Lashinban Radio's August Personality Will Be Voice Actress Emi Nitta

The radio program of Kotori Koiwai is now available worldwide with English subtitles!

July 14, 2020.
Lashinbang Co.,Ltd.

Lashinbang (Headquarters:Toshima-ku,Tokyo,Japan,CEO:Hiroyuki Saito),which has 52 second-hand anime stores in Japan and 4 stores in Taipei , Taichu , Seoul and HongKong,is broadcasting in-store at its 52 stores in Japan from July. The first personality in July is Kotori Koiwai, a voice actress and the creative partoner of " Nattoku Kaitori(Promise Price Buy-out)" on Lashinbang Online. Her first half of radio program is aired from July 1(Wednesday) to July 15(Wednesday) and the second half will be aired from July 16(Thursday) to July 31(Friday) at 52 Japanese Lashinbang stores. Today it has been announced that her first half program of July will be distributed worldwide with English subtitles until August 31 on YouTube and Facebook. We invite you to listen to the program and post your thoughts on YouTube or Facebook. We will pass that post on to her.

In addition, it has been announced that voice actress Emi Nitta will be the personality for the next August program. She is not only a voice actor such as Honoka Kosaka of μ's from “Love Live!”, but also a popular music artist in Japan and abroad. Please look forward to watching "Emi Nitta's Lashinbang Radio ".

Lashinbang Radio has also opened a Twitter account @lashin_radio, where the latest information about Lashinban Radio is updated and people are being asked to comment on the program with the hashtag "#LashinbangRadio" or “#らしんばんラジオ”.

[ Profile of Emi Nitta ]
After graduating from a music college, she made her voice actress debut in 2010.
She has appeared in Love Live! as the role of Honoka Kosaka(μ's), and narrated for NHK ETV's "Test the Hanamichi New Bensemi". And she also perfoms Vivienne in TOHO Musical "Cutie Blonde" as an actress and played the dubbed role of Geumbi in the Korean drama "Oh My Geumbi” and more. She participated in the 66th Kohaku (Red and White singing contest) as μ's Honoka Kosaka from Love Live!, September 2014. She made her artist's debut in September 2014 , released the single CD "Sing!" on March 25, 2020 and now she sings the opening theme song “ORATIO” of the original anime " Arad Senki: The Wheel of Reversal" from the online action game "Arad Senki(Dungeon Fighter Online)" . Her recent publications are “Nagano no susume (2018/Shogakukan Creative), "Nitta Emi First Photo Collection Air - Isle (December 9, 2019/Kodansha), "The Emi Nitta's Ho-Ho-E-Mi Happy Music♪ Vol. 2" (2020, M-ON Entertainment). She also performed in Shanghai, Taiwan and Singapore, and is active both in Japan and abroad.
-The official website of Emi Nitta
-Twitter @ nittaemi85
-YouTube: Nitta Keumi OFFICIAL CHANNEL -TunTube

[ Profile of Kotori Koiwai]
As a voice actress, she played the role of Renge Miyauchi in "Nonononobiyori", for which details of the third season have recently been announced, and she also played the role of Tomoka Tenkubashi in "The [email protected] Million Live! Theater Days". And she also performs as a member of "DUAL ALTER WORLD" and recently has been working on his knowledge and experience of DTM and MIDI test level 1. It became a hot topic that more than 10,000 people have participated in the crowdfunding of the KPro01 fully wireless earphones which she and Owltech planned collaboratively and the total amount of supporters' purchases exceeded 100 million yen. Her1st Photo Album 'Earphone and Headphone Kotori Zukan' also has been released recently. She is also the personality of the radio program "Kotori no Oto", which is recorded and distributed twice a month on Nico Nico Live (second and fourth Thursdays from 10pm).
-Twitter @koiwai_kotori
-Koiwai Kotori YouTube channel

[ Company Profile ]
Company name: LASHINBANG Co.,Ltd.
5F 5-E Ikebukuro ISP Tama Building,1-44-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo
Established: October 2001
Business activities: Buying and selling used comics, anime Blu-ray, DVD, CD, goods, doujinshi, telecards, game software, cosplay costumes, etc.
Capital: 10 million yen
Twitter: Corporate
Lashinbang Radio
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