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Vanguard Princess PC Game Gets Smartphone Version

posted on by Adriana Hazra
Takahiro Yonemura's Beast Code manga launches in English on November 14

EigoMANGA revealed on Tuesday that it is developing a mobile version of illustrator Tomoaki Sugeno's (Suge9) Vanguard Princess 2D fighting game for PC. The company also announced that it will launch its English release of Takahiro Yonemura's Beast Code manga, based on Yonemura's light novel series of the same name, on November 14.

Sugeno launched the game for PC in June 2009. The game launched English in 2011. EigoMANGA launched the 'Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize' DLC for the game in July 2014. It launched the 'Vanguard Princess Kurumi' DLC in October 2015.

The Steam version of the game launched in March 2014 and includes a "Director's Cut" add-on that gives players access to the uncensored version of the game features previously excluded content from the Japanese release of the game.

The latest DLC for the game 'Vanguard Princess Online Deluxe' launched in 2020 and added a matchmaking lobby and integrated chat to the game.

Yonemura is the series' writer for the Beast Code manga, Megumi Akita is the manga's illustrator, and Atsuo Kusada is translating the work.

The company describes the story:

"Beast Code" tells the story of Raiki, a high school student, who transforms into a dragon because he was born with the 'Beast Code DNA' that laid dormant within him and generations of other people for centuries. Raiki now struggles with his new abilities and clashes with others who also possess the Beast Code DNA but plan to use their powers for wrongdoing.

Conversely, Raiki's girlfriend Tomoko possesses DNA that instinctively compels her to battle against anyone who has the Beast Code DNA. What is the fate of this couple who are now forced to fight to the death because of their genetic code? Beast Code is an ambitious sci-fi fantasy that asks what dictates the destiny of people: love or biogenetics?

Yonemura debuted the series in 2007. The manga launched in Japan in 2017.

Yonemura also wrote The Metallic Dragon and I light novel series.

Source: Email correspondence

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