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NHK Announces Interim Results for Sailor Moon Mega Poll

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

NHK announced the interim results for its Sailor Moon mega poll on Friday. The fan-favorite magical girl franchise is currently gearing up for a new movie for its Crystal reboot, so now is the perfect time to get in votes for your favorite character, episode, and songs. NHK is accepting votes until November 23 and will announce the results on December 5.

Voting includes episodes from the anime's original 200-episode run, the Sailor Moon R, S, and SuperS movies, the Ami's First Love and Make-up! Sailor Guardians specials, and the 39 Sailor Moon Crystal episodes. Characters are also split between their appearances in the original canon and the new Crystal anime and between their transformed and civilian forms (i.e. Sailor Mercury vs Ami Mizuno).

The interim results only reveals the character rankings for 11th to 20th place. The results don't state whether the list is for the Crystal or original canon characters. That said, fans might already find the results divisive with several fan favorites currently ranking in the bottom.

  • 11th: Ami Mizuno
  • 12th: Fish Eye
  • 13th: Sailor Venus
  • 14th: Sailor Neptune
  • 15th: Usagi Tsukino
  • 16th: Sailor Mars
  • 17th: Sailor Saturn
  • 18th: Luna (Human Form)
  • 19th: Black Lady
  • 20th: Sailor Jupiter

It will be interesting to see how the classic characters rank compared to the original show's heyday. Over at Tuxedo Unmasked, the writing team dug up the character rankings in Animage circa June-May '92-'93, '93-'94, '94-95, '95-96, and '96-'97. I recommend reading their full article, but suffice to say that the long-standing belief that Sailor Mercury won hearts in Japan is true if we use Animage as a metric. She was the top ranking character from the show during almost its entire run and was in the top 10, if not the top 5, anime characters at the time.

Other highly ranked Sailor Guardians included Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. The third season saw Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn rise in popularity.

NHK's results is also showing quite a few votes for the SuperS villain Fisheye who is slated to be voiced by popular singer Shōta Aoi in the upcoming films. Whether the votes are reflection of his fans, the villain's lasting popularity, or both is interesting to consider.

Source: NHK, Tuxedo Unmasked

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