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Anime Spotlight Spring 2015 - The List

by Anthony Foronda,

Featured Series (Click for more)

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Mikagura School Suite (Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku)

Seraph of the End

High School DxD BorN (Season 3)

Sound! Euphonium (Hibike! Euphonium)

Etotama (Chinese Zodiac Souls)


My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love-Come wa Machigatte iru - Zoku-)

Ninja Slayer From Animation

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki chan

The Labyrinth of Grisaia (Grisaia no Meikyu - Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia)/The Eden of Grisaia (Grisaia no Rakuen - Le Eden de la Grisaia

Triage X

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

Utano☆Princesama Revolutions


Wish upon the Pleiades

Additional Shows

Title:Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan
Starts: March 31, 2015 at 6:45pm (JST) on NHK E Tele
Studio:Oriental Light and Magic

Genre: Comedy
Website: http://www.miraclecatdan.com//td/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Creator: Shoko Nakagawa (Saint Seiya Omega's Athena/Saori Kido, Dragonball Z: Resurrection F's Oracle Fish, Eyeshield 21's Suzuna)
  • Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto (Initial D: Fifth Stage, Beyblade G Revolution, Bakugan Battle Brawlers)
  • Series Composition: Hideki Sonoda (Sonic Soldier Borgman, Choja Reideen, Machine Robo : Revenge of Chronos)

Shoko Nakagawa's autobiographical essay book comes to life!
Title:Battle Spirits burning Souls
Starts:April 1, 2015 at 6:30pm (JST) on TV Tokyo
Genre:Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Website: http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/battlespirits7/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Kunihisa Sugishima (Beyblade: Metal Fury, Nabari no Ou, Speed Grapher)
  • Series Composition: Katsumi Hasegawa (Blue Gender, Kissxsis, Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits)

In the near future, a battle card game called "Battle Spirits" has gained enormous popularity. Players of the game -- known as "Battlers" -- start duelings everywhere using their color-coded cards with different attributes, creating a "Sengoku (Warring States) period" for the game.
Title: I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying Thread 2
Starts:April 2, 2015 at 1:00am (JST) on TV Saitama
Genre:Comedy, Slice of Life
Website: http://dreamcreation.co.jp/danna/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Returning Director/Scripts: Shinpei Nagai (I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying (Season 1), Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of: Kenichi Suzumura as Hajime Tsunashi ( Macross Zero's Shin Kudou, Yamato 2199's Daisuke Shima) and Yukari Tamura as Kaoru Tsunashi (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's Nanoha Takamachi, Kill la Kill's Nui Harime)

The series returns for a second season with our favorite couple who don't have a lot in common except for the fact that they are truly in love with one another.
Title:Aikatsu! Season 4
Starts:April 2, 2015 at 6:00pm (JST) on TV Tokyo
Genre:Musical, Comedy
Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/aikatsu/index2.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Yui Ishikawa as Hinaki Shinjō(Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman, Gundam Build Fighter's China Kousaka)
  • Production:Sunrise (Mobile Suit Gundam, Tiger and Bunny, Buddy Complex)

The girls of Starlight Academy return for another season of idol fun!
Tamagotchi! Tama Tomo Daishu GO!
Starts:April 2, 2015 at 6:00pm (JST) on TV Tokyo
Studio: Oriental Light and Magic
Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/tamagotchi/index2.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Jouji Shimura (Blade of the Phantom Master, Animal Crossing)
  • Series Composition: Aya Matsui (Marmalade Boy, Dragonball GT)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Rie Kugimiya as Mametchi (Full Metal Alchemist's Alphonse Eric, Selector Spread Wixoss's Urisu)

Mametchi and her friends return for the spring season!
Title:Vampire Holmes
Starts: April 3, 2015 at 1:00am (JST) on TV Kanagawa
Studio:studio! cucuri
Genre:Mystery, Supernatural
Website: http://www.cucuri.co.jp/holmes.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Nobunaga Shimazaki as Hudson (Free's Haruka Nanase, Buddy Complex's Tarjim Vasily) and Ayahi Takagaki as Kira (Sword Art Online's Lisbeth, True Tears Noe Isurugi)

