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The Set List - Top 10 OPs of 2015

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Note: this is the discussion thread for this article

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Random 21

Joined: 03 Jul 2014
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Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:16 am Reply with quote
Yay! More Set List! I'll be sure to watch it and post my top 10 later when I get to settle down.

I have to say though, I can't help but feel it's not really fair to disqualify OPs from shows that aired in 2014. Like, for my list the Seven Deadly Sins' second OP would rank really highly, but by that rule it wouldn't count. Plus, it's not like it would have counted on last year's either, since the OP itself is from 2015 :/ In fact now that I think about it, my #1 OP of last year, the second OP of SamFlam, is from a show that aired in 2013. That would also go for 2013, where my favorite OP was Psycho-Pass' second OP. Damn, why do carry-overs have such good OPs?

But yeah, just wanted to get that out there. But other than that, can't wait to watch! I've been really excited for it
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Joined: 03 Sep 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:25 am Reply with quote
Brave shine is only number 9 THANK YOU

It was actually really hard for me to chose my top 10 this year just because there were actually 11 stand out numbers to me.

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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
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Location: IL
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:58 am Reply with quote
Wow. JO must really not care for Man With a Mission. That obvious snub aside, one of my favorite anisongs of the year came from a show that practically nobody watched, Mikagura School Suite. The final episode used the song ""Houkago Stride" sung by the main character's voice actress which was previously used as the ending song of the first episode. The song is just a perfect representation of the main character's exuberance and enthusiasm and is a complete ear worm. I doubt I listened to an anisong more this year than I did this version of "Houkago Stride". Juri Kimura just absolutely nails everything about the song, and while I can see why the original song was a big sensation on Niconico when it first came out, I greatly prefer this version to it. Link to the original video but synched using the anisong instead.

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Lion Magnus

Joined: 19 Jul 2008
Posts: 59
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:58 am Reply with quote
Some nice ops

For me I think my best is Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai, Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba from Arslan Senki.
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Joined: 25 Dec 2015
Posts: 1
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:18 am Reply with quote
Kept holding my breath until the end hoping that Flyers would be on the list and it was #1. Great list and good job overall. Merry Christmas JO, ANN and everyone!
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Joined: 21 Sep 2011
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Location: Adelaide, South Australia
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:20 am Reply with quote
OK, out of Hope's list, I've only seen live so far:

JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~ / JO☆STARS (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OP),

and out of the other artists on Hope's list, I've only seen JAM Project live.

It was interesting seeing how many times anime from Madhouse appeared in Hope's list, and I'm not sure how OP and ED songs/artists are picked for Madhouse anime.

As on previous occasions, for voting it's difficult to associate the anime titles with actual OP songs from 2015 - song titles and artists help. If I had limitless energy I'd put such a list together myself.

(Starting the list, criteria is anime episodes with OP songs that first aired in 2015, Very Happy indicates that I've seen the song performed live)

