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Anime Spotlight - Hello!! KINMOZA

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins April 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Tensho
(The Fruit of Grisaia )
Series Composition: Yuniko Ayana
(Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, Locodol)


Alice Cartelet, 16 years old. A British girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, but has been staying in Japan from a year ago. Welcomed by the family of her close friend Shinobu Omiya, a traditional Japanese high school girl, she has been enjoying life as a Japanese high school student very much.

However, an incident befalls her sparkling everyday life! When she advanced to her second year in high school, she was assigned to a different class from Shinobu. Alice's mind turned blank for a moment, but Shinobu told her:

“Alice, you flew over an entire ocean to be here. This is nothing in comparison!”

Even if they were in different classes, the distance between their hearts would not grow. Alice and Shinobu, the unbalanced pair of Aya Komichi and Yoko Inokuma, and the other blonde British girl Karen Kujou – the bonds tying these five together are glistening gold once again today!

Second season of the airy and sweet school comedy of cute Japanese and British girls is about to begin!!


[Well-Mannered] Shinobu Omiya
VA:Asuka Nishi

Kind-looking droopy eyes, and a gentle personality. A typical Japanese high school girl, but has a strong longing for overseas (and blonde girls), with her dream job being an interpreter. Excels at sewing and fantasizing. Looks a lot like a wooden kokeshi doll.

[Healthy] Alice Cartelet
VA:Manami Tanaka)

Blonde, bue-eyed British girl. The beaded hairpin looks good on her small body. Loves Shinobu and Japanese culture, and is more Japanese than the Japanese people… perhaps? Has good grades but is not sound athletically. Even if Shinobu takes her for a spin, she never gives up!

[Graceful] Aya Komichi
VA:Risa Taneda

An intelligent girl in twin pigtails. Seems to be unruffled on the outside, but on the inside… Looks like she has the most common sense of all the girls, but that often doesn't turn out to be the case. When it comes to things involving Yoko, her personality changes.

[Rowdy] Yoko Inokuma
VA:Yumi Uchiyama

An energetic girl that makes the retorts. Eats a lot, moves a lot, doesn't study too much, quite often retorts at others, makes silly remarks once in a blue moon, and tosses Aya's heart in every which direction on an everyday basis. A reliable, kind, trustworthy person!

[Free and Easy] Karen Kujou
VA: Nao Tōyama

Alice's rival… no, childhood friend who has a Japanese father and a British mother. Flowing blonde hair, grey almond eyes, and a beaming smile are the telltale signs it's her! A bright, carefree, and somewhat of a genius.

[Cheerful] Honoka Matsubara
VA: Ayaka Suwa

A stylish girl who braids her chestnut-colored long hair. She becomes close friends with Shinobu due to a certain something, which caused them to hit it off well. She is a member of the tennis team, but is better at balancing herself atop rolling balls more than tennis.

[Refreshing] Isami Omiya
VA: Yukari Tamura

Shinobu's older sister who is a freshman in college. Has a sharp tongue against Shinobu, but that is perhaps a show of sisterly love? Very tall and has beautiful black hair, and works as a model as a side job when not studying.

[Beaming] Sakura Karasuma (Karasuma-sensei)
VA: Satomi Sato

The English teacher who also oversees the second year class 2-C. The person Shinobu admires. A mild-mannered, kind person who is well-loved by her students. Admits that her love of cute things is a well-known fact. Owns a rabbit.

[Sincere] Akari Kuzehashi (Kuzehashi-sensei)
VA: Saori Ōnishi

The home economics teacher who also oversees the second year class 2-A. A very serious person with strict guidance, to the point where the students fear her a bit. Hides the fact that she loves cute things from everyone. Owns a cat.

[Tranquil] Kota and Mitsuki Inokuma
VA: Kota VA :Megumi Han/Mitsuki VA: Rie Murakawa

Yoko's younger siblings. Twins in fourth grade. Compared to their straightforward elder sister, both of them are very good liars. Some say that their nickname in grade school is “the liar brothers”.


Shinobu Omiya
Asuka Nishi
Alice Cartelet
Manami Tanaka
Aya Komichi
Risa Taneda
Yoko Inokuma
Yumi Uchiyama
Karen Kujou
Nao Tōyama
Isami Omiya
Yukari Tamura
Honoka Matsubara
Ayaka Suwa
Sakura Karasuma (Karasuma-sensei)
Satomi Sato
Akari Kuzehashi (Kuzehashi-sensei)
Saori Ōnishi
Kota Inokuma
Megumi Han
Mitsuki Inokuma
Rie Murakawa


Assistant Director
Munenori Nawa
Series Composition
Yuniko Ayana
Character Design
Kazuyuki Ueda
Chief Animation Directors
Kazuyuki Ueta
Masayuki Nonaka
Yūma Yokomatsu
Hideyuki Kataoka
Color Coordinator
Ritsuko Utagawa
Art Director
Chikako Shibata
Filming Director
Song Hyundai
Mutsumi Takemiya
Sound Effects Director
Jin Aketagawa
Animation Production
Studio Gokumi

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