While crowded in daytime, this London neighborhood has been haunted by a “vampire killer” for many nights. The protagonist wakes up in a residence, with a man calling himself "Holmes" and claiming to have entered the house chasing after a vampire. Unknowingly, the door of the residence has been locked from the outside...
Title:Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Starts:April 3, 2015 at 10:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:A-1 Pictures
Genre:Magic, Action, Drama
Website: http://nanoha-vivid.tv/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Creator: Masaki Tsuzuki (Dog Days)
  • Featruing the vocal talents of Kaori Mizuhashi as Vivio Takamatchi (Madoka Magica's Mami Tomoe, The Fruits of Grisaia's Michiru MatsuShima), Mamiko Noto as Einheart Stratos (Maria The Virgin Witch's Viv , Akame ga Kill's Shelle)

The story takes place four years after the JS incident in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, and stars Vivio Takamachi, a fourth-year elementary student at St. Hilde Academy of Magic. Vivio haslearned to conjure her adult form and has received her own Device — named Sacred Heart — from Nanoha, and has promised Nanoha to never use either for mischief. Then a mysterious magical fighter appears and targets Vivio.
Title: PriPara Season 2
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 10:00am (JST) on TV Tokyo
Studio: Dongwoo Animation
Genre:Comedy, Idols
Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pripara/index2.htmli/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Makoto Moriwaki (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, PriPara)
  • Series Composition: Michiro Tsuchiya (Kaikan Phase, Cross Game)
  • Character Design: Shoji Hara (Sasami: Magical Girls Club, 11eyes)

The story continues with Laala and her friends Mirei and Sophy, who are part of the "SoLaMi♡SMILE" PriPara idol unit, which is rising in popularity. In the PriPara amusement park, a new zone called "Dream Theater" has opened, and it's said that when a fateful five-man team filled with charm that performs there, a new event called the "PriPara Dream Parade" will be held. However, it is not known which five people wil make up this team, and the PriPara idols scramble to give the greatest performance in the new zone.
Title:Denpa Kyoshi – He Is an Ultimate Teacher
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 5:30pm (JST) on Y TV
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Genre:Comedy, Slice of life
Website: http://www.ytv.co.jp/denpa//
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Masato Sato (Case Closed (eps. 333-504))
  • Series Composition: Atsushi Maekawa (Hunter x Hunter (TV 2011), The prince of Tennis)
  • Character Design: Isao Sugimoto (Girls und Panzer, Kemeko Deluxe!)

The story centers around Junichirō, a young man obsessed with manga, anime, and games. He was a young genius who published papers in the journals Nature and Science when he was only 17. However, after graduating college, he became a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) absorbed in his anime blog. Unable to watch Kagami throw away his life, his sister Suzune gets him to work at the Ichō Academy she attends. The head of the school's board, Koyomi Hiiragi, assigns Kagami to his new life as a teacher.
Title: Kyokai no Rinne
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 5:30pm (JST) on NHK E-Tele
Studio:Brain's Base
Genre:Comedy, Supernatural, Action
Website: target="_blank">http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/rinne/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Creator: Rumiko Takahashi (Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½ , Maison Ikkoku)
  • Director: Seiki Sugawara (D- Frag!)
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! , Girlfriend BETA)

High school student Sakura Mamiya began to see ghosts and ghouls after she was tricked into taking a trip to the otherworld as a child. However, cool and collected, she is not extremely phased when she finds out that her always-absent classmate Rinne Rokudō is actually working as a shinigami (god of death) on the side, helping lost spirits reach the wheel of reincarnation. Although he is a talented young man with shinigami blood in his veins, he is extremely poor, and is forced to rely on Sakura's assistance- monetary or otherwise- to solve many of his cases.
Title:Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Season 2
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 12:00am (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio: ufotable
Genre:Drama, Action, Supernatural
Website: http://www.fatestaynightusa.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi (CANAAAN, Lunar Legend Tsukihime)
  • Director: Takahiro Miura (The Garden of Sinners Movie (eps.6) Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works )
  • Second Season Ending Theme Song Performance by Kalafina (Aldnoah. Zero, Black butler)

The popular series returns as Shiro Emiya continues his battle for the Holy Grail.
Title:Blood Blockade Battlefront
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 2:00am (JST) on MBS
Genre:Action, Sci fi
Website: http://kekkaisensen.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Creator: Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun, Gungrave)
  • Director: Rie Matsumoto (Kyousogiga )

