Pop Team Epic
Episode 8-9

by Gabriella Ekens,

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This is Part Two of this review! Please read Part One first to understand it properly.

Best(?) Jokes of Episode 9

I believe that this was evident from the video. What, didn't you watch the whole thing?

…Okay fine.

  • The story segment this week isn't based on any one thing in particular, being such an amalgam of references that it's unlikely anyone has caught all of them yet. I certainly haven't, although some of the obvious ones include the kid as a John Connor lookalike, the Final Fantasy XV boys pushing the car, Ghostbusters (a reference that almost feels below the level of this show), and Times Square ads for the likes of WacDonald's and Japari Park. The kid in the English version of the segment is voiced by Murase Ayumu, while his older version was prominent Youtuber TheAnimeMan. Meanwhile, the Japanese version - which is scripted in a heavy Okinawan dialect - features Shimoji Shino as the kid and Shingaki Tarusuke as the mayor.

  • As for Popuko and Pipimi's voice actors in these two episodes, episode eight had Sumire Morohoshi/Azusa Tadokoro voice the ladies and Masaya Onosaka/Daisuke Namikawa do the dudes. The ninth episode featured Eriko Nakamura/Asami Imai as the girls, and Souma Saitou/Kaito Ishikawa as the guys. As usual I know very little about voice actors, but these pairs worked together on Aikatsu!, [email protected], Hetalia, or Haikyuu!!. (I forget who was on which. I barely even know what Aikatsu! is in the first place!) These parts of the reviews are hard to make funny, so I don't like writing them. Tell me when Pop Team Epic snags Taylor Swift. I'm sure I've got some good material on her.

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