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Ryuk of Death note appears at episodes 25 and 100 as a silhouette

A Dragon Ball Z parody at the 100th episode of Gintama where The Yorozuya team dressed as Goku, Krillin and Gohan, Hijikata cosplays as Vejita, Katsura/Zura as Tenshinhan, Prince Hata as Piccolo and Gengai Hiraga as Muten Roshi

an amalgam of famous Shonen Jump animes makes a gag. In respect of its fonts, it parodies Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Bleach at episode 50.

The Scenery of Soul Society is seen at Otae-san's improvement as a parody of Bleach in the 50th episode.

A suck-up gag parody of Rocky theme at episode 71

Seigaku (Inui, Kikumaru, Oishi, Kaidoh and Tezuka) and Hyotei Regulars (Atobe, Ohtori, Shishido and Oshitari) made their cameos at Episode 62. Also Yamazaki uses the famous 'madamada dane' speech like Ryoma Echizen, which both of them a parody of Tenipuri or simply Prince of Tennis

at the end of Episode 13, we saw that Katsura said '-dattebayo' is a reference of Naruto's famous catchphrase

Nabeleon or Emperor of the Hot Pot is the amalgamated word of Nabe (Hot Pot) and Napoleon (Napoleon Bonaparte) minus the Napo- on it

BAKATSUKI is a gag form of the Most notorious S-class criminals known as Akatsuki. Instead of red cloud in their uniforms, it is mainly of pink manure with toilet papers on. Take note it is found on Episode 100

While Sa-chan said about Otose as Orochimaru inside of the old hag, she slithers her tongue in a snake-like manner. Probably a reference of Otose and Orochimaru shares the same seiyuu

Sougo's facial disfigurement like in a horror film is a Parody of 'Ju-on' or 'The Grudge'

Gintoki wished that he had a Bankai is a reference of Bleach in episodes 1 and 2

Daisuke Sakaguchi, Shinpachi’s seiyuu, strongly resembles Shinpachi. The resemblance is so uncanny that Sorachi calls him "Real Shinpachi".

Dragon Taichou (Spoof of Jackie Chan) and Debugon (Spoof of Sammo Hung) appears as a examiners of Jouishishi at episode 109. The falling of the building was one of the parody of the infamous outtakes which endangers Jackie Chan. The Infamous Bike scene was a parody of Jackie Chan's movie Project A. At the Ending, A portion of Project A Theme (The Cantonese Version) is heard right before the usual ending

Ayumu (Aya) Toujou, Sui (Yui) Minamito, Tsukamu (Tsukasa) Nishino and Itsuki (Satsuki) Kitaouji also known as the Yagyuu Four masculinizes the names of the four female characters of Ichigo 100%

The lyrics of Otsuu-chan songs also known as the chome-chome songs (i.e: you're father's a -xx-, you're mom's a -xx- etc.) are collaborated by Hideaki Sorachi (The author of Gintama) and Akatsuki Yamatoya (Series composer of this anime) while Mikako Takahashi provides the permanent voice of Tsuu Terakado as an insert songs for the chome-chome related episode (Episode 6, 30, 56, 62, 75, 124 etc.)

Gintoki Sakata's name is based on Kintoki Sakata or Sakata no Kintoki (Kintarou) hence Kin means Gold/metal, so as Gin means Silver. Hence Gintama (Shortened form of Gin'iro no Tamashii - Silver Soul) and Kintama (Golden balls - hence a testicles)

Bae Yong Joon AKA 'Yon-sama' in Japanese nickname, Korean's most prolific actor, makes a cameo appearance at Episode 34 by his name 'Gin-sama'

Episode 34 is a parody of Densha Otoko. The name "Eromes" is a play on the female lead in Densha Otoko, Hermes- only in this case "ero" is erotic and "mesu" is a female cat.

