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Fullmetal Alchemist (live-action movie)

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©2017 Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX ©2017 “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” Film Partners

Alternative title:
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Japanese)
鋼の錬金術師 (Japanese)
Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Plot Summary: When two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric tried to revive their mother using Alchemy, something went drastically wrong. Edward lost his leg and his arm, and Alphonse lost his entire body. Now, a few years later, Edward becomes what's known as a "State Alchemist" or a Nationally recognized Alchemist. Along with Alphonse, who's spirit has been put into a metal suit of armor, and his Automail leg and arm, the two brothers set out to find a way to restore themselves. (from manga)
Running time: 134 minutes
Vintage: 2017-10-25
Premiere date:
2017-10-25 (Japan, Tokyo International Film Festival 2017)
2017-11-19 (USA, Anime NYC 2017)
2017-12-01 (Japan, general audience)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Feb 21, 2018)
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Atom Mizuishi as Alphonse Elric
Ryōsuke Yamada as Edward Elric

Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang
Fumiyo Kohinata as General Hakuro
Jun Kunimura as Dr. Tim Marcoh
Kanata Hongō as Envy
Kenjiro Ishimaru as Cornello
Misako Renbutsu as Riza Hawkeye
Natsuki Harada as Gracia Hughes
Natsuna as Maria Ross
Ryuta Sato as Maes Hughes
Shinji Uchiyama as Gluttony
Tsubasa Honda as Winry Rockbell
Yo Oizumi as Shou Tucker

Kaoru Hirata as Trisha Elric
Mei Yokoyama as Nina Tucker
Rai Takahashi as Edward Elric (child)
Seiru as Alphonse Elric (child)
Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Tyler Rhoads
Mixing: Tony McVann
Production manager: Kristine De Los Santos
Script Adaptation: Tyler Rhoads
Aaron Dismuke as Alphonse Elric
Vic Mignogna as Edward Elric

Andrew Thacher as General Hakuro
Caitlin Glass as Winry Rockbell
Caitlyn Muncy as Lust (as Caitlyn Elizabeth)
Dana Powers as Riza Hawkeye
Lane Sandison as Shou Tucker
Lilly Grand as Maria Ross
Mark Allen Jr. as Gluttony
Matt Mountjoy as Maes Hughes
Paul St. Peter as Dr. Tim Marcoh
Ryan Bartley as Gracia Hughes
Steve Phelan as Roy Mustang
Taylor Henry as Cornello

Alexey Strekalov as Soldier E
Brandon Goebel as Soldier G
Brian Timothy Anderson as
Soldier A
Townsperson B
Caitlyn Muncy as Local Woman (as Caitlyn Elizabeth)
Chris Salmassy as Shopkeeper
David Ward as
Officer A
Soldier B
Eric Basta as Soldier C
Eric Chaidez as Townsperson D
Erik Karsen as Soldier D
Joseph Mattis as
Soldier F
Townsperson A
Kristine De Los Santos as
Edward Elric (child)
Phone Operator
Lilly Grand as Trisha Elric
Mark Allen Jr. as
Officer B
Townsperson C
Rachel Luna as Nina Tucker
Ryan Bartley as Alphonse Elric (child)
TJ Lowe as
Train Operator
Yasmin Cruz as Townsperson E
English companies
Dubbing Studio: Post Haste Digital
Internet Streaming: Netflix (English speaking countries)
Korean staff
Korean cast
Dubbing Director: Won-Bin Park
Translation: Sang-Hee Huh
CHOI SEUNG-WOO as Alphonse Elric
Yong-Wu Sin as Edward Elric

Jang Minhyeok as Roy Mustang
Ji-Hyeon Lee as Winry Rockbell
Song Junseok as Cornello
Young Jae Park as Maes Hughes

Tae Kyung Lee as Edward Elric (child)
Korean companies
Internet Streaming: Netflix (South Korea)
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Jean-Marc Pannetier
Arthur Pestel as Edward Elric
Audrey Pic as Alphonse Elric

Agnès Manoury as Riza Hawkeye
Bruno Magne as Shou Tucker
Cyrille Monge as General Hakuro
Hervé Grull as Envy
Jérome Keen as Tim Marcoh
Laurence Bréheret as Maria Ross
Luc Boulad as Truth
Marie Diot as Winry Rockbell
Martial Leminoux as Roy Mustang
Nathalie Bienaime as Gracia Hugues
Sylvain Lemarié as Cornello
Thierry D'Armor as Maes Hughes
Thierry Kazazian as Gluttony

Jean-Marc Pannetier as Chimère
Nadine Girard as Nina Tucker
French companies
ADR Production: Dubbing Brothers
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Jesús Rodríguez (Spain dub)
Translation: Raúl Arol (Spain dub)

Subtitle Translation: Beatriz Egocheaga (Netflix; Spain)
Adrián Viador as Alphonse Elric (Spain dub)
Alan Fernando Velázquez as Edward Elric (Latin American dub)
Jhonny Torres as Alphonse Elric (Latin American dub)
Ricardo Escobar as Edward Elric (Spain dub)

