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This Week's Anime and Manga Releases

posted on by Scott Green
Anime and manga you can find in stores this week.

Arc the Lad - Day of Reckoning
Battle of the Planets volumes 1 & 2
Original Dirty Pair - Damsels in Distress (Vol. 2)
Princess Nine - First Inning (Vol. 1)
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (Limited Edition) ~
Rurouni Kenshin - Blind Justice ~ Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Saint Tail - It's Show Time (Vol. 2)
Vampire Princess Miyu - Haunting ~
Vampire Princess Miyu - OAV (Vol. 2)

Eagle vol 21 End of the Trail
Galaxy Express vol 4 tp $
Gundam Wing: Episode Zero #7 (of 8)
Harlem Beat vol 8 pkt gn
How to Draw Manga #9
Inu Yasha part 6 #6 (of 15)
Kazan vol 1 gn #4
Maxion #23
Neon Genesis Evangelion book 6 #4 (of 4)
Neon Gnesis Evangelion book 6 coll ed #4 (of 4)
No Need for Tenchi! part 12 #3 (of 6)5
Oh My Goddess! the fourth goddess tp
Parasyte vol 5 pkt gn (re-release)
Parasyte vol 6 pkt gn (re-release)
Parasyte vol 7 pkt gn (re-release)
Usagi yojimbo #52

Princess Nine is the story of a girl's baseball team. ADV has stated that they are using the series to test the market for shoujo (girl's) anime series. It is also an example of the genre of sports anime, which is appears frequently in Japan, but has been underrepresented in what is released in the US.

The Utena movie is a retelling of the anime/manga series. Utena is a surreal tale about a girl who met a prince as a child who comforted her when her parents died. As she grew up she decided he wanted to become a prince herself. She enrolls in a strange school where a group of students fight duels for a girl known as the Rose Bride.
The movie is directed by the series' creator Kunihiko Ikuhara, who directed some of the darker parts of Sailor Moon.
The special edition of Utena will feature a translucent pink case, and a disc of Central Park Media trailers. DVD special features include director's running commentary track with English subtitles. behind-the-scenes video (Featuring Ikuhara supervising the dubbing in NYC, footage of voice actors Rachael Lillis, Sharon Becker and Mandy Bonhomme), Japanese TV spots, Japanese trailers, US teaser & trailer, art boards w/ director's commentary,Character sketches w/ director's commentary, Fan tribute (Fan art and cosplay contest winners), Trivia quiz, Clean, untouched video (no overlays or hard subs), Removable song & sign translations (for the dub) , Sub track with Romanji song lyrics.
Viz is currently releasing the Utena manga in their Animerica Extra anthology. Central Park Media released the first 14 episodes of the TV series, and thought they had the rights to the rest, but encountered trouble getting them from the Japanese rights holders.

Vampire Princess Miyu refers to a vampire who looks like a young girl who attempts to control stray shinma (demons/vampires). Vampire Princess Miyu - Haunting ~ refers to part of the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series, and Vampire Princess Miyu - OAV (Vol. 2) is the second half of the original OAV series (direct to video rlease).

Battle of the Planets is the English adaptation of the classic anime series Gatchaman.

Eagle is a critically praising political drama about a Japanese-American war hero running for the presidency.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion manga is Sadamoto Yoshiyuki's take on the popular series about an alienated boy who must pilot a strange robot to save Tokyo from invading Angels. Sadamoto served as character designer for the anime series. The Collector's edition features page and panels in the Japanese right to left order, rather than the English left to right.

Parasyte is about a boy who has a symbiotic alien bind itself to his hand. The alien was initially attempting to buried itself in the boy's brain through the ear, but because the boy was wearing head phone it had to settle for the hand.

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