    Absolute Duo - Abolute Soul - Konomi Suzuki featuring OxT Very Happy
    Ace of Diamond: Second Season (episode 1 OP is from previous season)
    - Perfect Hero - [email protected] featuring Masayoshi Ōishi (ep 2)
    - Hashire! Mirai - GLAY (ep. 3)
    - HEROES - GLAY (eps 4-26)
    - Sora ga Aozora de Aru Tame ni - GLAY (eps 27-current)
    Ani Tore! EX - (no OP)
    Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon - Embrace Blade - Afilia Saga
    Aoharu x Machinegun - The Bravest Destiny - Toys ☆ pounding
    Aquarion Logos
    - Yamaidare darlin ' - May'n (ep 1-16)
    - Yoake no Logos - May'n (ep 17-26)
    Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA - Bull's Eye - Nano
    Assassination Classroom
    - Seishun Satsubatsu-ron - 3-E Utatan Very Happy
    - Jiriki Hongan Revolution - 3-E Utatan
    The Asterisk War - Brand-new World - Shiena Nishizawa
    Attack on Titan: Junior High - Youth Like Fireworks - Linked Horizon
    Baby Steps - Believe in Yourself - Mao Abe
    Bikini Warriors - (no OP)
    Blood Blockade Battlefront - Hello, World! - Bump of Chicken
    Brave Beats - Pop That!! - Lol
    Cardfight!! Vanguard G
    - Break It - Mamoru Miyano Very Happy
    - Generation! - JAM Project
    Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crisis - YAIBA - BREAKERZ
    Castle Town Dandelion - Ring Ring Rainbow!! - YuiKaori Very Happy
    Chaos Dragon - ISOtone - Natsumi Kon Very Happy
    Charlotte - Bravely You - Lia
    Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Identity - Mikio Sakai
    Classroom Crisis - Cobalt - TrySail Very Happy
    Comet Lucifer - Comet Lucifer (The Seed and the Sower) - fhána
    Concrete Revolutio - Katararezu Tomo - ZAQ
    Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Zettai Muteki☆Fallin'LOVE☆ - Earth Defence Club
    Dance with Devils - Kakusei no Air - Wataru Hatano
    - Early Morning - Satomi Akesaka
    - Let a good day - Mikako Komatsu
    - Gently Mischief - Sora Tokui
    - Princess Durandal - Sayaka Horino
    DD Fist of the North Star 2 - Century School Wars - ARSMAGNA
    Death Parade - Flyers - Bradio
    Diabolik Lovers Phase II - Kindan no 666 - Ryōhei Kimura & Daisuke Kishio
    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan - Fure Fure Mirai - Hokkō Bungei-bu Onagokai
    Dog Days double dash - No Limit - Nana Mizuki
    Dragon Ball Super - Chōzetsu☆Dynamic! - Kazuya Yoshii
    Duel Masters VSR - Luv it !! - SuG
    - Headhunt - Okamoto's
    - Day You Laugh - Toshiyuki Toyonaga
    - Steppin' Out - FLOW
    Etotama - retry ☆ Rendezvous - Rie Murakawa
    Fafnir Exodus
    - Igujisuto / Exist - Angela Very Happy
    - DEAD OR ALIVE - Angela
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei Herz! - Wonder Stella - fhána Very Happy
    Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma
    - Kibō no Uta - Ultra Tower
    - Rising Rainbow - Misokkasu
    The Fruit of Grisaia - Shūmatsu no Fractal - Faylan
    Future Card Buddyfight Hundred - Buddy Buddy BAAAAAN !! - Marie Mizuno & Shuuta Morishima (song used from late 2014)
    Gangsta. - Renegade - STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION
    Garo: The Animation - Honō no Kokuin (second cour) - B.B. - JAM Project
    Garo: The Animation - Guren no Tsuki Guren no Tsuki ~Kakusareshi Yami Monogatari~ - JAM Project
    Gatchaman Crowds (second season) - insight - White Ash
    Gate - Gate (Sore wa Akatsuki no Yō ni) - Kishida Kyōdan & the Akeboshi Rockets
    Ghost in the Shell: Arise Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Salyu / Cornelius
    - Pride Kakumei - CHiCO with HoneyWorks
    - Beautiful Days" by OKAMOTO's
    Go! Princess PreCure - Miracle Go! Princess PreCure - Karin Isobe
    God Eater - Feed A - Oldcodex
    Gourmet Girl Graffiti - Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Hōhō - Maaya Sakamoto
    Gunslinger Stratos - vanilla sky - Mashiro Ayano
    Hacka Doll the Animation - Touch Tap Baby - Miyu Takagi, Kaya Okuno, and Nanami Yamashita
    Haikyū!! 2 - I'm a Believer - SPYAIR
    Heavy Object
    - One More Chance!! - ALL OFF
    - Never Gave Up - ALL OFF
    Heroic Legend of Arslan / Arslan Senki - Uzu to Uzu - NICO Touches the Walls
    High School DxD (third season) - Bless Your Name - ChouCho Very Happy
    Himouto! Umaru-chan - Kakushin-teki Metamarufōze! - Aimi Tanaka
    Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji - 世紀末スクールウォーズ - Ars Magna
    I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying - ゆるがぬふたり〜愛の讃歌〜 - Yukari Tamura & Kenichi Suzumura