One day, New York City as we know it vanished overnight into a mysterious fog. Now known as Hellusalem Road, it has become a place where another world beyond imagining is connected to our reality. The balance within this new world is protected by a secret society known as Libra. Leo, a journalist and photographer who arrives in the city, is unexpectedly recruited to join their ranks.
Title:Jewelpet: Magic Change
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 9:30am (JST) on TV Tokyo
Studio:Studio DEEN
Genre:Comedy, Action, Magic
Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/jewelpet7/index2.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Nobuhiro Kondo (Nobunagun, Sgt. Frog (Eps. 104-358))
  • Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani (Free! Eternal Summer, The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

With the chaos caused by Jewel Land fallen into human world, Jewelpets Ruby, Larimar, Luna, and Labra have transformed into cute human girls.
Title: Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 11:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:A-1 Pictures
Genre:Sci-fi, Action, Drama
Website: http://www.guns-project.jp/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Shinpei Ezaki (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas (OVA) )
  • Series Composition: Norimitsu Kaiho (Gakko Gurashi!)
  • Music: Tetsuya Kobayashi (Persona 4 The Golden Animation)

A.D. 2115—the island nation once called Japan is now known as the “17th Far East Imperial City Management District.” The citizens were promised a life of peace in exchange for some of the comfort they were used to having. People believed their lives would never change and tomorrow will be the same as today. No one suspected the impending doom which their society was about to face. “Degradation”—a rare disease which led to the total disintegration of the human body to a mere pile of sand was slowly but surely spreading throughout the world. Tohru Kazasumi, an ordinary student becomes embroiled in a multi universal battle between his world and the parallel world of “Frontier S (Stratos).” This meant that Tohru must fight himself from an alternateworld. Their futures collide as their paths cross. Will both worlds ever find peace?
Title:Plastic Memories
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 1:30am (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:Doga Kobo
Genre:Sci-fi, Drama
Website: http://www.plastic-memories.jp/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (GJ Club )
  • Original character Design: okiura (Infinite Stratos)

In a future not too far away, androids that look exactly like humans begin to spread across the world. The android production company SA Corp. produced Giftia, a new kind of android that has the most amount of emotion and human-like qualities out of any other model ever seen. However, due to problems in technology, the androids have a service life, and once they pass that, it gets pretty bad. For this reason, SA Corp. creates a terminal service in order to retrieve Giftia that have gone past their service life. A new employee at the terminal service named Tsukasa Mizugaki forms a team with the Giftia Isla to retrieve the other androids.
Title:Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono: Spin-off Puru Purun Sharumu to Asobō
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 1:55am (JST) on Nico Nico
Studio:J.P ROOM
Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/tesapuru/index.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Kotaro Ishidate (Straight title Robot Anime, Minarai Diva )
  • Music: Junichi Inoue (gdgd Faries, Tesagure!Bukatsu- mono)

The third season of the Tesagure! Bukuatsu-mono series.
Title:Rainy Cocca
Starts:April 4, 2015 at 12:28am (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:EMT Squared
Genre:Comedy, Slice of life
Website: http://www.rainycocoa.jp/anime/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Tomomi Mochizuki (Kimagure Orange Road: The Movie, House of Five Leaves )
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Hiro Shimono as Shion Koga (The World Only God Know's Keima Katsuragi, Log Horizon's Sojiro), Ryo Horikawa as Koji Amami (Dragonball Z's Vegeta, Moblie Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories Kou Uraki)

Due to various circumstances, college freshman Aoi Tokura begins part-timing at the café "Rainy Color" run by Shion Koga and owned by Kōji Amami. Attending the café are the cool and handsome Keiichi Iwase and the confident Ryōta Sakurai. Aoi's life gets a lot more hectic, but fun.
Title: Duel Masters VS R
Starts:April 5, 2015 at 8:30am (JST) on TV Tokyo
Studio: Ascension
Genre:Action, Adventure
Website: http://www.shopro.co.jp/tv/duelmastersvsr/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Shinobu Sasaki (Duel Masters VS )
  • Series Composition: Yoichi Kato (Yo-kai Watch, Aikatsu)

