful here.
Good Idea: Showing a girl peeing into a toilet.
Bad Idea: Showing a guy licking her pee out of that toilet.
Good Idea: Virgin blood.
Bad Idea: Menstrual blood.
Good Idea: Girls immobilized with rope.
Bad Idea: Girls suspended in ridiculously contorted positions and raped in midair.
Good Idea: Light nipple clamps.
Bad Idea: Gigantic metal clamps that cover half the breast, draw blood, and make you wonder if that nipple is going to get cut off.
Good Idea: Girls losing control of themselves after orgasm and pissing all over the floor.
Bad Idea: Girls losing control of themselves after orgasm and releasing, uh, other stuff all over the floor.
Good idea: Torture with hot candle wax.
Bad Idea: Torture With Fucking Electrodes That Attatch to Girls' Breasts With Suction Cups And Send Thousands Of Volts Arcing Through Their Bodies Dear Lord What Were They Thinking????

As you may have guessed, P69 had many Bad Ideas. The names of the game here are pain, suffering, and humiliation. While it all has the potential to be erotic and arousing, it's not going to work if the audience is removing their hands from their crotches to cover their mouths as they gasp in horror. Although in the last episode, the torture isn't so bad because it's the rich bitch getting what's cumming to her, which of course makes it all okay. However, you'll be relieved to know that it's not a snuff porno, although it certainly wouldn't have been surprising. But if the best I can say about it is, "Well, at least nobody dies," that's not too redeeming, is it? Ironically, the somewhat upbeat ending that does occur is disturbing in itself, considering how much it clashes with what had preceded it.

After all this, I still don't recommend against watching Princess 69. It's a landmark in hentai animation quality and in pushing the shock value envelope (I really wish that pun were unintended) to within millimeters of the shredder. And I daresay that if you can handle P69, you can handle just about anything the hentai genre has to offer.
Princess 69: Midnight Gymnastics (OAV) Not really good Paradoxically, Princess 69: Midnight Gymnastics is not as shocking and disturbing as the original P69, but it's not as good, either. Maybe the disgusting and violent elements of the original had some sort of unconscious lurid appeal, but for whatever reason, this sequel doesn't measure up. However, there is good use of a trap (a guy dressed in schoolgirl clothing, known to the audience) for some quasi-lesbian scenes. However, that's not to say that P69MG is on par with the more softcore hentai, either, as there are still some envelope-pushing w/s and scat elements. But hey, I was glad enough that the painful-to-watch extreme torture from the original was toned down. Too bad there's not much of an ending...whatever flaws the original series' ending had, at least it had one.
Private Sessions (OAV) Decent If After Class Lesson taught me anything (and it taught me a lot), it's that if you're a woman, falling in love with a man who makes a habit out of blackmailing, abducting, and raping schoolgirls is going to lead to heartbreak and a desire for revenge. Especially if you stand there and videotape all his exploits. So the shocking finale of Private Session held zero surprise value for me. Although I was actually expecting something more drastic than what actually happened. But the journey to get there wasn't too bad. Just the standard array of schoolgirl characters, like the naïve girl, the naïve girl's strong-willed (but physically weak) older sister, the rich girl, and the sporty girl. Some things get ugly during the proceedings, by which I mainly refer to characters' faces (Satsuki in particular) getting off-mode. Nothing complicated about these two episodes, though it is disturbing to think how effective the "imagine the scandal if word of this gets out" threat is in convincing girls to acquiesce to being raped and keeping them quiet about it afterwards. It's a common enough device in hentai that I can't help but think it's based on Japan's reality to some extent.
Private Sessions 2 (OAV) Not really good Continues along the same lines as the first Private Sessions, only without the twisted love story + revenge factor. So this time, it really is just a teacher who reels girls in by hook or by crook to have his way with them, and for the most part getting away with it. Private Sessions 2 is okay if you just want to see schoolgirls getting used and abused, but you're going to be disappointed if you're looking for any deeper meaning or even sadistic thrills.