The phrases "Otsuu-chan, Arigatou", "Gintoki, Sayonara" and "Soshite, Ate no Damegane ni, Omedetou-hibi unko" is no doubt a parody of these phrases: "Father, Thank you." "Mother, Goodbye" "And all of the Children, Congratulations"

"Damegane" means lame-four-eyes. It is described as Shinpachi

The Shadow of Sougo Okita in Sadist Mode has a striking resemblance of Gin Ichimaru from BLEACH at episode 89

Episode 119 is no doubt a parody of DBZ

In an Episodes 148 and 149, there is a parody of SAW. Although the mask is different from the usual movie, it is used in the Noh dramas

Hulk Hogan makes a cameo at Episode 159 as a replacement... or maybe a transformation of Taka-chin (presumably, it's Taka-tin)

Otae-san (and later, Katsura) did sang the 'Taiyoh no Komachi Angel' which sung by B'z. Shinpachi stated the song was on the top (Probably by Oricon) and was re-released by 2003

In the Onsen Arc (episodes 131-134) you may hear the tune of Rouningyou no Yakata 99 (House of Wax Figures '99) which it sung by Seikima II. This was used as a Background Music in honor of Seikima II.

Both Gintoki and Oiwa/Tagosaku transformed into their Stand mode which they have a striking resemblance of His Excellency Demon Kogure, The Leading Vocalist of Seikima II

The HORAHORAHORA punches of Oiwa/Tagosaku is a parody of Dio's MUDAMUDAMUDA punches in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jimmy Heavenly is actually a spoof name of Tommy Heavenly6, The one who sang the first Opening Theme in Gintama

The Stand Concept in Gintama was borrowed from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Also the Star Silver (Star Platinum in Gintoki's Attire) was a Parody of Jotaro Kujo's Stand: Star Platinum (Now a Star Platinum The World in Stone Ocean)

Saint Francis Xavier (The saint with a rifle) who was the one of the foreigners who introduced Christianity, made a cameo appearance at episodes 132 and 134

Bebop: Kamui-kun is a parody of Cromartie High School

Near the end of the broadcast of the Gintama anime, Gintoki voice actor Tomokazu Sugita was asked by his parents in all seriousness if he would be out of a job once the show ended, and suggested other jobs to him.

In episode 13, Gintoki and Katsura cosplay as Captain Harlock while pretending to be pirates.

In episode 15, Gintoki dresses up as Sena Kobayakawa from Eyeshield 21.

The famous Itachi speech in Gintama mentioned also in episode 25

Otae-san unleashes the fury of 'Dempsey Roll' on Kondou-san is a parody of Hajime no Ippo/Fighting Spirit/Knockout in Episode 28

In Episode 28, the scene which appeared featuring the cameo of three Dorombo Gang villains from "Yatterman" with actual blurred on-face images and three-wheeled bicycle were riding on then.

In episode 30, Gintoki is mimicking Kogorou Mouri and how he hold his bow are parodying Detective Conan or Case Closed

In episode 30, Goemon is drawn with similar face and hair characteristics(his right face side) as Byakuya from anime Bleach. In the same episode, when Gintoki and co. captures nad beats the Shadow culprit there is one special sound that can be heard. It is a remark on Jojo's Bizzare adventure.More closely, Jotaro's stand Star Platinum cries "Ora ora ora ora!" while starting a combo.

In Episode 35-B, the giant 1,000-ton wooden mullet used from the parody scene from "City Hunter".

In episode 36, Chisato Okai, Mai Hagiwara, and Airi Suzuki from the J-pop girl band °C-ute made cameos in the karate dojo.

Pay attention of the logo in Episode 44, Although it parodies the Ninja Sentai Hurricanger, The Label of Gintama adds the kanji of 'Shippuuden' is actually a parody of Naruto Shippuuden

There is a Parody of Saint Seiya in Episode 44 where Gintoki performs his Seiya's Pegasus Ryuusei Ken while Hattori dons his Hyoga's Diamond Dust. Later in episode 49 (Gintoki, Hasegawa and Kanbei versus Akagi in a strip mahjongg game) As Gintoki took the advantage against Akagi, they strut their mahjongg moves reminiscent of other Saint Seiya Characters (Probably Shiryuu and Shun.) Gintoki's Men-tan-pin Dora Dora Shoryu Ken's Dragon appeared is a parody of Dragon Shiryuu's Rozan Shoryuu Ha. While Kanbei's Tou-Nan-Shouryuu Rinjan Kaihou's move is a parody of Andromeda Shun's Nebula Chain Attack (With matching the Andromeda Galaxy at the background)

In episode 44, Shioh, one of the member of Hattori Zenzou's Shinobi 5 who used the ninja art doping technique looks similar to the video game character "Duke Nukem".