    The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
    - Star!! - Cinderella Project Very Happy
    - Shine!! - Cinderella Project Very Happy
    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Hey World - Yuka Iguchi Very Happy
    Is the Order a Rabbit?? - No Poi! - Petit Rabbit's
    Isuca - Never say Never - Afilia Saga
    Jewelpet: Magical Change - Magical Change - Magical☆Dreamin
    Jitsu wa Watashi wa - Himitsu o Chōdai - Ars Magna
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust CRUSADERS - JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~ - JO☆STARS Very Happy
    Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance (third season) - Innocent Graffiti - Fo'xTails
    K:Return of Kings - asymmetry - Yui Horie
    Kagewani - Arrival of Fear - M.S.S Project
    Kamisama Kiss (second season) - Kamisama no Kamisama - Hanae
    Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama - Korokoro Cocotama! - Erika
    Kantai Collection - Miiro - Akino Very Happy
    Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic - Yumeiro Parade - Rhodanthe* Very Happy
    Kindaichi Case Files R (second season) - Yonjūshi - NEWS
    Knights of Sidonia (second season) - Kishi Kōshinkyoku - Angela Very Happy
    Komori-san Can't Decline - Toaru Itsumo o - Yuuhei Satellite
    Kuroko's Basketball (third season)
    - Punky Funky Love - Granrodeo Very Happy
    - ZERO - Kensho Ono Very Happy
    - Memories - Granrodeo Very Happy
    Lance N' Masques - Light for Knight - Mimori Suzuko
    Lovely Muco - SUKI!SUKI!SUKI! - Hitomi Yoshida
    Lupin the Third Part IV - THEME FROM LUPIN III 2015 - You & Explosion Band
    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid - Angel Blossom - Nana Mizuki
    Magical Somera-chan - prism MAX ~ Heisei Ishin full HD Remastered - Sayaka Nakaya & Kaeda Honda & Rika Momokawa & Maria Naganawa
    Makura no Danshi - Makura danshi - Natsuki Hanae
    Maria the Virgin Witch - Philosophy of Dear World - ZAQ Very Happy
    Mikagura School Suite - Hōkago Kakumei - Hōkago Rakuen-bu
    Million Doll
    - Dreamin'×Dreamin'!! - Itorio
    - Cell Prominence - Mariko
    Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen (second season) - (same OP as first season)
    - Militarism! M870ver - Nao Tōyama
    - Militarism! M700ver - Ayane Sakura
    - Militarism! micro cancer ver. - Inori Minase
    Miss Monochrome (second season) - Black or White? - Miss Monochrome
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Raise your flag - Man with a Mission
    - decent black - Kaori Mizuhashi
    - mathemagics - Marina Inoue
    - mein schatz - Ryuichi Takada
    Monster Musume - Saikōsoku Fall in Love - Sora Amamiya, Ari Ozawa, Natsuki Aikawa, Mayuka Namura, Haruka Yamazaki and Sakura Nakamura
    My Love Story!! - Miraikei Answer - Trustrick
    My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Harumodoki - Nagi Yanagi
    My Wife is the Student Council President - Koisuru☆Hiyoko - Rekka Katakiri
    Mysterious Joker (second season) - (same OP as first season)
    - Rally Go Round" - LiSA Very Happy
    - Magical ☆ styling - Kana Hanazawa
    Non Non Biyori Repeat - Kodama Kotodama - Nano Ripe
    Noragami - Kyōran Hey Kids!! - Oral Cigarettes
    One-Punch Man - The Hero!! ~Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukero~ - JAM Project
    Onna no Ko tte. - (no theme song?)
    Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan - Hakone princess - petit milady
    Osomatsu-san - Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoi Ko dake - AouP
    Overlord - Clattanoia - OxT
    Plastic Memories - Ring of Fortune - Eri Sasaki Very Happy
    - Make it! - i☆Ris Very Happy
    - Miracle☆Paradise - i☆Ris Very Happy
    - Realize! - i☆Ris Very Happy
    - Dream Parade - i☆Ris Very Happy
    - Bright Fantasy - i☆Ris
    Prison School - Ai no Prison - Prison Boys (Hiroshi Kamiya, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kenichi Suzumura, Daisuke Namikawa, Kazuyuki Okitsu)
    Punch Line - Punch Line!" by Shokotan ♥ Denpagumi
    Rainy Cocoa
    - Rainy Cocoa - Hiro Shimono (first season)
    - Rainy Cocoa - (other voice actors, second season)
    Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace - Speed to Masatsu - Amazarashi
    Re-Kan! - Colorful Story - every♥ing
    - Ōkaranman - Keytalk
    - Ura no Ura - Passepied
    Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
    - Cry for the Truth - MICHI