Katta Kirifunda and friends return to duel a new threat. Are they ready to meet the challenge ?!?!
Title:Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture
Starts:April 5, 2015 at 11:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:Production IG
Genre:Sci Fi, Action, Adventure
Website: http://kokaku-a.jp/tv/index.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Original Creator: Masamune Shirow (Appleseed, Black Magic M-66, Dominion Tank Police )
  • Series Composition: Tow Ubukata (Psyco Pass2, Le Chevalier D'Eon)
  • Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase: (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Valverave the Liberator, Zegapain)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Maaya Sakamoto as Motoko Kusanagi (Monogatari's Shinobu Oshino, The Vision of Escaflowne's Hitomi Kanzaki)

The broadcast of the Ghost in the Shell Arise OVA series will recompile the original four episodes and add two new ones.
Title:Baby Steps Season 2
Starts: April 5, 2015 at 5:30pm (JST) on NHK E Tele
Website: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/babysteps/index.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Masahiko Murata (Corpse Princess, Gilgamesh)
  • Series Composition: Katsuhiko Chiba (Freedom (OVA), E's Otherwise)

The second season's story picks up at a Florida academy where rival players practice and clash in order to promote their rankings. For Eiichirō this is not only his first time being abroad but a first chance to face competitors from around the world.
Title: Show By Rock
Starts:April 5, 2015 at 10:00pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Genre: Musical, Comedy
Website: http://showbyrock-anime.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Takahiro Ikezoe (Ozma, Slap Up Party: Arad Senki )
  • Director: Takahiro Ikezoe (Ozma, Slap Up Party: Arad Senki )

Metropolis of music, MIDICITY. A kitty girl wearing gothic lolita clothing named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu (a pun off of the sound that rabbits make) the honor student rabbit girl, a net geek dog girl named Retoree (from "Retriever"), and an alien sheep (?) girl named Moa. Together, they form the band named "Plasmagica," and aim for the top of the world. However, the path there is long and tough, and keeping in high spirits is important. By battling against other strange bands, Plasmagica slowly grows toward a top-grade band. In the end, they'll be a band that becomes the driving force of MIDICITY's music industry... Maybe?

Title:Takamiya Nasuno Desu!
Starts:April 7, 2015 at 1:08am (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio: Millepensee
Website: http://te-kyu.com/nasuno/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Shin Itagaki (Black Cat, Devil May Cry )
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya (Pupa's Maria, Wanna Be the Strongest in the World's Misaki Toyoda), Ryota Ohsaka as Yota Oshimoto (Your Lie in April's Ryota Watari, Ace of Diamond's Eijun Sawamura)

The popular comedy manga and anime series Teekyu get's a spinoff series this season based on the character Nasuno Takamiya.
Title:Teekyu Season 4
Starts: April 7, 2015 at 1:05am (JST) on Tokyo MX
Website: http://te-kyu.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Shin Itagaki (Ben-To, Takamiya Nasuno Desu!)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Kana Hanazawa as Marimo Bando (Angel Beat's Tenshi/Kanade Tachibana, Akame ga Kill's Seiryu Ubiquitous), Suzuku Mimori as Kanae Shinjo (Love Live! School Idol Project's Umi Sonoda, Outbreak Company's Myucel Foaran)

Your favorite tennis club members are back for another season of comedic hijinks and hopefully some tennis.
Title:Mysterious Joker Second Season
Starts:April 6, 2015 at 7:00pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:Shin-Ei Animation
Genre:Action, Comedy, Mystery
Website: http://s.mxtv.jp/joker/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Yukiyo Teramoto (Monster (episode Director), Doraemon Nobita no Ningyo Daikaisen (Movie))
  • Series Composition: Dai Sato (Eureka Seven, Dai-Shogun- Great Revolution)
  • Character Design: Miho Shimogasa (Gravitation, Ultra Maniac)

In the story, there is nothing in the world that the mysterious phantom thief Joker cannot steal. He goes after one treasure after another in unpredictable capers with seemingly miraculous tricks.
Title:Ace of Diamond: Second Season
Starts:April 6, 2015 at 6:00pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Website: http://diaace.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara (Blade, Chi's Sweet Home )
  • Series Composition: Takeshi Konuta (Library War, Blood Lad)

