Daisuki.net Brings Beyblade Burst to the U.S. For Premium Members

TOKYO, JAPAN – December 27, 2016 – Japan's premier streaming service DAISUKI.net will begin streaming BEYBLADE BURST—the latest anime in the long-running BEYBLADE franchise—exclusively for DAIUSKI Premium members beginning on December 27 6:30a.m. (PST), 9:30a.m. (EST), 2016! The anime will be streamed with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Welcome to the world of BEYBLADE BURST; this is the story of a group of passionate Bladers who follow their dreams on an unforgettable journey to the top.

Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade. As he battles, Valt broadens his circle of friends and reaches new heights. Without even realizing it, he has begun to dream of becoming the best Blader in the world.

In addition, DAISUKI will also stream the following series in the near future with an English dub:

BEYBLADE (51 episodes)
BEYBLADE VFORCE (51 episodes)

Each series will be added one at a time after streaming for BEYBLADE BURST begins.

To celebrate BEYBLADE coming to DAISUKI.net, we'll be giving away DAISUKI-exclusive T-shirts with art from the original BEYBLADE series on them. Residents of the United States who are DAISUKI Premium members by the end of January 2017 will be eligible to enter in the drawing.

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©Aoki Takao・Beyblade Project

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