A parody of Doraemon in episode 45 when Gintoki's hand became of that Doraemon and his voice is altered as trying to be mechanic or robotic

In episode 50 Prince Hata uses the catch phrase "Lave and Peace", presumed as a gag on Vash The Stapmede's catch phrase in "Trigun"

In episode 50, Otose and Catherine parody the Futari wa Precure anime.

In Episode 54 What Gintoki said about 'Just Do It' is a reference of NIKE shoes

Kenpachi Zaraki, the character from Bleach mentioned in episode 62 after the Benizakura Arc.

In episode 65, Okita has glowing purple eyes and asks, "Is it okay if I beat you now? I can't hear your answer." This is a reference to Ryuutaros from Kamen Rider Den-O, who has this catchphrase and glowing purple eyes when possessing the protagonist Ryoutarou. Kenichi Suzumura, Okita's voice actor, also voices Ryuutaros.

Touyako or the Lake Touya persona in episode 89 is the parody of Zangetsu, the spirit of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakutou respectively

The Goddess in episode 89 is also a parody of Orihime Inoue from Bleach

In Episode 97-A, Cat's Punch is a combined of the most classic kaitou animes, Lupin III and Cat's Eye. Specifically, The three who are accompanied with Catherine are the cameos of the characters of Lupin the Third (Lupin, Jigen and Goemon) with the presence of cat's ears.

Also, there is a Charlie's Angels the movie version parody in Episode 97-A when Catherine in her white tight suit, does her acrobatic move while cracking the code to steal the treasure.

In episode 115, Taizo "Madao" Hasegawa is riding on a battlleship similar to the Imperial Japanese Navy Yamato battleship.

In episode 119, the Yorozuya cast voiced 3 of the Dragonball parody characters. Kugimiya Rie (Kagura), Sakaguchi Daisuke (Shinpachi), Sugita Tomokazu (Gintoki) were the voices behind Derde, Kobayashi and Zell respectively.

In Episode 121 when Shinpachi was making a character for the online version of Monkey Hunter (Monster Hunter), Tieria Erde's and Setsuna F. Seiei's faces (from Gundam 00) were among the choices.

In Episode 122 Gintoki mentions an 'FF' word refers to the Final Fantasy Online or FFXI. The In-game Character of Madao or Taizou Hasegawa bears a striking resemblance of Cloud Strife, one of the Main Characters in Final Fantasy VII.

In episode 122, there is a silhouette of Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach in the eyecatch.

In episode 126 Rangiku Matsumoto was the cover girl for the adult magazine Gin was trying to give to Shinpachi.

In episode 133 when Gin was battling the Mistress (Okami)/ Oiwa, Gin's hair style is almost identical to Hitsugaya Toushiro's hair style the only difference is Hitsugaya's bangs is on the left while Gin's is on the right. The hair style can be clearly seen in episode 134 when Gin changed into second stand.

In episode 134 (just before the Opening theme) just as Gintoki Sakata became a Stand mode, he said "Do you want to be a sugar doll too!?" is a parody of Demon Kogure catchphrase "do you want to be a wax doll too!?" right before the song itself

In Episode 150 (Also known as the Pseudo-final Episode) There is a parody of the Last Episode of Evangelion which Shinpachi flew at the plane resembled as Shinji Ikari and on the last part where the closed room became the Bird's eye view of O-edo where the Main and Supporting Characters were clapping their hands.

In episode 157 a green Gundam Throne Drei (Gundam 00) can be seen holding an axe.

In episode 157, the dramatic introduction with narration is a after the title card is a parody of the Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) games. Tomokazu Sugita imitates Yasunori Masutani's narration style from the games.

In episode 162, a reference to the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! is made when a character plays a card game with life points.

In episode 182, when Shinpachi is talking in the beginning, the TV shows different athletes talking, one those athletes looks like Usain Bolt.

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