Kadokawa, Type-Moon Launch Type-Moon Comic Ace Manga Website

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Site launches on December 20 with manga from Type-Moon franchises

Kadokawa and Type-Moon announced on Wednesday that they will open a new free manga website named Type-Moon Comic Ace for Type-Moon manga on December 20. Kengoro Nishide's currently running Fate/Grand Order ‐Epic of Remnant‐ Ashu Tokuiten EX Shinkai Dennō Rakudo SE.RA.PH manga (seen right) will transfer to the new site. (The manga launched in Kadokawa's Young Ace Up website on February 20.)

The site will also feature the following manga:

Kadokawa and Type-Moon have irregularly published a Type-Moon Ace magazine supplement to Kadokawa's Comptiq magazine since 2008. The 12th and latest issue shipped in August 2017.

Type-Moon is a label of the Notes company, but began in 1999 as an independent dōjin novel and game circle with writer Kinoko Nasu and artist Takashi Takeuchi. The pair went on to develop the Tsukihime visual novel, as well as the Fate/stay night visual novel. Both have inspired multiple spinoffs in manga, novels, anime, games, and other mediums. The pair are also notable for The Garden of Sinners novel, published before Type-Moon's founding, and inspiring a series of anime films of the same name. Most of Type-Moon's works are notable for being loosely connected, and implying a shared universe and cosmology that English-speaking fans have unofficially dubbed the "Nasuverse."

Source: Type-Moon Comic Ace Twitter account

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