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Anime Spotlight - Ange Vierge

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting July 9, 2016 (in Japan)

Key Staff

Director: Masafumi Tamura
("Dragonar Academy" as episode director for eps 3, 7, 11)
Series Composition: Katsuhiko Takayama
("Aldnoah.Zero", "Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts", "The Future Diary")


I will "evolve" with you―.

One day, the worlds were connected.
Suddenly the gate (hailou) and five worlds connected.
The blue world where we live - Earth
The black world where night and magic rule - Darkness Embrace
The red world where prayers and gods guard - Terra Rubili Aurora
The white world where technology and computers regulate - System=White=Egma
The green world that weapons and armies rule - Grunesilt
Angels, devils, fairies, witches, goddesses.
Existences previously only in fairy tales showed up as reality.
At the same time, girls who have awoken to special powers - Exceeds - start to appear in each world.

Those girls were called "Progress", and were gathered to the giant academic city "Seiran Academy" that asserts their protection and upbringing.
In this academy, the girls will meet.
Their comrades that they will weave bonds together with...
And Ouroboros, the common enemy of the five worlds trying to guide worlds to their finales.
This world is about to be lost.
Only the chosen girls (Progress) can save it--.


Saya Sougetsu (VA: Minako Kotobuki)

Originally from the blue world, a girl who has an Exceed that controls light.
Has a strong ambition to "be someone special", which is why she is worried about how to keep her distance from others,
Admires Miumi, who is the student council president of Seiran Academy, and considers her the ideal person.
"I thought I had much, much more possibilities than this."

Almaria (VA: Yumi Hara)

Vampire from the black world.
Has an Exceed that controls any blood that she touches.
Distinguished, can take care of others well, and elegant in behavior, but her flaw is that she feels a strong sense of shame to vampiric acts and cannot suck blood. Has special feelings towards Sofina.
"Suck blood...? How can everyone do such lewd things with a straight face?"

Elel (VA: Aki Toyosaki)

An angel from the red world.
Has a peculiar Exceed that can borrow a friend's Exceed for a short period.
Honest and always full of energy and hyped up. She is a mascot-like figure, who is loved by everybody.
Being good friends with Ramiel, they can often be found doing things together.
"Hey, hey! Hurry up, let's go! Come on, come on!"

CodeΩ77 Stella (VA: Rika Tachibana)

An android from the white world.
Has an Exceed of acceleration.
Goes at her own pace and hard to read emotions, but she has an abnormal obsession when it comes to speed.
Often has advice on how to speed up from Carene and Euphiria.
"That's what I'm calculating for. The critical speed that I can get with my current durability."

Nya Lapuceа (VA: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)

A militia of thee Grunesilt Unified Army on the green world.
She arms herself with a gauntlet-shaped Exceed.
Extremely lazy for someone in the military, she always looks for an excuse to play hooky.
For some reason, Eins tends to pick fights often, but Niya finds some reason to weasel out each time.
"Another scramble? Man, what a pain."

Miumi Hinata (VA: Yuuka Aisaka)

The new student council president of Seiran Academy who has an Exceed that can control wind.
She used to be tossed about from her high latent talents, but overcame it with her innate effort and perseverance.
Honest, straightforward, and bright, everyone loves her.
"I'm sure it's all right if we're all together!"

Sofina (VA: Mai Ishihara)

A genius witch presumed to be the successor of the ruler of the black word, the "Witch King".
Nicknamed "Deeply Logical Black Witch", she is a top-tier wizard known to others as well as herself.
She cannot be honest to others, but is very lenient on those close to her. What you call a tsundere.
"There is nothing impossible for me, as the next Witch King."

Ruby (VA: Yoshiko Ikuta)

A fairy from the red world who loves to sing and is in charge of guarding Aurora.
Quick-witted and good at dealing with things, she is a special being that can wield goddess-class powers.
Has confidence in her own abilities, and that may be why she is very competitive.
"I'm amazing? Mmm... well, of course!"

CodeΩ00 Euphiria (VA: Rie Takahashi)

An android that came from the future to stop the collapse of the world by Ouroboros.
One of the pivotal individuals guarding Seiran Academy, she holds a unique Exceed that can leap over time.
She looks mature, but is quite mischievous, and shows her true self to those who she is good friends with.
"The future I have seen is not absolute. That is why I will change it."

Mayuka Sanagi (VA: Nozomi Yamamoto)

A girl with good results in the Grunesilt Unified Army. Her class is second lieutenant.
Uses "Grim Fogel", an Exceed that has two forms - two guns and a giant broadsword.
A kind girl that can look out for others, but perhaps because she is a militia, sometimes her statements can be a bit off.
"I only do what I can to the best of my ability!"

Amane Ayashiro (VA: Yukari Tamura)

The girl leading the team with Saya and others.
An "Alpha-Driver", someone with special powers to fortify the Exceeds that the Progress have.
Always tries to be optimistic, but oftentimes her energy gets her nowhere.
"Don't worry! Don't sweat it! You did a good job!"