Pitcher Eijun Sawamura and catcher Kazuya Miyuki are back to lead their team to the storied Koshien championships.
Title: Nyuru Nyuru!! Kakusen-kun 2-ki
Starts:April 6, 2015 at 11:54pm (JST) on BS11
Studio:DLE Inc.
Website: http://www.kakusen-kun.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Aya Uchida as Hana- tan (Love Live! School Idol project's Kotori Minami, Yamato 2199's Warrant Officer Yuria Misaki), Rikako Yamaguchi as Yamaguchi (Unlimited fafnir's Miyako Shinomiya, Freezing Vibration's Charles Bonaparte)

The anime revolves around little creatures called "Kakusen" who live in the skin pores of humans. Child actor Yūto Itō will return as the title character Nyuruo, a newborn Kakusen who was born in the nose. Nyuruo is ignorant of the world around him, but he is honest. His hobby is stamp rallies and his dream is to become a government worker.
Title:Kiraware Yasai
Starts:April 7, 2015 at 11:10pm (JST) on Shizuoka Asahi Television
Studio: Gathering
Website: http://kiraware-yasai.com/anime/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Mankyu (PUCHIM@S, DD Hokuto no Ken)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Keiji Fujiwara as Nasu(Eggplant) (Hajime no Ippo's Tatsuya Kimura, Full Metal Alchemist's Maes Hughes), Rena Maeda as Tomato (Girlfriend BETA's Misuzu Toyama, Parasyte-The Maxim's Akiho Suzuki)

The manga and anime center on vegetables that children hate, everyone hesitates to eat, and are smelly. The series follows these vegetables as they visit a bar to share drinks together while they talk about their worries.
Title: Gintama ( 4th Season)
Starts:April 8, 2015 at 6:00pm (JST) on TV Tokyo
Studio:BN Pictures
Genre:Comedy, Action, Sci fi, Drama
Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/gintama/index2.html
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the return of vocal talents Daisuki Sakaguchi as Shinpachi Shimura (Clannad's Youhei Sunohara, Baccano's Jacuzzi Splot, Blood Blockade Battlefront's Leonardo Watch), Rie Kugimiya as Kagura (Fullmetal Alchemist's Alphonse Elric, Hayate the Combat Butler's Nagi Sanzenin, The Idolmaster's Iori Minase), Tomukazu Sugita as Gintoki Sakata (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Kyon, Nobunaga The Fool's Leonardo da Vinci, Macross Frontier's Leon Mishima)

Gintoki Sakata, Kagura, and Shinpachi Shimura make their triumpant return for the spring season!
Title:My Love Story!!
Starts:April 8, 2015 at 1:29am (JST) on NTV
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Website: http://www.anime-ore.jp/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Morio Asaka (Chihayafuru, NANA, Galaxy Angel)
  • Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi (Gakuen Heaven, Brothers Conflict, Moyashimon )
  • Character Design: Kunihiko Hamada (NANA, Chihayafuru)

Takeo Goda is a big guy with a heart of gold who can't catch a break. His best friend Sunakawa on the other hand is good looking and get's all the girls. Takeo has accepted his role as a friend zone type until that fateful day when he saves a young lady from being harassed on the train.
Title:Punch Line
Starts:April 9, 2015 at 12:55am (JST) on Fuji TV
Genre:Comedy, Action
Website: http://www.punchline.jp/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Yutaka Uemura (The Mystic Archives of Dantalian)
  • Music: Tetsuya Komuro (Street Fighter II: The Movie, Zoids: Fuzors )
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Marina Inoue as Yuta Iridatsu (Gurren Lagann's Yoko, Attack on Titan's Armin Arlet), Haruka Tomatsu as Rabura Chichibu (Coppelion's Ibara Naruse, Asura Cryin's Misao Minakami)