Amalia Cantarero as Gracia Hugues (Spain dub)
Ana Esther Alborg as Lust (Spain dub)
Antonio Esquivias as Tim Marcoh (Spain dub)
Arturo Mercado as Hakuro (Latin American dub)
Bardo Miranda as Cornello (Latin American dub)
Carlos Hernández as Maes Hughes (Latin American dub)
Conchi Lopez as Maria Ross (Spain dub)
David Robles as Shou Tucker (Spain dub)
Edson Matus as Shou Tucker (Latin American dub)
Gerardo del Valle as Gula (Gluttony; Latin American dub)
Inés Blázquez as Winry Rockbell (Spain dub)
Jesús Rodríguez as Glutton (Spain dub)
Juan Antonio Arroyo as Roy Mustang (Spain dub)
Juan Luis Rovira as Cornello (Spain dub)
Leyla Rangel as Lujuria (Lust; Latin American dub)
Luis Daniel Ramirez as Roy Mustang (Latin American dub)
Luis Miguel Cajal as Truth (Spain dub)
Lupita Leal as Liza Hawkeye (Latin American dub)
Marisol Romero as Maria Ross (Latin American dub)
Miguel Ángel Montero as Maes Hugues (Spain dub)
Montserrat Aguilar as Winry Rockbell (Latin American dub)
Nacho Aldeguer as Envy (Spain dub)
Nallely Solis as Gracia Hughes (Latin American dub)
Paco Mauri as Dr. Tim Marcoh (Latin American dub)
Raúl Solo as Envidia (Envy; Latin American dub)
Ricardo Mendez as La Verdad (Truth; Latin American dub)
Silvia Sarmentera as Riza Hawkeye (Spain dub)
Vicente Gil as Hakuro (Spain dub)

Antonio Cremades as Chimera (Spain dub)
Azucena Valadez as Trisha Elric (Latin American dub)
Carmen Podio as Edward Elric (Spain dub; child)
Elena Palacios as Alphonse Elric (Spain dub; child)
Max Durán as Edward Elric (young; Latin American dub)
Oliver Díaz as Alphonse Elric (young; Latin American dub)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Macias Group (Latin American dub)
Dubbing Studio: SDI Media Spain
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Latin America and Spain)
Recording Facility: IDF (Latin American dub)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Fabrizio Temperini

Dialogues: Valerio Piccolo
Dubbing Assistant: Valerio Rossi
Mixing: Fabio Cuturi
Alex Polidori as Al Elric
Davide Perino as Ed Elric

Claudia Catani as Lust
Daniele Raffaeli as Roy Mustang
Elena Perino as Winry Rockbell
Emiliano Coltorti as Shou Tucker
Gabriele Lopez as Maes Hughes
Gianni Giuliano as Hakuro

Marco Bassetti as Envy
Italian companies
Dubbing: Studio Emme
German staff
German cast
ADR Director: Peter Minges
Script: Peter Minges
Christian Zeiger as Alphonse Elric
Nicolas Artajo as Edward Elric

Bastian Sierich as Envy
Daniela Molina as Maria Ross
Jesco Wirthgen as Gluttony
Kaspar Eichel as Tim Marcoh
Mia Diekow as Winry Rockbell
Natalie Mukherjee as Riza Hawkeye
Nicole Hannak as Gracia Hughes
Sven Gerhardt as Truth
Tim Kreuer as Roy Mustang 
Viktor Neumann as Maes Hughes

Carola Boetius as Nina Tucker
Hans Hohlbein as General Hakuro
Nicolas Böll as Shou Tucker
Stefan Staudinger as Father Cornello
German companies
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
ADR Director: Ursula Bezerra
ADR Script: Marcelo Del Greco
Producer: Flávio Júnior (Macias Group)

ADR Coordination: Pedro Martins (Macias Group)
Screen Inserts: Ronaldo Artinic
Subtitling: Gabriel Alves
Marcelo Campos as Edward Elric
Rodrigo Andreatto as Alphonse Elric

Adriana Pissardini as Gracia Hughes (uncredited)
Alfredo Rollo as Verdade (Truth)
Andressa Andreatto as Winry Rockbell
César Marchetti as Gula (Gluttony)
Diego Lima as Roy Mustang
Fadu Costha as Tim Marcoh
Glauco Marques as Maes Hughes
Guilherme Lopes as Cornello
Letícia Quinto as Liza Hawkeye
Marcelo Pissardini as Shou Tucker
Sílvio Giraldi as Inveja (Envy)
Suzy Pereira as Maria Ross
Vanessa Alves as Luxúria (Lust)
Walter Cruz as Hakuro

Alessandra Araújo as Trisha Elric
Flora Paulita as Nina
Mariana Zink as Edward Elric (young)
Marina Santana as Alphonse Elric (young)

Portuguese companies
ADR Production: Macias Group (Brazilian dub)
Dubbing Studio: IDF Brazil Audiovisual
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil)
Recording Facility: IDF 

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