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Anime Spotlight - The Heroic Legend of Arslan

by Anthony Foronda,

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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Broadcast Begins April 5, 2015 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Noriyuki Abe
(Bleach, Flame of Recca)
Series Composition: Makoto Uezu
(Arpeggio of Blue Steel, D-Frag!))
Music: Taro Iwashiro
(Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Blade and Soul )


With the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, the center of a land route that connects east to west, as its capital, Pars is a strong nation where manpower, supplies, and abundant cultures gather from all parts of the land. Arslan, a boy born as the heir prince to this nation, was supposed to inherit the nation while still having a fortunate life. Until that day when the cavalry squad, the pride and joy of Pars, was laid to rest in the fields where dust clouds danced in the air……

After the fertile lands of Pars, the nation of heathens called Lusitania started their invasion. Facing actual battle for the very first time, the “timid” prince Arslan cannot help but show worry. As if his worries came true, a disquieting air starts to swirl around the battlefield. The Pars army feels a threat like none other after falling for the enemy's tactics, and Arslan's father, King Andragoras III is made a fool by the chaos in the battlefront……

Along with the knight Daryun, nicknamed the “Mardān of Mardāns (the warrior of warriors)” that has rushed over, Arslan faces one enemy after another as well as the harsh destiny that awaits. While the storm called destiny blows through, he takes his first step as the Prince along with compatriots that he can trust!

Taking place in the content where trickery makes its rounds, blood boils, and muscles dance in combat, “The Heroic Legend of Arslan” is a dramatic portrayal of the coming-of-age of a boy.. . Written by Yoshiki Tanaka, author known for titles such as “Legend of Galactic Heroes”, “Soryuden”, and “Tytania”, 14 novels have been published so far since the first volume in 1986. The series is a smash hit for historical fantasy novels, with the series total selling over 6 million copies. The comic version tag-teamed with Hiromu Arakawa, the artist behind “Fullmetal Alchemist”, and started its serialization in 2013; this has also sold over 2 million total copies of volume 1-3. The epic tale that continues to win over people's hearts gets a new life with the new animation series!


Arslan - The "ordinary" prince
VA:Yusuke Kobayashi

The only son of Andragoras III who rules over the powerful kingdom of Pars. Contrary to his valiant father, his frame is frail and his heart is kind. In a way, he is still not too reliable as a ruler… Along with his faithful henchman, the swordsman Daryun, he seeks to regain control of the kingdom, and as time passes, he starts to show a more stalwart look.

Daryun - Warrior of all warriors
VA:Yoshimasa Hosoya

One of the Marzbāns (Chief of Ten Thousand) of the cavalry squad, the pride and joy of Pars. Top-notch swordsman. Never leaves Arslan's side, and acts next to the prince. A steady person that can take the occasional plunge when the time is right; in that aspect he is a very witty individual.

Narsus - Grand strategist and hermit
VA:Daisuke Namikawa

Previous landlord of the Daylam sector of the Kingdom of Pars. Appointed as the Palace Secretary by Andragoras III, but buys the king's ill will afterwards and now leads a secluded life on Mount Bashul. He had been living a life similar to a hermit, but lends a hand to Arslan after Arslan makes an offer he could not help but accept. A good mentor to Arslan as he worries about how a king should be acting.

Elam - Boy apprentice to Narsus
VA:Natsuki Hanae

Originally a child of a slave that Narsus had freed. After becoming a Retak (a squire) for Narsus following his parents' dying wish, he handles all of Narsus's everyday affairs. Accompanied Narsus when he descended from the mountain at Arslan's request. He is also a pretty adept archer.

Gieve - The vagrant troubadour

A wanderer who sings beautiful poetry with a musical instrument in hand, and his beautiful red hair flowing in the wind. Much the lady-killer who makes many women around him swoon. On the other hand, he is adept at using weapons as well, so he's not an ordinary bard. Contrary to his aloof looks, he is a schemer that calculates everything in the background.

Farangis - Priestess and emissary to the spirits
VA:Maaya Sakamoto

Serves in the Temple of Mithra that the king created at the time of Arslan's birth. Sent from the shrine to protect Arslan after word of the battle of Atropatene. She is so beautiful that even the seasoned romantic Gieve falls in love at first sight. Not only is she an amazing archer, she freely controls elementals using the power of the crystal whistle.