High schooler Yūta Iridatsu has experienced “astral projection” i.e. his spirit has been separated from his body. He woke up in a mansion named Koraikan and met a cat spirit named Chiranosuke, who told him “You must find the Sacred Tome of Koraikan in order to return to your physical body.” While searching through corridors of Koraikan, Yūta bumped into underpants of its female residents, and doing so would, eh, create some big trouble for planet Earth.
Title:Urawa no Usagi-chan
Starts:April 9, 2015 at 1:00am (JST) on TV Saitama
Genre:Comedy, Slice of life
Website: http://urawa-usagi.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Asami Seto as Usagi Takasago (Baby Step's Himeko Sasami, Selector Infected Wixoss's Iona Urazoe), Nao Tamura as Misono Mimuro (Aiura's Ayuko Uehaara, Log Horizon's Minori), Rumi Ookubo as Saiko Numakage (Death Parade's Nona, Survival Game Club's Urara Kasugano)

The happy-go-lucky daily campus lives of eight high school girls: Usagi, Tokiwa, Minami, Sakura, Midori, Kojika, Saiko, and Misono, in the Urawa-ku, Saitama Prefecture.
Title:Nisekoi (Second Season)
Starts:April 10, 2015 at 11:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Website: http://www.nisekoi.jp
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo (Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Hanamonogatari, Hidamari Sketch)
  • Character Design: Nobuhiro Sugiyama (Arakawa Under the Bridge, ef: a tale of memories)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Kouki Uchiyama as Raku Ichijo (Mobile Suit Gundam UC's Banagher Links, Haikyu's Kei Tsukishima), Nao Toyama as Chitoge Kirisaki (Star Driver's Tiger Sugatame, Arpeggio of Blue Steel's Shizuka Hozumi), Kana Hanazawa as Kosaki Onodera (Mobile Suit Gundam Age's Romary Stone, Zegapain's Ryoko Kaminagi)

As a child, Raku Ichijo made a secret promise with his childhood sweetheart, keeping a pendant as a memento while his love took the key. He dreams of one day meeting his past love, but years later, reality smashes his hopes when Chitoge Kirisaki accidentally knees him in the face. Though Raku's a normal high schooler, his family heads the notorious yakuza gang the Shuei-Gumi faction. And he's dragged into family affairs when he's forced into a relationship with Chitoge, the daughter of a rival gang's boss.
Title:Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine
Starts:April 10, 2015 at 2:10am (JST) on MBS
Studio:Polygon Pictures
Genre:Action, Sci fi
Website: http://starchild.fm/anime/knightsofsidonia/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Ryota Ohsaka as Nagate Tanikaze (Shonen Hollywood's Kakeru Kazami, Assassination Classroom's Yuma Isogai), Aki Toyosaki as Izana Shinatose (K-ON's Yui Hirasawa, Medaka Box's Medaka Kurokami), Atsuko Tanaka as Samari Ittan (Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex's Motoko Kusanagi, Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Work's Caster)

It's been a thousand years since the Gauna, a strange alien race with no known method of communication, destroyed the solar system. A portion of humanity managed to escape using enormous "seed ships" like the Sidonia, which have allowed them to maintain the population while drifting through space. Nagate Tanikaze is a young man who has been raised deep in the bowels of the ship. When he goes into training to pilot the huge robotic weapons known as Gardes, Nagate is entrusted with piloting the legendary unit known as Tsugumori. Nagate and his fellow pilots put their lives on the line against the Gauna, in the ultimate battle for the survival of humanity.
Title:Is the Order a Rabbit (Second Season)
Starts:April 10, 2015 at 10:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Studio:White Fox
Genre:Comedy, Slice of Life
Website: http://www.gochiusa.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Denki-Gai, Hetalia The Beautiful World)
  • Screenplay: Kazuho Hyodo (Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~( screenplay eps 2-6), Wanna Be the Strongest in the World (screenplay eps. 1-3) )
  • Music: Ruka Kawada (If Her Flag Break, Kinmoza! Kiniro + Mosaic)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Ayana Sakura as Cocoa Hoto (Dragonar Academy's Silvia Lautreamont, Girlfriend Beta's Kazuha Kumada), Inori Minase as Chino Kafu (Aldnoah. Zero's Eddelrittuo, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon's Hestia)

