Gempak Starz Licenses your name: Earthbound Novel, Dōwa ni Shippo Manga

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Spinoff novel of Makoto Shinkai's your name. film, Ei Nagayama manga licensed

Malaysian publisher Gempak Starz revealed last week that it has licensed Arata Kanō's your name Another Side: Earthbound novel, and Ei Nagayama's Dōwa ni Shippo - Alice in Wonder School manga.

Gempak Starz will release your name Another Side: Earthbound with the title Namamu Di Sebalik: Earthbound.

The spinoff novel focuses on supporting characters and side stories not portrayed in the film. The novel begins with Taki inside Mitsuha's body as he tries to learn about Mitsuha's place in her hometown, how people talk behind her back, and learning how difficult it is to put on a bra. The second story focuses on Tessie, Mitsuha's friend and the son of a contractor. Tessie dreams of changing his hometown, and Taki (as Mitsuha) helps him out. The third story focuses on Yotsuha, and how she sees Mitsuha as a reflection of their mother Futaba. The fourth story focuses on Toshiki, Mitsuha's father, and how he falls in love with Futaba, and his reaction when she passes away.

The book shipped in Japan last July. Arata Kanō wrote the novel; he has also written novelizations for Makoto Shinkai's Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days films, as well as a spinoff novel for 5 Centimeters Per Second. The film's character designer Masayoshi Tanaka drew the cover art, and Hiyori Asahikawa illustrated the novel.

Gempak Starz previously released the manga and novel versions of your name.

Gempak Starz will release Dōwa ni Shippo - Alice in Wonder School with the title Kisah Cinta Dongeng ~Alice di Sekolah Ajaib~.

The manga centers on Alice Hinata, a girl who follows a man to named Akita Mikasa to a school, and enrolls to try to find him. While the principal keeps a close eye on her for trouble, Alice notices that her class is full of unique people: from the twins Ruto and Kureha, to the shut-in problem child Eru. The book collects short stories surrounding Alice and these characters as they go on adventures themed after such fairy tales as Alice in Wonderland, Hansel & Gretel, and Rapunzel.

Nagayama published the short manga in Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine in 2013. Shogakukan collected the short manga in one compiled book volume in April 2013.

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