Love Live! Sunshine!!'s Riko Breaks Out the Puns in 7-Eleven Sandwich Ad

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven released an ad for its sandwiches on Thursday, featuring narration by Love Live! Sunshine!! character Riko Sakurauchi (voiced by Rikako Aida). The ad brings out a stream puns, eventually escalating to galaxy level.

Riko starts by counting sandwiches: "Ikko (one), niko (two), sanko (three." Then she counts again, this time changing some letters around: "Ikko, Riko, sando (sandwich)."

Next round: "Ikko, niko, sando." "Ikko, Riko, Santa." (Cue Riko's face showing up in a Santa outfit - I suppose Christmas is just around the corner.)

Next round: "Ikko, niko, sando." "Riko, Yoshiko, Sankaku Flask (conical flask)."

Final round: "Sando, sando, Southern Cross."

And on that bizarre note, the ad concludes.

Riko Sakurauchi won 7-Eleven's "image girl" popularity poll in 2017. The Love Live! series has collaborated with 7-Eleven on numerous occasions in the past.

[Via Otakomu]

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