Escape Journey (GN 2 of 3)

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Title: Escape Journey
Volume: GN 2 / 3
Pages: 250
Distributor: SuBLime

Release date: 2018-12-11
Suggested retail price: $12.99
Age rating: 18+

ISBN-10: 1974701328 1974701328
ISBN-13: 9781974701322 9781974701322

It’s been a few years, and Naoto and Taichi’s relationship has been going smoothly, with the two growing and learning little by little. It’s now their senior year in college, and Taichi decides to enter the school’s Mr. S University pageant in hopes of winning the grand prize—a hot springs vacation for two! But just as this relationship appears free of drama, underclassman Kei Nishina tells Naoto he’s spotted him kissing Taichi on campus. But is Naoto the only person he’s told?

Story and art by Ogeretsu Tanaka.

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