Pure Mail (OAV) Good One of the more underrated romance hentai out there. Pure Mail invokes the Shop Around the Corner / You've Got Mail setup of "correspondence between unknown known lovers." This romantic plotline builds up to an actual conclusion within the two episodes, and there's almost no random "for the hell of it" sex scenes. There are a few such scenes with the guy and his senpai character -- those scenes are throwaway for all intents and purposes, but I suppose they wanted to showcase her route from the game source. Pure Mail also features one of the more realistic rape scenes I've seen in hentai. There's a logical reason for it to happen (guy's concept of "love" as equivalent to semi-forced sex was formed at a young age, and he believe the girl likes him), the act itself is not played for audience arousal (there's no "my body's betraying me, this feels so good" line from the girl), and there's noticeable aftermath -- granted there's no legal action taken, but the girl stays home from school and avoids the guy, as opposed to the usual quick change of heart and easy forgiveness. Definitely worth seeing, as a slightly dark but ultimately satisfying erotic romance story.
Ringetsu the Animation (OAV) Good If I'd known before that the title of this one meant "Last Month of Pregnancy," it would've piqued my interest much sooner. Simply because it's a surprisingly rare kink in the world of hentai, unless I've been watching the wrong ones this whole time. It's a little odd that it takes some weird supernatural curse thingy to bring the primary purpose of sex to the front of the characters' minds, but hey, you won't hear me complaining. Conventional wisdom indicates that sex is like pizza; even when it's bad, it's good. Sex in hentai is I suppose good unless it's truly awful, but it's even better when it happens for a story-based reason, as is the case with Ringetsu. Only this time, the reason is good-old-fashioned breeding, though it does eventually evolve beyond that. The 3-sister lineup plays their roles to perfection, with the sultry older woman, the normal/reluctant high school girl, and the naïve-yet-curious loli. (She's only loli relative to the others, this isn't CP!). Although I would've liked the plot to go in a slightly different direction, it wasn't unsatisfactory by any means.
(The) Roommate (OAV) Not really good The Roommate starts with a fairly cute and romantic story, but by the end recalls memories of the old WW2 slogan (as seen by me in Bugs Bunny cartoons), "Was this trip REALLY necessary?" Sure, the standard loser ronin guy gets a little action thanks to the kind of artificial / contrived "under one roof" cohabiting situation that I always like. But the end is just infuriating, as things wind up roughly the same as they were at the start. Far be it from me to reduce a girlfriend's value to nothing more than "she puts out," but seriously, can't this poor guy catch a break????? *headdesk*
Secret Desires: Passions of the Midara (OAV) Good
Sex Demon Queen (OAV) Good Feels suspiciously like a hentai version of Slayers, with swords, magic, demons, and tentacles in abundance. Too bad it's only one episode, as Sex Demon Queen is consistently funny and sexy. Would work great as a convention hentai panel screening.
Sex Exchange (OAV) Decent One of those "fake series" consisting of two separate one-shots on the same R1 release. For the first episode, you just can't help but roll your eyes while smiling as the characters go out of their way to point out that "There are two pairs of siblings in this show. However, none of them are related by blood" as a disclaimer at the beginning. Cue the normal stepbrother-stepsister pair-off, the twist being that one "non-related" pair are going at it at the start, and the other pair want to get with their respective siblings. Conspiracies and hilarity ensue.

The second part features a "twin resonance" setup, with the usual results. I hate not having any more to say about this one, but it's so average that there's not much to say about it.
Sex Taxi (OAV) Good A more thorough review by me can be found here, but the short version is that Sex Taxi is unashamedly about blackmail and rape. If this OVA works the way it's intended to work, you'll be rooting for the protagonist and hoping he gets away with his dirty deeds. And they are dirty, to the tune of Mf, MF, Mff, ff, inc, bd, w/s, exh, voy, and probably a few others that I'm forgetting about. At least the last episode manages to avoid Mg, so it's not a Pedobear-approved hentai. If you're unfamiliar with these "story codes," then you're probably not corrupt enough to enjoy Sex Taxi. And even if you do enjoy it, you probably will (and by all rights should) feel dirty about it afterwards. Highlight for me had to be the twincest in episode 2...that's not really a spoiler, as you'll see it coming a mile away. But that's not what she said.
Sexfriend (OAV) Very good Once held the title of "Favorite Hentai," although it's been eclipsed since I first entered this comment. Sexfriend has a simple setup, but it works, and the girls are cute. From the immortal line, "Wanna have sex with me?" Sexfriend becomes an exploration of high school sexuality, with a bit of a love story that asks the question, "Is being 'friend with benefits' okay, or should we be more?" So, aside from girls wanting to have sex with a guy we know nothing about, Sexfriend is pretty realistic by hentai standards and not too deviant -- a bit of bondage, but nothing grotesque or cruel. Watchable on the story and the sex front.