    - Black Swallowtail - UROBOROS
    The Rolling Girls - Hito ni yasashiku - The Rolling Girls
    Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend - Kimi Iro Signal - Luna Haruna Very Happy
    Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation - Dear Answer - True
    Samurai Warriors - Ikusa - Wagakki Band
    School-Live! - Friend Shitai - Gakuen Seikatsu-bu (Inori Minase, Ari Ozawa, M.A.O, and Rie Takahashi)
    Seiyu's Life! - Sore ga Seiyu! - Earphones (Rie Takahashi, Yuki Nagaku, and Marika Kōno)
    Seraph of the End - X.U. - SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie
    Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist - B chiku sentai SOX - SOX (Yusuke Kobayashi, Shizuka Ishigami , Makoto Furukawa, Taishi Murata, Kengo Kawanishi)
    Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner - Ichizureshipi - Idol College
    Shōnen Hollywood
    - Hello Sekai - Shōnen Hollywood
    - HOLLY TRIP - Shōnen Hollywood
    Show by Rock!! - Seishun wa Non-Stop! - Plasmagica (Eri Inagawa, Sumire Uesaka, Manami Numakura, and Ayane Sakura)
    A Simple Thinking About Blood Type
    (second series) - Blood type ☆ heartbeat - Earth Star Dream
    (third series) - HEARTBEAT JAM ♪ - A type-chan (Aoi Yūki), B type-chan (Yui Horie), O type-chan (Yu Kobayashi), AB type-chan (Nakahara Mai)
    Sky Wizards Academy - D.O.B - Iori Nomizu Very Happy
    Snow White with the Red Hair - Yasashii Kibou - Saori Hayami
    Sound! Euphonium - Dream Solister - True
    Star-Myu - Dreamer - Gero
    Subete ga F ni Naru - The Perfect Insider - Talking - Kana-Boon
    Suzakinishi the Animation - Smile☆Revolution - Suzaki nishi
    Symphogear GX - Exterminate - Nana Mizuki
    Tamagotchi! - Go-Go Tamagotchi! - Yuria Nara
    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (fourth season) - Milky A GO GO - Milky Holmes Very Happy
    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note - Nankai! Mystery - Diana Garnet
    (fourth season) - Fatto shite tōgenkyō - Mimori Suzuko
    (fifth season) - Qunka! - Kana Hanazawa
    (sixth season) - Tottemo safari - Earth Star Dream
    Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono (season 3) - Yappari Stand Up!!!!! - TesaPurun: Rin Arisugawa (Shiori Mikami), Kanon Izayoi (Rumi Ōkubo), Hina Usami (Mikako Komatsu), Enjoji Yui (Natsumi Takamori), Okonogi Tomomi (Sumire Uesaka) Very Happy
    The Testament of Sister New Devil
    (first season) - Blade of Hope - sweet ARMS
    (second season) - Over The Testament - Metamorphose featuring:
    - Yoko Ishida (1-3)
    - Kaori Oda (4-5)
    - Aki Misato (6-7)
    - Megumi Ogata (8-9)
    To Love-Ru - trouble - Darkness 2nd - Secret Arms - Ray Very Happy
    Tokyo Ghoul √A - Incompetence / Munō - österreich
    Q Transformers: Return of the Mystery of Convoy - physical -Oldcodex
    Q Transformer: Saranaru Ninkimono e no Michi - (ending theme only)
    Triage X - triage - Nagareda Project
    Ultimate Otaku Teacher
    (1-12) - Youthful Dreamer - TrySail Very Happy
    (13-24) - Vivid Brilliant door - Sphere Very Happy
    Unlimited Fafnir - Flying fafnir - trustrick Very Happy
    Urawa no Usagi-chan - (ending theme only)
    Ushio and Tora (television anime) - Mazeru na kiken - Kin'niku shōjo-tai
    Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions (third season)
    (1) - The dice are cast - QUARTET NIGHT
    (rest) - Shine - Mamoru Miyano Very Happy
    Utawarerumono: The False Faces - Fuanteina kamisama - Suara
    Valkyrie Drive - Overdrive - Hitomi Harada
    Vampire Holmes - Everlasting Love - Nami Tamaki
    VENUS PROJECT -CLIMAX- - Venus Drive!! 〜 Kimi wa moete iru ka 〜 - Jericho Hara (Sawako Hata) VS Karen Takano (Aimi Himesaki)
    Wakaba Girl - Hajimete Girls! - Ray
    Wakakozake - Shiawase no kaerimichi - Yuuka Ueno
    Wish Upon the Pleiades - Stella-rium - Kano
    Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life - Lucky Girl* - Yun*chi
    Working!!! - Coolish Walk - Asumi, Fujita and Kitamura
    World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman - Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini - Petit Milady
    Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Kuchizuke Diamond - WEAVER
    Yatterman Night - Kyokugen Dreamer - Screen Mode Very Happy
    Young Black Jack - I am Just Feeling Alive - UMI☆KUUN
    Yurikuma Arashi - Ano Mori de Matteru - Bonjour Suzuki
    YuruYuri San☆Hai! - Chocho Author YuruYuri ☆ Capriccio !!! - Nana Morinaka ☆ go raku-bu