Aoi Mikage (VA: Shizuka Ito)

A girl that reminds one of a samurai who is tough on both herself and others.
A master swordsman, she prefers to train and fight with katanas using a particle-controlling Exceed.
She sees Miumi, who is also from the blue world, as her rival; she acknowledges Miumi's talents but often collides with one another.
"Friendly rivalry. Each day, you only need effort and diligence."

Ramiel (VA: Aoi Yuki)

An angel from the red world who can't fly as she was born with one wing.
Her hidden potential are high, and has an exceptional Exceed that can "create miracles".
Can show her full potential by linking with an Alpha driver to gain wings of light, but that fact gives her a small inferiority complex.
"Even if I'm not perfect, these are my strengths."

CodeΩ33 Carene (VA: Minori Chihara)

A tactical battle android from the white world holding an Exceed for "warping space".
Much resources are used for combat skills, causing language skill to be sacrificed.
A very cut-and-dry personality, but shows blind love just for Xenia, which is her "younger sister" model.
"Fools that try to meddle with Xenia, all exterminated them."

CodeΩ46 Xenia (VA: Kana Hanazawa)

An android from the white world with an unusual concept of "learning and maturing".
Can deal with all sorts of situations using the equipment stored within her Exceed of "hyperspace linking facility".
She seems to show little mood swings, but is honest and full of curiosity.
"To protect the world... Master, please lend me your powers."

Eins Exaura (VA: Ayane Sakura)

A girl that is an artificial Progress "Expend" created by the Grunesilt Unified Army.
Lots her past memory when she became an Expend, and has little ethics concerning life or materials.
Wields "Millialdia" which controls infinite blades, and individual combat skills are in the top tier within the green world.
"If you give me a donut, I'll spare you from being broken, okay?"

Ageha Sanagi (VA: Sumire Uesaka)

Lieutenant Colonel of the Grunesilt Unified Army. Excels not only as a soldier, but also as a scholar.
One of the key figures in creating various exchanges between the military world that is the green world and the other four worlds.
Level-headed and has a broad perspective. Cherishes her younger sister Mayuka.
"Keep in mind to act in a way that is worthy of being a Grunesilt soldier."

Aurora (VA: Saori Hayami)

Goddess of dawn, the top seat of the "Seven Goddesses" that rule over the red world.
With the "Absolute Protection" Exceed, she protects Seiran Academy, which currently is the most important base of the five worlds.
Does not like battles. Gentle, kind personality but is very scary when angered.
"To protect and redeem this beautiful world. That is our mission."

Dr. Michael (VA: Mai Aizawa)

A genius scientist of the white world who became an authority of android development while still in her teens.
Creator of Carene and Xenia, she lives with them in Seiran Academy.
Has a personality that cannot resist intellectual curiosity, and can't settle down without analyzing anything and everything.
"I see! So that's what it meant!"

Clara (VA: Saya Sato)

An assistant goddess in training from the red world that supports Aurora along with Ruby.
She has not spent many days since arriving at Seiran Academy, so her knowledge as a Progress is still very limited.
However, with her innate gusto and perseverance, she spends her days as best as she can.
"What does that mean?"


Saya Sougetsu
Minako Kotobuki
Yumi Hara
Aki Toyosaki
CodeΩ77 Stella
Rika Tachibana
Nya Lapuceа
Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Miumi Hinata
Yuuka Aisaka
Mai Ishihara
Yoshiko Ikuta
CodeΩ00 Euphiria
Rie Takahashi
Mayuka Sanagi
Nozomi Yamamoto
Amane Ayashiro
Yukari Tamura
Mikage Aoi
Shizuka Ito
Aoi Yuuki
CODEΩ33 Carene
Minori Chihara
CODEΩ46 Xenia
Kana Hanazawa
Eins Exaura
Ayane Sakura
Ageha Sanagi
Sumire Uesaka
Saori Hayami
Mai Aizawa
Saya Sato


Original Story
Director/Character Designs
Masafumi Tamura
Series Composition/Scripts
Katsuhiko Takayama
Original Character Designs
Ryoka, Poyoyon♡Rock, Kurone Mishima, Tsunako, Shunsaku Tomose, Koushi Sasagi

Chief Animation Directors
Shoko Takimoto, Yuuki Hara
Action Supervision
Nobunori Niwa
Art Director
Michiko Morokuma
Color Setting
Ryoko Oka
Director of Photography
Atsushi Sato
3D Director
Yuu Sudo
Kentaro Tsubone

Sound Director
Yukio Nagasaki
Sound Effects
Kiyotaka Kawata
Recording Adjustments
Kenji Hoshino
Sound Production

Takatsugu Wakabayashi
Music Production

Opening Theme
"Love is MY RAIL" by Konomi Suzuki
Ending Theme
"Link with U" by L.I.N.K.s

Animation Production
Produced by
Ange Vierge Film Partners

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