Azrael - The prince's quiet partner

One of Marzbān Kishward's hawks that carries the name “Angel of Death Sentence”. Along with its brother Soroush, the “Angel of Life Sentence”, a faithful minion that looks over Arslan in place of its master.

Shabrang - The Black Shadow

The faithful steed for Daryun the black knight, also known as “The Black Shadow”. Much like its master's armor, this fine steed's coat is black. A minion that supports Daryun in the battlefield. Sometimes allows Arslan to ride on its back.

Andragoras III - Undefeated king

The 18th king. Face always stern and body always well trained, his physical appearance itself tells the story of Pars as a strong nation. Also known for his many distinguished combats as a valiant knight, and leads the battle of Atropatene himself. The previous king Osroes VII was his older brother by blood, but how he came to power has a few grim rumors around it.

Tahamenay - Bewitching queen

A beautiful woman rumored to “give misfortune to any man who ever comes across her”. Originally the queen of the principality of Badakhshan, a country at war with Pars, but weds Andragoras III as a result of the merger between the two nations. Birth mother of Arslan, but always acts coldly towards him for some reason.

Vahriz - Old general that shows devotion

The Erān (Great general) that serves as the right-hand man for Andragoras III and swordsmanship instructor for Arslan. His swordsmanship is top notch as the man who manages the Pars army. Has been taking care of Arslan since his early childhood, and worries about his future due to his timid nature.

Kishward - A serious and honest Marzbān

A Marzbān of Pars nicknamed “Twin-Blade General” from how he swings two swords at once. Has gotten to know Arslan well for a while thanks to his two hawks Soroush and Azrael.

Kharlan - Living for his own beliefs

One of the Marzbāns that is most trusted by Andragoras III. Well-known for being ingenious, he was the battlefront scout as the front squad in the battle of Atropatene. There seems to be some distress for some reason in the glances he gives his king…

Innocentis the Seventh - The ignorant king

The king of Lusitania, the kingdom that has the Yaldabaoth faith as their official religion. A very fat man, perhaps due to his love of sugar water instead of alcohol. A passionate faithful of the Yaldabaoth faith, and they say he has killed 3 million nonbelievers to date. Does not care at all for politics, and leaves all that to his younger brother Guiscard.

Guiscard - The skilled younger brother of the king

The younger brother of Innocentis the Seventh. A world-wise man who deals with all of the internal affairs of Lusitania in place of his incompetent elder brother. One of those that can claim merit for guiding the battle in Pars to victory by coming up with the plans. He looks like his senseless brother is tossing him around, but also has a wily side that vigilantly seeks the king's throne.

Bodin - The archbishop that agitates the battlefront

The archbishop that has a glaring stare. Faithful of the Yaldabaoth faith that is the national faith of Lusitania which touts “ridding this world of all nonbelievers” as its goal, he happily commits cruel acts such as burning valuable books and slaughtering women or children.

Lord Silver Mask

A man who wears a silver mask. Accompanies the Lusitania army, and guides Lusitania to victory in the Battle of Atropatene. However, his own agenda seems to be elsewhere from the imperial executives of Lusitania.


Yusuke Kobayashi
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Daisuke Namikawa
Natsuki Hanae
Maaya Sakamoto


Original Comic
Hiromu Arakawa (serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”, Kodansha)
Original Novel
Yoshiki Tanaka (published by Kobunsha Kappa Novels)
Noriyuki Abe
Series Structure
Makoto Uezu
Chief Character Design
Shingo Ogiso
Character Design
Ushio Tazawa
Kazuo Watanabe
Action Director
Satoshi Kimura
Concept Design
Daisuke Niitsuma
Art Director
Tadashi Kudo
Background Art
Studio Pinewood
Color Key
Aiko Shinohara
CGI Director
Daisuke Suzuki
Modeling Director
Hiroshi Adachi
Director of Photography
Yukihiro Masumoto
Mai Hasegawa
Sound Effect Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Yasumasa Koyama
Sound Production
Taro Iwashiro
Animation Production
Produced by
“Legend of Arslan” Production Committee

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