Sextra Credit (OAV) So-so Also known as "Sextra Credit," this two-episode hentai teaches us that brutally abducting and raping a schoolgirl is perfectly acceptable if she had a crush on you in the first place. But that's just the initial setup of the plot of Sextra Credit, which features a teacher trying to rid his school of the tyranny of the "Fearsome Fivesome" of female teachers. He does this by discovering their secret fetishes and exposing him. Expect some mild torture/bondage, rape-that-becomes-consensual-sex, and several quirky fetishes from the teachers. Artistic quality and animation is pretty much standard, with nothing exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. Character designs are inconsistent, especially when every teacher's bust seems to increase a few cup sizes when her clothes are removed. Overall, SC won't satisfy viewers who expect Bible Black-level deviance, but it's a pretty decent hentai if you're looking for a bit of naughtiness.
Shusaku the Letch (OAV) So-so I don't know if this is specifically meant for middle-aged men with fantasies of raping, degrading, and humiliating schoolgirls, but if that's what you're looking for, Shusaku will do the job. Ugly and creepy old janitor uses technology to record audio and video to blackmail rich boarding-school girls into doing his bidding, and most wind up enjoying it. And there's numerous sequels and spinoffs to this, as well.
Sin Sorority (OAV) Not really good The cellular phone is an amazing device that's changed the way we live and communicate, all within a mere 15 years or so. Entire plotlines in fiction that would've been completely plausible back then (ranging from anime like Marmalade Boy to Hollywood movies like Die Hard) are retroactively skewered for modern viewers and their "Why don't they just use cell phones?" sensibilities. Yet for all the cell phone has taken away from the repertoire of contemporary fiction writers, let it not be said that it never gave anything back in the form of plot elements that could not have worked in the pre-cell-phone era. Nowhere is this more evident than in Sin Sorority, in a truly over-the-top yet hygienically-sound manner. And that little punishment/embarrassment scene is only one link in the chain of twisted (sometimes yuri) sadism that goes on in these two episodes. Even though there aren't any demons or tentacles or occult riturals, SS is unfailingly dark. In a depressing way, not just the "Huhuhuh, this is so cool *evil laugh*" kind of "dark." Look for one of the most blatant examples ever of Chehkov's Gun.
Sinners Paradise (OAV) Not really good A perfect example of what happens when hentai burdens itself down with overambitious and aimless storylines. It's enough to make one think, "Enough with this plot junk, just get back to the gang-raep!" There's plenty of disturbing content in Sinner's Paradise, from the usual array of tentacles, demons, and beast-human hybrids, to the not-so-shocking consequences of raeping a girl who just manifested deadly demonic powers. And dat ending... Oh hahahahaha wow
Step Sister (OAV) Decent Ya que no pude encontrar este anime para descargar por Internet con subtítulos en inglés, tuve que mirar una versión con subtítulos en español. Por eso, hago los comentarios en español también. Siempre busco argumentos en los anime hentai, y éste tiena una historia sobre el arte del padre defuncto del protagonista, las esfuerzas de la madrastra, Megumi, de usurpar dicho arte, y los deseos de la hermanastra de mantener unida la familia. Eso da causa para el sexo; la hermanastra, Yuna, es "ofrecida" a Kyousuke por su madre, Megumi, y ya empiezan los actos sórdidos. Yuna es un poquito "loli," pero muy bonita con voz complacente--por otra mano, Megumi es una mujer bastante madura, y la representación de su actriz vocal está muy bien. Casi se puede oír la penetración en ella en las escenas de sexo. Hay algo de atamiento, juguetes, castigo (Yuna y Megumi, se revela, son masoquistas), orinación, y acción en todos los agujeros. En fin, Stepsister es un hentai con desvío que no excede los promedios, con un argumento, animación aceptable, y diseñas atractivas. Recomendado.
Step Up Love Story (OAV) Decent (Note: this comment was written back in late 2005 when this OVA was still called "Futari Ecchi" and before I had seen many other hentai.)One of the best hentai I've seen, though it's softcore enough that the H-label is questionable. Strikes a perfect balance between general anime's pathological avoidance of sex and most hentai's deviant fetishization of it. Sure, the arranged-marriage virgin-couple setup may be farfetched, and things may play like a PSA for young couples. Still, the sex scenes trump those of most other hentai by being realistic, even if the visuals don't exceed softcore (no male organs or penetration shown). Mainstream star VAs also help FE's quality, though I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to Nadesico in the same way, since the male and female leads in Nadesico are played by the same VAs as the ones from FE.
