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Kanye, Kim Kardashian Feuding Over Akira Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Billionaires Kanye (now legally, "Ye") and Kim Kardashian are in the midst of an ugly divorce and many of the details are being aired publicly by both parties. Ye has shared his frustrations on Instagram specifically in regards to the couple's children, but in a (now deleted) Instagram post shared over the weekend, he alleged that Kardashian had accused of him stealing when he visited her home to play with his son, when, according to Ye, he was taking back his Akira graphic novels.

Ye and Akira go back nearly 20 years when the rapper directly referenced the acclaimed series in his music video for the 2007 single "Stronger." A non-functional replica of Kaneda's iconic motorcycle was created by Customs by Eddie Paul for the video, although it wasn't used. The bike was eventually put up for sale. In 2011, Ye reiterated how important the series and creator Katsuhiro Ōtomo still is to him.

Kardashian has also shared her love for anime. Kardashian dyed her hair pink in 2018 and credited her "anime obsession" as inspiration. She later revealed it was DARLING in the FRANXX's Zero-Two that pushed her to go pink.

Source: Buzzfeed News (Leyla Mohammed)

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