High school freshman Cocoa Hoto got lost and bumped into a coffee shop called "Rabbit House" while looking for a boarding house for the upcoming semester of her new school. Luckily, Rabbit House is the boarding house she's looking for, and to return the favor Cocoa starts working at the coffee shop alongside quiet and cool Chino, strong and athletic Rize, plus Chiya and Syaro from Japanese-styled coffee shop Amausaan, as well as the shop mascot rabbit Tippy, who sometimes doesn't quite act like a rabbit....
Title:Sushi and Beyond
Starts:April 5, 2015 at 9:10pm (JST) on NHK World
Genre:Slice of life, Comedy
Website: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/sushi/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Rareko (Gakkatsu, Chi-Sui Maru)
  • Featuring the vocal talents of Eiji Takemoto as Michael (Akame ga Kill's Bols, Sengoku Musou's Ishida Mitsunari), Ryou Hirohashi as Ansger (Gundam Build Fighters Try's Gyanko Sazaki, Working's Aoi Yamada)

Inspired by a book of Japanese cuisine, British travel and dining journalist Michael Booth took his family -- his wife Lissen, their boys Ansger and Emil -- to Japan for 100 days, in order to enjoy as many types of Japanese foods as possible.
Title:Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
Starts:April 12, 2015 at 11:30pm (JST) on Tokyo MX
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Website: http://www.yamajo-anime.com/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Tomoki Takuno ( Love Live! School Idol project Episode Director (Eps. 3,9), The Girl Who Leapt Through Space Episode Director (Eps. 5,13) )
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote (Genshiken, Air Master)
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama (Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Nobunaga the Fool)

One day, high school boy Yamada bumps into the beautiful female honor student Shiraishi on the stairs (literally), and their lips touch as they fall. When they regain their wits, they realize that they have swapped bodies. As time progresses, the two realize that this is not the only mysterious happening in the school.
Title:Future Card Buddyfight 100
Starts:April 11, 2015 at 8:00am (JST) on TV Aichi
Studio:Oriental Light and Magic
Genre:Action, Sci fi
Website: http://www.tv-aichi.co.jp/fc-buddyfight100/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Based on the popular CCG by Bushiroad ( Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz)
  • Director: Shigetaka Ikeda ( Future Card Buddyfight)
  • Series Composition: Masanao Akahoshi (A Certain Magical Index, Sadamitsu the Destroyer)
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama (Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Nobunaga the Fool)

Gaō Mikado is a sixth-year student at the "Aibo Academy" elementary division who longs to be a Buddyfighter and to be partnered with a Monster. One day Gaō notices a young boy being bullied by delinquents, and he helps him out using his Aiki-jujutsu skills. Drum Bunker Dragon, a Monster and the son of the hero of Dragon World, watches Gaō's actions, and decides to form a pact with him as his buddy.
Title:Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
Starts:April 11, 2015 Bandai Channel (Japanese Stream Only), Anime Comsortium Japan/Daisuki, Crunchyroll (Worldwide Streaming)
Studio:Toei Animation/Bridge
Genre:Action, Adventure
Website: http://saintseiya-gold.com/en/
Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Takeshi Furuta (The Comic Artist and His Assistants)
  • Character Design: Hideyuki Motohashi (B'tX, Fushigi Yugi)

During the battle with Hades, in the underworld, the twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives, destroying the Wailing Wall to open Seiya's breach! However, Aiolia and the other Gold Saints, who should have been annihilated, are resurrected in a beautiful world, overflowing with light! Just why have these men, who should have been destroyed, been reborn? Aiolia becomes embroiled in a battle with this large mystery remaining. When he raises his Cosmo to the limit... Leo's Cloth transforms! In 2015, the Golden Cosmo is finally reborn!
Starts:April 29, 2015 at 10:00am (JST) On NHK E-Tele
Studio:Production I.G/Oriental Light and Magic
Genre:Sci fi
Website: http://www.nhk.or.jp/seimei/pikaia.html Notable Cast/Staff:
  • Director: Daiki Tomiyasu (Pocket Monsters: The Origin (OLM;Eps. 4))
  • Series Composition: Jun'ichi Fujisaku (Appleseed XIII, Moshidora)

The story begins in the future when Earth itself is no longer inhabitable by living creatures. Humans began their interstellar migration with space colonies. Vince and Hana work as researchers in the Cambrian Project. Together with the creature Pikaia, they seek the Lost Code, the key to restoring Earth, and aim to return to Cambrian-era Earth.

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