Stepmother's Sin (OAV) So-so Many hentai feature deviant, degrading sex, but Stepmother's Sin really captures the demonic aspect of the proceedings. Animation is sometimes unconventional, but generally falls into minimalist budget-saving techniques typical of hentai. SSin features a teenager who deals with the issues he has with his own mother by testing/punishing his stepmother, and you can guess where that leads. When the stepsister gets in on the action, her "fresh off the short bus" character design makes makes the sex scenes a bit more disturbing than arousing. In summary, if you like hentai that's a bit "out there" with pseudo-incest and a bit of a story, SSin is a good bet. Poetic justice is served in the end.
(The) Story of Little Monica (OAV) Not really good It's a hentai with some story, but it's still not enough to save Little Monica from its laughably loli sex scenes. In fact, after finishing it all, the story perhaps does more harm than good, as its plot points and resolution make very little almost would be better to see more of Will doing a variety of things with those suspiciously young girls, but at least the main romantic thread is resolved in true hentai fashion. I don't think I need to explain that, and decency guidlines indicate that maybe I shouldn't.
(The) Two Facials of Eve (OAV) Weak Tries to be a darkness/nightmare OVA in the vein of the Inmu OVAs, only with less tentacles and more swimsuits getting cut up. There's a few good scenes, some incestuous overtones, a bit of bondage and female domination, and a smattering of foot-fetish. But with only one episode, whatever slim story potential exists in Two Facials of Eve just doesn't go anywhere. Coincidentally, one line of dialogue from one of the female characters sums up the audience's general experience with this OVA: "Go finish the job yourself."
University Girls (OAV) Worst ever This doesn't just deserve a rating of "Worst Ever"; it seriously [b]is[/b] the worst thing ever. University Girls was apparently drawn in MS Paint and animated in Flash, with voice acting randomly plucked off the streets of Shibuya, sound effects from the Looney Toons library, and a story well below average, even by hentai standards. For once, the one-episode length is a merciful blessing; we might not get more character/story development, but at least we don't have to withstand any more content. You might say, "it's hentai, who cares about story and characters?" Let me assure you, University Girls fails as porn just as much as it fails at being "art." The art, animation, and sound design are so terrible that even though you see tits, twats, and people fondling and penetrating said tits and twats*, you cannot fap to it. Even if you're 13 years old and living in the days before the Internet brought a world of porn to our computers, you can still do better than UG. I know I did. Basically, only watch this for the lulz, preferably with a crowd of drunk convention-goers. That's the only way I was able to survive it.
Virgin Auction (OAV) Weak When you hear a title like "Virgin Auction," you expect 2 things. 1) Virgins, and (2) Auctions. There is some (poorly-animated, heavily-abbreviated) auctioning in this OVA, but it really falls short on the "Virgin" front. Out of 3 virgins, we only see 1 getting de-virginized! What the hell is with that? While 2 out of 3 ain't bad, 1 out of 3 is downright disappointing. So to fill the time they spent not deflowering virgins, we get a guy who works at "the syndicate" with a sumbission/trample fetish, and some half-imagined flashback scenes involving the auction goods. Add to all that one of the worse faked escapes ever, some bizarre Illuminati/Freemasons/Stonecutters subplot that goes precisely nowhere, a Take That against male virgin shut-ins (who do they think their target audience is??), and one of the most flagrantly incomplete "am I missing an episode here?" endings in the history of hentai, and you've end up with 2 episodes worth of epic fail. I could've done something productive and more provocative with my time, like browsing literotica or asstr.
Virgin Night (OAV) Very good To use one of those clichéd research paper openings: "Since the dawn of time, scholars have argued over what, if any, distinction exists between pornography and erotica." If that distinction exists in the anime world, then Virgin Night is most certainly erotica. It may be classified in the 18+ Restricted genre, but it has none of the standard gimmicks of pornography, animated or otherwise. VN makes the one-shot format work with a very simple story of a guy and a girl planning a "night in" that's expected to end in sex, it being the first time for the girl. There is plenty of lead-up and foreplay, all of it capturing the guy's thoughts, fears, and feelings, as well as the girls trembling mix of anticipation and anxiety over the event. There's even a condom involved. And surprisingly enough, it's actually used for its intended purpose. But the real accolades have to go to VN's sound design. Every panting breath, rustle of clothes, creaking wood, and groan of pleasure is carefully chosen to create a very realistic experience. None of the typical "aaah, I'm gonna cum, cum with me, let's cum together, together..." that you'd normally see. Even the silences are filled with meaning as the characters think thoughts made known to the audience by simple things like a clasping hand or a pressed VCR "stop" button. While the artwork isn't terribly impressive, it isn't lazy either, showing unusual amounts of detail in still scenes and everything you'd expect from the "action" scenes. Nothing wild or crazy here, just a couple of young adults in love and consummating that love. While Virgin Night isn't very stimulating when treated as porn, it's still an exception piece of erotica that shouldn't be missed.
