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Japanese Rock Band Glay Share 30th Anniversary Single 'Whodunit' Featuring Jay of Enhyphen


TOKYO, JAPANMay 29 2024 ー Legendary Japanese rock band GLAY released their latest single ”whodunit” featuring JAY from K-pop group ENHYPEN.

The single continues GLAY's much-anticipated 30th-anniversary activities. The celebrated Japanese rockers, who stand as one of the nation's best-selling artists of all time, continue to push themselves creatively via a collaboration with JAY, a member of the globally popular K-pop group ENHYPEN. For the song's vocal recording, GLAY members TERU and TAKURO traveled to South Korea to work directly with JAY. At TAKURO's request, JAY also penned the lyrics for his vocal section.

JAY also appears in the music video for “whodunit,” now available on YouTube. Filmed entirely in South Korea, it captures an intense "vocalist clash" between TERU and JAY, as imagined by TAKURO. It also includes CG scenes inspired by the 30th-anniversary key visuals created by Eiichiro Oda, the esteemed creator of "ONE PIECE.”

Hailing from the northern Japanese city of Hakodate, GLAY is a four-piece rock band that debuted in 1994 with their single “RAIN” and has been recognized as a leading act in the "Visual Kei" genre ever since. Renowned for their pioneering role in the Japanese Visual Kei scene, GLAY has accomplished many milestones, including a US tour in 2008 for their 20th anniversary and their first South Korean show in 2019 to mark their 25th anniversary. Earlier this year, the band had the honor of appearing as special guests the legendary British rock band QUEEN during their QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT concert in Sapporo.

To watch the video, please visit https://youtu.be/9jmjSzhH18g and check out the band's anniversary single here.

GLAY's 30th anniversary commemorative single "whodunit" was produced with the participation of JAY, a member of the global Korean group ENHYPEN. The music video is adorned with visuals inspired by the world of Eiichiro Oda, who served as the key visual creator this time. Throughout the video, the members of GLAY and JAY deliver intense performances, capturing the viewers' attention. In particular, the scenes where vocalist TERU and JAY confront each other are remarkable moments that will go down in GLAY's history as one of our greatest collaborations.

Lastly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Eiichiro Oda,, JAY, and everyone involved with HYBE for accepting our collaboration proposal, as well as the filming team led by Director Pe Myung-Hyun. This collaboration has been an amazing reward for GLAY's sincere dedication to music over the past 30 years. On behalf of all GLAY members, we would like to express our gratitude once again.

Director Bae Myung Hyun's Comment
It was a great honor to direct this music video, having previously worked as the assistant director on 'Into the Wild' in 2020. Seeing the members of GLAY again after four years, I was struck by how their acting skills and charisma had become even more impressive.

The shoot included many challenging scenes, but I was deeply moved by the members' passion, with comments like, 'Let's do it again because it looks cool,' and 'As the director wishes!' Their enthusiasm inspired the entire staff to match their energy and dedication.

Despite the song's length and the demanding filming process, it was clear how much they love their music and their commitment to creating an outstanding piece of work. This time, we were also joined by ENHYPEN's JAY. Initially, I was concerned about the dynamic, given GLAY's greater experience, but it quickly became clear that my worries were unfounded. The interaction between the two artists was harmonious and supportive.

On set, the GLAY members frequently engaged with JAY, easing the atmosphere with conversation. The performance where TERU and JAY competed for the microphone on the table was particularly impressive, showcasing a wonderful synergy that left a lasting impression.

I am deeply grateful to GLAY, JAY, and all the staff for their hard work, especially for traveling to Korea and enduring early morning shoots. Thank you for allowing me to capture the essence of these legendary artists.

GLAY, formed in 1988 by TAKURO (Gt.) and TERU (Vo.), solidified its iconic lineup with the addition of HISASHI (Gt.) in 1989 and JIRO (Ba.) in 1992, leading to their major debut in 1994.

As they approach their 30th anniversary on May 25, 2024, GLAY is set to celebrate with a series of dynamic events under the theme “GLAY EXPO.” These include a special guest appearance at the QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT concert at Sapporo Dome, the release of a commemorative 30th-anniversary single, and a landmark stadium concert on June 8 and 9, 2024.

Release Information

■■whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)-Music Video■■
URL: https://youtu.be/9jmjSzhH18g

■■62nd Single「whodunit-GLAY × JAY(ENHYPEN)-/Share」■■
2024.05.29 Release
HP: https://www.Glay.co.jp/feature/62ndsingle_whodunit
LISTEN: https://GLAY.lnk.to/62nd_Single_GJ

Official Website https://www.Glay.co.jp
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/Glay_official
Official Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/glayalg
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/glay0525_official/
Official TikTok https://www.TikTok.com/@Glay_official
Official YouTube https://www.YouTube.com/GLAY

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