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Momo Kyun Sword TV Anime's 1st TV Spot Narrated by Momoko

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Ayana Taketatsu plays female re-imagining of Momotaro in July 8 series

A TV spot for the Momo Kyun Sword television anime began airing in Japan on Thursday. The ad is narrated by Ayana Taketatsu as her character Momoko.

    Momoko & Onihime: The being that was born from the peach was a girl!?
    Onihime: Momoko!!
    Momoko: Onihime!!
    Momoko: An adventure fantasy with battles and craziness! Momo Kyun Sword is finally starting its broadcast!
    Momoko & Onihime: Look forward to it!

The cast includes:

Ayana Taketatsu (Sword Art Online, High School DxD) as Momoko (lit. peach child), a girl based off of Momotaro. She's a spacey girl born from a peach. Raised by an old man and woman, she lives together with her dog god, monkey god, and pheasant god.

Minami Tsuda (Wake Up, Girls!, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future) as Onihime (lit. ogre princess), the daughter of the devil king. She's a girl who is curious about the world, and also hates to lose. In addition, she hates anything that has twisted logic. It's said that she also has a side not seen to others that collects goods of cute characters.

Wataru Hatano (Fairy Tail, Hamatora) as Inugami (lit. dog god), one of Momoko's companions. He has plenty of knowledge and holds manners as something very important. However, due to this, he is sometimes argumentative. Inugami is most skilled at close combat.

Showtaro Morikubo (Samurai Flamenco, Naruto Shippūden) as Sarugami (lit. monkey god), one of Momoko's companions. Unlike Inugami, he is the kind of creature to take action before thinking. He is best at hand-to-hand combat.

Asami Imai (Steins;Gate, The IDOLM@STER) as Kijigami (lit. pheasant god), one of Momoko's companions and the only female of the group. She can transform into a human, and is thought of by Momoko as an elder sister-like figure. She is best at aerial combat and reconnaissance.

Shiori Mikami (Attack on Titan, Yuruyuri - Happy Go Lily) as Ringo (lit. apple), a girl who is a member of the "Celestial Maiden Squad," and is possibly the most powerful of the group. Ringo is bright and lively, and also has the strongest sense of justice within her team. She is always worrying about Momoko. Her most powerful skill is fire.

Suzuko Mimori (Love Live! School idol project, Btooom!) as Suika (pun of watermelon), the Celestial Maiden of Water in the "Celestial Maiden Squad." She acts kind, but her polite words have thorns. She is quite harsh toward her allies, but is actually very kind. Suika uses water skills and her Cakraratna to fight.

Rumi Ookubo (Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future) as Maron (lit. chestnut), the Celestial Maiden of Earth in the "Celestial Maiden Squad." She is the brains of the group, and she has a strong sense of responsibility to complete her missions. She is usually cold, but she also has a passionate side. Her weapon is a mallet.

Yuka Ōtsubo (Wake Up, Girls!, Vividred Operation) as Karin, the Celestial Maiden of Wind in the "celestial Maiden Squad." She has a friendly personality, but due to this, she often fails at gathering the shards of the Michimi Peach.

Mikako Komatsu (K, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) as Kaguya, a mysterious mad scientist that came from the moon. She is also the guardian of the shards of the Michimi Peach.

Asami Shimoda (The IDOLM@STER, Dragonar Academy) as Kushinada, an aide to the "Celestial Maiden Squad." She is gentle and serious, but also has a fetish for sacrifices. Because of this, she can freeze over the mood of a scene in an instant.

Masumi Asano (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Yumeria) as Celestial Maiden Sumeragi, the leader of all of Heaven. She sends Momoko and her friends to search for the shards of the Michimi Peach in order to stop the ogres from taking them. As they do this, she watches over them warmly.

Chiaki Takahashi (The IDOLM@STER, Moyashimon) as Enki, one of the four leaders under Jakioh, and the only female of the four. She constantly worries about Onihime, and she loves her like a younger sister. Her signature move is a whip attack.

Hisayoshi Suganuma (Natsume's Book of Friends, Black Butler) as Genki, one of the four leaders under Jakioh. He is the youngest of the four, and the weakest. Enki and Onihime often bully him. His weapon is a pipe, which emits a mysterious gas that causes opponents to hallucinate.

Cho (One Piece, Magi - The Kingdom of Magic) as Yōki, one of the four leaders under Jakioh. He enjoys improvised tactics like disguising himself and tricking enemies into fighting each other. Officially, he is a subordinate to Jakioh, but….

Hisao Egawa (Naruto Shippūden, Hajime no Ippo Rising) as Tekki, one of the four leaders under Jakioh. He is a boor with great military prowess. He is second in strength only to Jakioh. Despite his large physique he has great agility. He fights with an iron rod.

Banjou Ginga (Hunter x Hunter, Mobile Suit Gundam) as Jakioh, the ruler of the demon tribe. He has plans to collect the many fragments of the peach and use it to restore his clan to power. He is heartless, but he is lenient toward his subordinates.

Satoshi Hino (The Familiar of Zero, La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky) as Abe Seimei, a great sorceror who aids Momoko and the others.

Emiri Katō (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Medaka Box) as Tōtetsu, Abe Shimei's mysterious creation that even he doesn't understand. Tōtetsu excels at evasion and foresight. It is impossible to tell if Tōtetsu is a boy or a girl, but Tōtetsu inspires affection from Momoko and the Celestial Maidens.

Shinsuke Yanagi (Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS) will direct the series at Tri-Slash and Project No.9. Tsuyoshi Tamai (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu) will handle the scripts and Hiroshi Tomioka (A Certain Scientific Railgun S, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) will design the characters and serve as chief animation director. Voice actress Haruka Chisuga is performing the opening theme song "Momoiro Fantasy," and Ayana Taketatsu is performing the ending theme titled, "Momo Kyun Sword." The voice actresses of the Celestial Maiden quartet will form a unit to perform an insert song for the anime titled, "Ready Go!!"

The story begins with a female re-imagining of Momotarō, a famous character in Japanese folklore. Momoko is a beautiful young sword fighter who was born inside a peach (momo in Japanese). She lives with her constant companions — the dog god Inugami, the monkey god Sarugami, and the pheasant god Kijigami — in a peaceful paradise. However, a demon army led by devil king invades the paradise and steals the precious treasure that protects Momoko's land. To retrieve the treasure and save the people, Momoko embarks on a great adventure with her three companions.

Kibidango Project launched the light novel online for free in the summer of 2012. The light novel features a number of artists who rotate on a regular basis, so there is a different illustrator every month. The project already inspired a weekly online four-panel manga.

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