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Cosplay Merchandising Giant COSPA Reveals the Most Popular of 2017

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Which costumes dominated the cosplay circuit this year? COSPA, one of the largest purveyors of anime, manga, and game costumes, released its list of top-sellers. The results? Fans love to dress up as the girls from Love Live just as much as they like to watch it. The top two spots were taken by Love Live Sunshine's Uranohoshi Girls' High School's summer uniform and the original Love Live's Otonokizaka High School's girls' uniform. In third place was another school uniform, the Toyogasaki High School uniform from Saekano.

COSPA's full top 10 list is:

  1. Love Live Sunshine's Uranohoshi Girls' High School's summer uniform
  2. Love Live's Otonokizaka High School's girls' uniform
  3. Saekano's Toyogasaki High School girls' uniform
  4. Sound! Euphonim's Kitauji High School girls' uniform
  5. Girls und Panzer's Kuromorimine Girls High School uniform
  6. Persona 5's Shujin Academy's boys uniform
  7. Re:Zero's Rem and Ram's maid uniform
  8. Kantai Collection's Shiratsuyu Class Remodel
  9. Madoka Magica's Mitakihara Middle School's girls' uniform
  10. Attack on Titan's Survey Corps. costume set, Levi version

It's interesting to note very few of the costumes are character specific while the rest could be used for multiple characters from the same series.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web

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