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Dian Z

PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:05 am Reply with quote
Oooooh, I was about to be disappointed when the list reached 2nd (Jojo), and since the banner shows Sound Euphonium I thought it would be #1, which made me "huh, no Death Parade?"
I even doubt myself, wondering if it is a 2014 series and thus not included. But then after the Jojo's song ended, 'wohooo!' Very Happy

Ahem, the most memorable ones for me are probably Death Parade's and BBB's opening songs.
I enjoyed many of Bump of Chicken's songs, you've got to check them out.
Aimer is something indeed, really liked her ending song for Terror in Resonance.
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Joined: 16 Feb 2012
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:09 am Reply with quote
Wow, ok. Uh, yeah.

I watched the video, I watched which was something I'd swore I wouldn't do since JO's videos from around 2012. Sure, the click bait image was a Kyoto Animation show and there were disclaimers at the start that this would only be 2015 originals so there would be no season restarts like UBW... so yeah... fool me once again, shame on me once again...

My top ten openers, the ones that get hyped for what's coming next. Funny that I thought I'd have a hard time finding ten only to find out that it's hard to keep it just to ten. Also, while I loved all these openers, it doesn't mean I'm a fan of the show. I even forgot some of them entirely...

Gate.It comes it at the bottom of my list for being everything it needs to be, showcasing both the characters and their upcoming world displacement in under two minutes. Awesome, but still only worthy of being last for stopping at competent.
Shomin Sample. "Fuwa, fuwa.." Are they trying to remind me of something? I love the cutout design, the in series references and humor.
My Love Story. A shoujo show from the guy's perspective is still sung by a women, well played. Very appealing overall effect to start each new "chapter" in their story.
Actually I Am. I'm a fan of the pastel color palette and the character designs aren't as off putting as in the show.
Punchline. Really deserved a better show or maybe a more sensible one.
Food Wars. I love the closing song so much and what it did for the characters, I forgot how good the opener is at establishing food.
Monster Musume. After the "mon, mon" start, the opener takes off with a vengeance, making up for lost time. Bright, colorful and utterly hilarious every time.
Chivalry of a Failed Knight. What's black and white and red all over? Used to be a newspaper but it's now this opener. Does a stellar job of contrasting Stella and Ikki and what they have to do to connect in their world.
School Live. "Genki des!" Shout it loud from the rooftops. I love it, you could almost say "Daisuki!"
Rolling Girls. Really number one? I'm afraid so. I'll take punk rock over J-Rock every day of the week and twice on Sundays and holidays. The design, the animation, the song, the point, the meaning, what else can I say except "Go for it!"
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Random 21

Joined: 03 Jul 2014
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Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:13 am Reply with quote
Alright, seen it now, great picks! Obviously Death Parade was going to be on there in some form, but there were some good surprises in there too. As for my list:

#1 - Durarara x2 The Second Arc

Alright, this seems like a weird pick, since the majority of people I've seen actually DISLIKE this song, and here I am putting it at number 1. Well this song really stood out to me after first seeing it, both visually and musically. On the music side, I just love the song, it's very catchy and Toyonaga really does a good job singing it (It's hard to tell sometimes that it's Mikado's VA singing).

Visually is where it really impressed me. Sure it's the usual Durarara "introduce all the major players of the season" type stuff, but the way Mikado ominously hangs in the background of every scene was really clever in relation to, lets just say, the direction they took that character. The fact it's technically him singing helps too. This one's easily my most played song of the year.