Voyeur's Digest (OAV) Not really good
Welcome to Pia Carrot (OAV) So-so Late 1990s softcore hentai that displays its dating-sim origins at every turn. Standard setup of boy starts working at restaurant alongside attractive waitresses (with appropriately garish 90s hair colors), ecchi situations occur, cue sex scene, roll credits, repeat. In fact you'd almost forget it's a hentai for the first 17-20 minutes of every episode, because the opening acts don't get any more risqué than an average ecchi series like Girls Bravo. The sex scenes are more romantic and sensual rather than mindblowingly erotic, and as you might predict, there's absolutely nothing deviant or fetishistic about them. Wrapping one's mind around the concept of animated erotica can be challenging for those used to kid-oriented Western animation and/or innocent/mainstream anime. I sometimes wish my first time had been with a hentai like this instead of the trial by fire that was Bible Black.
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 (OAV) So-so Pretty much more of the same as continued from the first Pia Carrot OVA. Same male lead, more waitress girls to boff, same quantity and quality of ero scenes.
Wet Summer Days (OAV) Good Another one of the best romantic/dramatic/softcore hentai I've seen. Wet Summer Days is an "anthology" series consisting of 3 separate stories that get loosely tied together at the end. This could truly be a standard drama/romance anime if the sex scenes were removed, but as with One: True Stories, everything is softcore and consensual. On that same vein, the sex scenes can seem a bit sudden, but I'll chalk that up to the adaptation time restrictions. Only thing I'll caution against is that the third episode can be considered loli, if you can't put aside the fact that the girl is much older than she looks. Still, even if you're not looking for porn and want to fast-forward through the sex scenes, WSD is an outstanding "sad supernatural" drama. This was probably the first time I found myself shedding tears over a hentai. It's more likely than you think.
Wife Eater (OAV) Not really good Wife Eater falls in the category of "Uhhh, which one was that again?" Apparently it's that one where the lonely loser guy lives in this apartment complex, and there's this widowed "wife" who needs "some" help decorating "her" apartment, if you know what "I" mean. Then there's some other random girls, like a crazy occult chick and some other girl that gets possessed by a spirit and has a random quickie with the protagonist on the roof. Not bad by any means, but nothing great or memorable about it in terms of story or sex acts. You may as well spend your time doing more productive things, like browsing /h/ or updating MyAnime comments.
Wife with Wife (OAV) So-so Ah, so many hentai with "Wife" in the title, so little time to fap to them all. Actually, this little sub-genre of hentai never did much for me. (See the comment on My Brother's Wife.) The problem with Wife with Wife (or Wife x Wife, W^3, WWW, 3W, etc.) is that it starts out promising with a son/stepmother (widow?) story in the first episode. You think it's going places, and then the second episode goes off on a completely unrelated storyline, although the first-ep characters do get brief cameos. You'd almost think it was one of those "These are actually two separate one-shots but their themes are closely-related enough to slap them on the same R1 release" á la Study-A-Broad or Pervs on a Train. To be honest I don't remember too many of the finer details, because I watched W-cubed after numerous drinks late Friday night at Naka-Kon 2008. Not in one of the video rooms, but in the video gaming room where one of the other latenight room-minding volunteers had it on his computer. I think in this case, the experience of watching hentai relatively "in the open" (though nobody else could hear it over the Brawl/Guitar Hero/miscellaneous sounds of the room) was better than the hentai itself.
Words Worth (OAV) Good
Xpress Train (OAV) Decent This one actually precedes Gold Throbber in storyline older, though you'd never guess it from the titles. It actually works pretty well in setting up the utterly absurd "Master of Groping" legend and providing entertainment in the "grope women the right way and they'll love you forever" school of thought. Lots of variety in the female characters, in terms of age, build, and of course hair color. Not as classic as Midnight Sleazy Train, but not a bad entry in the train hentai genre.