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PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:18 pm Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:27 am Reply with quote
Yuri Takase (person#29826) appears to be a misreading of Akimitsu Takase (person#1660).
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:50 pm Reply with quote
I. Alex Bergen (person#126262) (real name) and Alex Day (person#11771) (alias)
Alex has noted this in multiple places, such as on his Twitter banner where he includes Karl Yamaji [Day] with Tetsuya Kurodake and Misuru Hachuka [Bergen]. He also dropped in on his Behind the Voice Actors profile to openly admit that he is Alex Day.

II. Kevin Kliesch (person#7946) (correct spelling) and Kevin Kleisch (person#12265) (misspelling)
Kliesch is correct, as per his official website, which notes his involvement in Pokemon: The First Movie (under “Orchestration”). The ending credits (0:31) for Mewtwo Returns that are made in reference for the reuse of his previous work on the aforementioned movie merely misspelled his last name.

III. Matthew Drdek (person#117641) (correct spelling) and Matthew Drdel (person#30461) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (0:02, 0:33, 1:04). A transcript of Pyramid of Light’s credits also indicates the ‘Drdek’ spelling.

IV. Dani Zimmer (person#159083) (correct spelling) and Dan Zimmer (person#30462) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (1:04).

V. Chris Guido (person#12008) (correct spelling) and Chris Guldo (person#30466) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (0:04, 0:34, 1:06, 7:20) as well as those (0:23) of Magical DoReMi.

VI. Megan Bezdek (person#128055) (correct spelling) and Megan Bezdel (person#30467) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (0:05, 0:35, 1:07, 7:20).

VII. Abel Bautista (person#17014) (correct spelling), Abel Baulista (person#30471) (incorrect spelling) and Abelk Bautista (person#48988) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (0:13, 0:41, 1:14, 7:26) and his LinkedIn

VIII. Catherine Paterra (person#161944) (full name), Cathy Paterra (person#153785) (main handle/variant) and Catherine Pallera (person#30465) (incorrect spelling)
As seen in One Piece’s ending credits (0:04, 0:34, 1:05, 7:18).
Cathy’s LinkedIn, meanwhile, indicates her being a supervising producer for 4Kids from 2003 to 2009. Catherine’s credit for One Piece fits these parameters, as she moved on to Dinosaur King when the former wrapped up.

IX. David J. Etzold (person#38956) (main name), David Etzold (person#12039) (variant) and Dave Etzold (person#128271) (variant)
A New York Times article about David Etzold includes his full name of David John Etzold. Similarly, Season 6 of 4Kids’ Ninja Turtles series (aka Fast Forward) saw Etzold’s Assistant Editor change from “David Etzold” to “David J. Etzold” and then back to “David Etzold” again for Back to the Sewers.
As for Dave, it's the variant used for the Yu-Gi-Oh! movies, including Pyramid of Light (previously entered under David).

X. Kerry Williams (person#12000) (correct spelling) and Kerri Williams (person#7491) (variant)
An alternate spelling, as seen in One Piece: Grand Battle’s ending credits (18:07), where she reprises Nami.

XI. Anthony Salerno (person#4295) (main name) and Tony Solerno (person#55172) (misspelling)
A misspelling of his last name, a similar instance being Bonds Beyond Time’s ending credits (2:12), where he was erroneously listed directly after Rebecca Soler in cast credits written in alphabetical order… and had his name written as Anthony Solerno as a result.

XII. Rebecca Soler (person#42099) (correct spelling), Rebbeca Soler (person#65469) (misspelling) and Rebbeca Solar (person#65470) (misspelling)
Fairly straightforward misspellings, especially given that the 2 were entered right after another.

XIII. Karen Neill (person#38529) (correct spelling) and Karen Nell (person#47274) (misspelling)
While Nell was indeed used for Ah! My Goddeess (the show credits and CrystalAcids both use this), the name was corrected by Flights of Fancy, as seen here. (22:44)

XIV. Emily Bauer (person#33136) (real name) and Emily Blau (person#50639) (alias)
At her Q&A panel at Magic City Comic Con 2016, a fan addresses Bauer’s role of Megumi Morisato from Ah! My Goddess, which she reciprocates. (4:08-4:19)

XV. Alon Namdar (person#12043) (correct name), Alon Mandar (person#39599) (misspelling) and Alex Namdar (person#127806) (misspelling)
“Mandar” is a misspelling of Namdar originating from his role in Destiny Deoxys (as the misspelled Manny [Corralo] Corallo I tackled in my last post was #39601), and “Alex” is a misspelling of Alon from Eevee and Friends, as seen here. (2:33)

XVI. Maya Nakamura (person#27718) (correct spelling) and Maya Namamura (person#127790) (misspelling)
Misspelling of her last name, as seen here. (0:21)

XVII. Kristina Naudus (person#57216) (correct spelling) and Kristina Naudas (person#128069) (misspelling)
Misspelling of her last name, as seen in ending credits. (0:35)

XVIII. Freddy Sheinfeld (person#27240) (main spelling) and Freddie Sheinfeld (person#48993) (variant)
“Freddy” is correct, as per his official website (under “Credits”, which includes reference to his working on GX specifically).

XIX. Matt Veligdan (person#73569) (main name/handle) and Matthew Veligdan (person#153897) (full name)
While this music editor does not note GX itself on his official website, his 5D’s credit on ANN [from Liz Lysinger?] (also for music editing) at least bridges a gap between two subsequent seasons with the same exact role. He is not unlike Matt Mitler, his full first name being used once in his very first outing by chance and then his mainly addressed name (albeit shorter) thereon.

XX. David Zen Mansley (person#64572) (main name) and Zen Mansley (person#60170) (variant)
Zen is David’s nickname. This is evident from his credit for Speed Racer: The Next Generation, which puts it in quotes, as viewable from clicking the check mark here.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:14 pm Reply with quote
Please merge:

Correct Name: Takeshi Shirato (5559)
Incorrect name: Takeshi Shirado (9698)

correct kanji: 白土 武
(although there are occasional works where he writes it in hiragana)白土武

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:22 pm Reply with quote
Yuuan_ wrote:
person#145146: Yasue IGAWA (井川 典恵)
person#137367: Norie IGAWA (井川 典恵)

The good name is Norie Igawa.
Sometimes spelled 井川典江 (in Matoi the Sacred Slayer)

To confirm, Newtype translated her name "Norie Igawa" on this illustration:
Newtype illustration
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:36 am Reply with quote
Rico SASAKI (146961) and Rico (singer) (131282) appear to be the same person.

I wasn't certain at first, despite sharing the same birthdate, as they have different discographies, however both official websites (Rico / IMPERIAL RECORDS and point to the same personal blog.
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