#2 - Blood Blockade Battlefront

This song was what introduced me to Bump of Chicken too, and I'm really happy I did, it inspired me to look into more of their stuff and damn they're good. Hell, this song even won over my non-anime music elitist friend. Other than that, can't add anything to this Hope didn't already say.

#3 - The Perfect Insider

Alright, the song for this one is nice and all, but damn those visuals. The animation style for this really impressed me, and I even showed this to a lot of my non-anime friends to show off different styles of animation. Really cool.

#4 - Death Parade


#5 - Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

I'm a bit of a Man With A Mission fanboy. I can't help it! Their songs are just so cheesy and easy to sing along to, I can't help but love them.

#6 - Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Really loved the first GatchaCrowds OP, this is no different. Maybe not quite as good as the first one, but still damn good.

#7 - Gintama Season 4 OP 2

This is another one where I'm probably picking the least popular one but hey ho, I really love Chico with Honeyworks. Their song for Magic Kaito was one of my favorites (Oh damn, that's ANOTHER song from a show that aired in 2014), but I didn't love it quite as much as this one. Also the visuals had a lot of awesome references to the arcs that cour covered, which was nice too.

#8 - Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE

Sh-shut up. Yes, I know I'm trash.

#9 - Chaos Dragon

Literally the ONLY good thing about Chaos Dragon, besides the ED that is. And Ka Grava. You didn't deserve that show, Ka Grava. But yeah, there's not really anything special about this song, I just kinda like it. It's nice to listen to. Yeah, really selling it, I know.

#10 - Concrete Revolutio

Honestly, this is the first ZAQ song I actually like. I mean I don't particularly love it, but considering her ED to Rail Wars is, like the show itself, my go to for so-bad-its-good, it's certainly an improvement. But yeah, nice song, I guess. Visuals are pretty too. I guess.

I can't say it was the best year for OPs, honestly. EDs tho? Whooo boy, lotta good ones there. If I were allowed to include songs from shows that aired last year, Seven Deadly Sins' second OP would probably fit in at #3. What can I say, I'm a Man With A Mission fanboy.
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Joined: 03 Sep 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:16 am Reply with quote
My runner up for the year I think is classroom crisis
Congratulations on being way better then your show award goes to Kantei collection
good but has absolutely nothing to do with the show award goes to Death parade

Aria the scarlet ammo Double a- Hate the show and series but I love nano and she hits it out of the park with this one yet again.

Beautiful Bones Sakurakso-san I love the background and strong vocals

Blood blockade battlefront-...bump of chicken amazing animation....

Charlotte decent song very good visuals and animation

gangsta very well done great color design

Gatchman crowds insight- white ash and amazing visuals

Mobile suit- This needs to be used as an amv for a hentai

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend very great progression

Yamada kun amazing atmosphere and melody

Yatterman Night if this song does not make you pumped then you have no pulse despite the second half of this series totally going off the rails and becoming a dumpster fire

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Joined: 07 Oct 2011
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:24 am Reply with quote
I suppose my list is easy to pin down. There's only 4 that made it onto my playlist: Kantai Collection, Absolute Duo, Symphogear GX, and Noragami Aragoto.

I don't really have specific reasons why I like certain songs. I just enjoy listening to them and don't think too deeply on them. They are all high energy songs so there's that.
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Joined: 28 Mar 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:28 am Reply with quote
Lots of good ones this year but in the end I have to give it to Kancolle. Forget best of the year if I ever tried ranking my entire list it would have a very real shot of being #1. The Pleiades op sure did come close to catching up to it though. After that op I've labeled Kano as someone I should keep an eye out for in the future.

Also a special mention for the Rolling Girls op because its damn near impossible to get that out of your head. It might not be my favorite but id bet money its the song I've looped the most over the past year.
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Angel M Cazares

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:58 am Reply with quote
I think this is a solid list, but I was shocked not to see the OP for the Perfect Insider in the top 10. My favorite OP is the one for Charlotte.

Thanks for doing this column Hope.
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Strictly as a personal request: May I trouble everyone to please include links for the songs that that they refer to? I'd appreciate that very much; thank you.
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I honestly mostly agree with the list, which is rare for lists of this nature. Good job! I might have jiggled the order somewhat, but solid overall. I personally think the School-Live! and Monster Musume OPs should have been on here somewhere, both for very different reasons, but to each their own.
Shout out to Aimer's voice. She has this deeper, husky voice that I just love. It's out of this world.
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