Root Letter Game's English-Subtitled 4th Trailer Highlights Story

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Kadokawa Games ships PS4/PS Vita adventure game in Japan on June 16

Kadokawa Games began streaming the fourth trailer on Friday for its √Letter (pronounced "Root Letter") PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita adventure game. The video has English subtitles, and highlights the game's story.

The game will ship in Japan on June 16. Kadokawa Games has stated that it will release the game "worldwide." The company announced in February that it will release the game in Asia in a Chinese-language edition. Kadokawa Games has not yet announced any other language versions of the game aside from Japanese and Chinese.

The game is the first in Kadokawa Games' newly established Kadokawa Game Mystery line. The game line will feature a number of recurring "actress" characters called Mystery Actresses, who will "play" different roles in each game.

The website describes the √Letter game:

The truth is endless sorrow. A letter with no postmark. An unopened letter from your old pen pal Aya Fumino.
"I have killed someone. I have to atone for my sin. We must part here. Goodbye."
What had happened 15 years ago? The truth lies in her letter, and in the testimony of seven classmates.
Was she an angel or a demon? Where is she now?
A youthful suspense story that weaves together reminiscence and reality.

The game will star:

Aya Fumino (played by "Mystery Actress" Aya, voiced by Noriko Hidaka)
The protagonist's pen pal from 15 years ago. At that time, she was in her third year of high school in Ōniwa High School in Matsue, Shimane. From what she wrote of her high school life in her letters, she seemed to be kind and considerate, surrounded by friends and students whom she could communicate with easily. Knowing little more than that, the protagonist became pen pals with her, holding a little love for her in his heart. 15 years later, in the present day, the protagonist discovers a final letter from her, dating back to his graduation, that changed his impression of her completely. Was her entire school life a lie? The protagonist goes to Haneda Airport to head to Shimane, where the truth lies.

The game's additional cast includes (from left to right):

  • Kikuko Inoue as Yukari Ishihara
  • Keisuke Koumoto as Jun Ōmori
  • Hyo-sei as Misaki Murakami
  • Kazuhiro Sunseki as Shōta Nozawa
  • Hiroshi Iwasaki as Kōsuke Tanaka (a.k.a Glasses)
  • Shusaku Shirakawa as Masaya Watanabe
  • Yumi Touma as Riko Sasaki

LovePlus character designer Tarō Minoboshi is in charge of planning and character designs. Dario Fuji is handling the scenario, while Takashi Nitta is composing the music. Yoshimi Yasuda is producing the game, and Zin Hasegawa is directing.

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