Poll Ranks Which Anime/Manga Villain Would Make the Best Friend

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The college-oriented Japanese web site My Navi Student asked 460 people via an Internet questionnaire which anime or manga villain they'd most like to befriend.

Frieza (Dragon Ball Z) did best, with fans citing his polite speech, exacting standards, self-confidence and composure. One woman wondered whether he used makeup, and if so, what kind. "Orderly people seem good to have as friends," offered a 23-year-old metallurgist.

Dio (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) also was cited frequently thanks to his coolness and awesome lines. One respondent claimed that "he's strong, so I would feel at ease with him as a friend." Another mentioned as a reason that "he could easily throw me with the palm of his hand."

Doronjyo (Yatterman) proved popular among men for her sexiness, but women also thought she would make an interesting friend despite her high-handed attitude. "She's a big sister type," explained a male IT worker. One woman wondered how she maintained her "nice body" and "pretty figure."

Several One Piece villains were mentioned frequently since they are complex characters who sometimes join the heroes to fight alongside them. Buggy and the Admirals were especially favored.

Other noteworthy choices include Ichijou (Kaiji), since he "knows how to get by very well"; Hanagata (Kyojin no Hoshi); Muska (Castle in the Sky), since "his choice of words is interesting"; Utsumi (Patlabor the Mobile Police); Hisoka (Hunter × Hunter); and Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom), so you can touch his tentacles.

What do you think? Sound off in our ANN poll on which villain you think would make a good friend! You can add your choice to the list using the free input box at the bottom.

[Via Livedoor News; Images from AnimeHorseWaterWorld, JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia and Gambler-no Kun Official Blog!!]

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