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HaremKingdom Available Now on Johren

TOKYO, JAPAN – September 24, 2021

Shiravune has just released the hilarious 18+ harem-comedy visual novel HaremKingdom, by SMEE, on Johren with a full English localization.
It's all harem, all the time, with five adorable girls, plenty of H-content, and always a happy ending for everybody!
Choose who you want to spend the most time with and then branch into one of five routes representing different types of harem: the Rom-Com Harem, the Reverse Harem, the Manly Harem, the Comfy Harem, or the Harem Battle Royale…!

And don't miss the 10% launch discount!


The man who'll soon be king is getting a lecture.
All he wants is to live easy and have a good time. At this rate he'll turn into a dickless amoeba, and his childhood friend Hikari won't have it. They hash things out, they talk things over, in the heat of the moment his chest glows with magic—

The two of them wake up in a strange seaside city, with no idea how they got there. When a woman who claims to be the country's chancellor greets them, she clears things up: They've been caught in a desperate royal recruitment that happened to involve an inter-world kidnapping.

Hurled across dimensions, enthroned without warning, and suddenly the center of national attention...

Things are moving fast, and the king's first duty is to get married pronto.
“Build a harem around yourself, and spare no pains in the kingdom's development and the propagation of the royal line.”

The new king is afraid of love, but he'll have to get over it for his country's future!
New brides appear in quick succession. The princess of a neighboring country, a beautiful noble with a personal interest...
As our hero disappears under a pile of boobies, even his childhood friend dives into the fray...?!

“I just want a normal romance!”
You're getting five at once. Say hello to the harem!


Lost in the Friendzone! Fellow Loveless Loser & Local Loudmouth
Hikari (Voice: Yuki Kitaoji)
An inseparable and irrepressible childhood friend who's been with the protagonist since they were young.
To the new king, she's the only one he can fully cut loose with, and Hikari is a capable housekeeper to boot.
She becomes something of a guardian to him. Equipped with knowledge of beauty and fashion as well, she does take a certain pride in being a woman.
In matters of love she finds honesty difficult, but she knows from the start that she's in love with the protagonist.
“Yeah, yeah. I'm not gonna flip out over one little touch. I've known you since forever.”

Heaven & Hell! The Famous Imp of Elspa
Charlone (Voice: Mei Misonoo)
A devastating beauty and devilish manipulator, born and raised in a noble house. Char, as she's called, is adorable and brilliant, and maximizes the advantages of being both. Most people she meets end up dancing on her strings.
Younger than the others but not by much, on the inside she's all too mature. Char is a daughter of old money, not new; she can't hide the elegance her upbringing instilled.
Aggressive in matters of love to a degree that could be called overwhelming. Knowing the male heart all too well, she soon has the protagonist's pounding to her beat.
“Hee hee. I think I warned Your Majesty? My love runs deadly deep...”

Magisterial Mistress, Princess of Soft Vibes
Sophia (Voice: Kiiro Tsukino)
A delicate, lovely, and sheltered princess. She grew up as a beloved symbol of her people's prosperity, and became the protagonist's fiancée by arranged marriage.
Her education was strict, so she understands her role well, and has always prioritized it above everything.
Therefore, she rarely asserts herself, especially not over others. Her bright personality usually covers it, but underneath she's given up on her own happiness.
Meeting with the protagonist changes everything. New values spring up inside Sophia, and in the happiness of her daily life, she gives voice to a more playful side of herself. “I'm so happy I met you, Dearest. No one ever let me be selfish before...”

Brains & Beauty! Political Powerhouse Without Peer
Marrou (Voice: Aoi Kisumi)
The youngest-ever chancellor of the kingdom of Palretta, this career superwoman shows weakness to no one.
She serves the protagonist, her king, with distinction, as his closest aide in official matters.
In her eyes, the country far outweighs her own life, and she has no interest in pursuing love.
Though imperturbable and unruffled herself, she exhibits considerable kindness and thought for the needs of her new sovereign.
Marrou rarely allows herself to show softness, and even after you grow close to her, she's still mostly above it all.
“That ought to be enough playing around. You mustn't let me spoil you.”

Innocence Alive! The Survivor, Sweet & Sincere
Kiki (Voice: Sarah Ayumi)
A girl a man can't help wanting to protect.
She doesn't speak much, and keeps her heart close. Sold into slavery as a young child, she has few memories of her parents.
Intelligent and intuitive, she's devoted to keeping those around her happy, but it's not for a positive reason.
She's afraid of being handled cruelly, and desperately afraid of fighting with others.
Meeting the protagonist and Living With Him, she slowly rediscovers her heart-melting smile.
“U-Um... am I, really... adequate to do such things with you, Master...?”

Product Information

Title: HaremKingdom

OS: Windows

Players: Single-Player

Developer: SMEE

Publisher: Shiravune

Languages: English

Available Platforms
Johren (09/24/2021)

Pricing Details
HaremKingdom: $29.99 USD / 2999 Johren Credits

*The game is launching with an additional, limited-time 10% OFF sale for two weeks.

About Shiravune
Shiravune is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team dedicated to bringing Japanese games to a wider audience in English and Chinese. Shiravune's localization & publishing portfolio includes the samurai mystery Master Magistrate, the supernatural horror/romance Iwaihime, PC versions of the tactics-RPG visual novel Utawarerumono series and the hyperkinetic rush that is Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Follow @shiravune on Twitter for the latest announcements.

© Shiravune

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