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Anime Spotlight - Hybrid × Heart Magic Academy Ataraxia

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting July 2016

Key Staff

Director: Hiroyuki Furukawa
("Sin Strange Plus" as series director, "My Wife is the Student Council President" as director)
Series Composition: Yasunori Yamada


Mankind suddenly was attacked one day from another world.
Humans experienced the battle called First Cross-World Collision. Umpteen years pass, and when the Second Cross-World Collision begins, humans escaped into Floats - continents floating on the ocean - created for emergency evacuation, and started living there.
One day, Kizuna Hida visited the Tactical Defense Academy Ataraxia on the Japanese Float due to a summons from his elder sister. There he meets Aine Chidorigafuchi, a girl fighting enemies from another world using the Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros.
Kizuna is tossed around by the pretentious and sharp-tongued girl, but in order to refuel the energy of the Heart Hybrid Gear consumed by the battles with enemies from another world, he must perform lewd acts on her!
With the future of mankind at stake, Kizuna performs lewd acts with various girls!!


Kizuna Hida

The main character for the series.
The new leader of the special brigade Amaterasu which controls the Heart Hybrid Gear, and can use the ability "Heart Hybrid".
A straight-edged positive thinker who never forgets the kindness to take care of others. Surprisingly efficient.
17 years old, 2nd year in high school.

Aine Chidorigafuchi

Member of Amaterasu and one of the heroines.
Uses the Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros, which specializes in melee combat.
Long silver hair, red eyes, white skin, thin yet big-chested.
Personality is stubborn and obstinate.

Yurishia Farandole

Member of Amaterasu and one of the heroines.
Uses the Heart Hybrid Gear Cross, a ranged attack type that has overwhelming attack power.
Long blonde hair with soft waves, blue eyes. Sexiest of them all.
Has a figure like American swimsuit models.
Very intelligent, and has high communication skills.

Hayuru Himekawa

Member of Amaterasu and one of the heroines.
Uses the Heart Hybrid Gear Neros, which prides itself on having unparalleled strength in mid-range combat.
Long straight black hair.
Absolutely honest, obedient, faithful, and has a straightforward personality that never doubts what others say. Thinks that there is no true villain in this world. Has zero tolerance against lewd things...

Sylvia Silkcut

Blonde ex-noble English girl. Small and flat-chested.
Admirable yet innocent. Thinks of Kizuna fondly.
An overseas student from England, she attends Ataraxia's middle school division.
On orders from Reiri, she looks after Kizuna.
At the same time, she is in charge of reporting to Reiri on whether or not Kizuna's relationship with the Amaterasu members is progressing.
She is good at cooking, laundry, and cleaning, giving her high specs as a female.
Her cooking repertoire is mainly English food.

Reiri Hida

Older sister of main character Kizuna.
Beautiful woman with long black hair. Highly intelligent and great athletic skills, a perfect human.
Commander of Ataraxia and the principal of the middle school and high school divisions. An overall great human.
Tough on others but is also tough on herself, and her being tough on others is out of looking out for them so that they don't lose their lives in battle.
She must recommend her little brother to perform lewd acts with female students for the sake of Heart Hybrid, so stress is secretly piling up inside her.


Kizuna Hida
Kenji Akabane
Aine Chidorigafuchi
Akari Kageyama
Yurishia Farandole
Chinatsu Akasaki
Hayuru Himekawa
Juri Nagatsuma
Sylvia Silkcut
Hina Kino
Reiri Hida
Rika Kinugawa
Kyo Shikina
Iori Nomizu
Momo Kurumizawa
Kazusa Aranami


Original Story
Masamune Kuji (KADOKAWA's Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko)
Original Story Illustrations
Original Mech Designs
Kurogin, Masamune Kuji
Original Character Designer
Hiroyuki Asada
Hiroyuki Furukawa
Series Composition/Scripts
Yasutomo Yamada
Character Design/Chief Animation Director
Kana Miyai
Chief Animation Directors
Yōsuke Itō, Kazuya Morimae, Keita Hagino
Design Works
Yoshikazu Hara, Yoshihiro Watanabe
Action Effect Animator
Satoshi Sakai
Studio Tulip
Art Director
Ken Tateishi
Art Settings
Tsukasa Ōhira
Color Coordinator
Tomoteru Murakami
2D Designs/Special Effects
Ryōhei Matsuda
Director of Photography
Kōsuke Tanaka
3D CG Director
Tetsuya Watanabe
Hiroaki Kimura (IMAGICA)
Sound Director
Masakatsu Omuro
Hanihohenio, Jerkyboy&Timteng
Music Production
Junichiro Tamura, Takashi Tatsusaki
Production Producer
Naoto Awano
Animation Production
Production IMS
Produced by
Magic Academy Ataraxia Production Committee
Opening Theme
"miele paradiso" sung by Iori Nomizu
Ending Theme
"Tch" sung by Iori Nomizu

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