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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:29 am Reply with quote
The problem with arguing over numbers sold and what not is that they're never released, so most people can only go on guesses, not even estimations because there's nothing to estimate.

As for Golgo 13, it apparently did pretty well among the Japanese though I imagine it was the mostly the ryman watching it. The subbers need to hurry up on it, because we know it's never getting licensed, and it would be a bad investment here.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:03 am Reply with quote
I've gotten a lot of autographs over the years, but the one person I couldn't go up to for one was Isao Takahata, when he was in L.A. Dunno why, since I actually had not seen much of his work at the time; so I didn't have the feeling of total respect for him like Justin might have had in that situation. But I think it was the opposite case for me. He was one of the few approachable animators, to the point that he's chit-chatting with a Japanese-American[I think.] local, and doing a USC radio interview. So I think the experience of spending that time watching his stuff for free and being able to discuss it individually with him afterward was more satisfying than a sig. Usually, autographs are used as a pretext for me to wring a question or two out of the signers. But this was one of those times when I would rather just enjoy this rare occasion. [Kind of weird that he's actually done less official appearances in the U.S. than Miyazaki, when it should be the other way around.]

I did try to at least let Miyazaki get a copy of the Cagliostro dvd w/ the Otsuka interview, 'cus I thought that would be something he'd like to reminisce over, and I'm not sure it's on the R2 version. But I imagine, at his age, it'd be too much to just give his sig to a whole line of people for hours on end.

As for having much to say, I think Buronson, Hojo, and the Afro Samurai guy are about it, though I did get some stuff in for Ishiguro.

RE: Japan acts actually attracting a crowd @ cons. I guess it goes back to my theory that contemporary American music sucks so badly that any show from a band not played on the radio endlessly here will attract more interest than usual.

RE: Fist. A certain ex-Raijin guy told me that the Fist related stuff still sells, but, for some reason, Blue Sky has not been as a big a hit, even though it ironically targets some of the same audiences as the recent SJ manga.

RE: 4c stuff. It's ironic that you think it deserves more exposure, since Arias was saying the reason MG wasn't licensed was because of Youtube. And I'm thinkin' to myself that it would probably sell like shite if it was released without that kind of awareness, and that YT probably gave the movie a boost. As for anime which I think needs more exposure, Demon Prince Enma, since that's the only current viable Go Nagai property in the U.S., Nasu, because it shows people what they're missing by opting for 3-d, and

As for my prized stuff, it's a toss-up between having the entire Marvel color Akira and an autographed Nasu artbook I won @ BAAF '03.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:27 am Reply with quote
Justin is weird. If somebody creates a work of art you enjoy, it doesn't mean anything for you to meet them or get an autograph?

How can you not be a fan of Yoshiyuki Tomino? Oh. Garzey's Wing. Personally, he's my favorite anime director. Don't lose any respect for me (like you had any). And Justin, I would love to get his autograph.

Tomino is in his happy place (as much as he can be) in the past few years (to the suffering of some of his work), so I doubt he'll be offing people in droves as he descends into the city in a giant mobile armor powered by his mind.

I've never heard of AKB48. Really, never of them at all.

"Wings of Honey Mayonnaise", lol, damn it. But, seriously, I wish Wings of the Honneamise had an affordable release.

I watch a lot of Law & Order, for some reason. All three shows. I'm not proud of it. Monk and Psych are good. I, too, watch Bill Maher's show. I watch a lot of cable news shows, too, like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, etc. Even Nancy Grace, because I love to hate her (stop talking over the guests!). Most of the time I listen to a lot of radio.

I'm not sure the political leanings went left or right in the fandom. Maybe because I filter out what anime fans have to say about anything other than anime (and even a good amount of that). I'm not going to share political opinions or debate politics with the folks who dress up like Naruto characters. I'm sorry, as soon as you put your headband on, your political opinions become irrelevant. I know that's elitist, but I think my political opinions are pretty irrelevant, too.

Wow, a fan of the Manga Entertainment dub of the first two Patlabor movies? A rare beast, indeed. I will admit, I did like the voice of Gotoh.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:17 am Reply with quote
I totally agree about the autographs but for somewhat different reasons. I just don't really see the point of autographs. It's've got something they wrote on. So what? Especially since it's not like they're signing it for you because they just think you're that bloody awesome. No, they sign stuff for everyone. It's just what you do when you're famous. It doesn't mean anything.

Don't get me wrong, I hugely respect a lot of the people who work on anime. The concept of meeting them seems really cool. If I did though, I'd much rather just tell them I enjoy their work and not pester them for an autograph or maybe if the situation was appropriate actually try and have a conversation with them (either about their work or something else). Now that would be cool because then maybe I'd come across as a vaguely intelligent person that they'd actually mildly enjoy meeting instead of as another fan pestering them for something.

I agree with both of you actually about Inglorious Basterds. It definitely was rather uneven. However even despite that it is the best movie I've seen this year. Of course, I haven't got around to seeing District 9 yet.

On sports movies, I never watched the Friday Night Lights show but the movie was good. Any Given Sunday is a really good movie if you want something that's actually about the game. Oh and I'll always love the Rocky movies (the ones not numbered IV or V anyway).

U.S. TV: There actually isn't that much right at the moment. The only thing that really stands out is Dexter. I'm fairly certain that Dexter is slowly turning me into a serial killer which is a big problem because I'm fairly sure I'd be rubbish at it. Other than that though...I've gotten tired of Lost. It's just become too convoluted. I really wish they had picked some slightly more down to earth ideas. Heroes is trying my patience. It's not a bad show but it's never regained any real sense of direction. I'll keep watching Fringe. It's no X-Files but it's a pretty fun show. Bones is fun just for something to kill time with. It's been teetering on the edge of 'jumping the shark' territory for a bit though. Law & Order has gotten too sensationalistic and the spin offs were never good. All the good animated comedies have either ended or gone down the toilet (with the exception of Venture Bros.) Actually I never watched True Blood though. I should catch up on that.


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:30 am Reply with quote
Something I learned early on in every form of fandom: If you think you can pigeonhole the political/religious demographic of a certain fandom, you're probably more sheltered than you realize. Going back quite a few years, anime fans I've met are everywhere politically -- it's just that most of the ones I've talked to don't instantly start ranting about how evil the other side is.

I grew up in the shortwave hobby and thought they were all crazy conservative religious types stockpiling for the New World Order. Then I read online forums and magazine articles and thought they were all bitter atheists who wanted all media government-run. I'm guessing the truth was in the middle....when Bush was in office the left-types got louder and more irrational. When Clinton was in office the right-types got louder and more irrational. It's not big news, and it's not a movement --- it's a cycle. I learned the same thing about gamers, cyclists, hikers, Linux fans, and other hobbies: you can't stereotype too easily. My Obama voting friends live in suburbs and rural states (some of whom are hunters and NASCAR fans), most of my McCain voting friends work at non-profits.

That said, if it takes another few years for politics to show up on ANN, it'll be too soon. Like PT I try to ignore political jibes on forums; it always brings out the ranting and name-calling. I'd rather read 21 pages about fansubs and bad dubs than read about "neocons" and "socialists."

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:48 am Reply with quote
48 little girls singing about kittens....18+ only...



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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:15 am Reply with quote
I can understand Justin's aversion to getting signatures, though I don't agree with him. There are just some weird personal ideals some of us like to stick by for whatever reason, I'm sure most people reading this can think of some of their own. As for me, I like to use signatures as a reminder of when I met the person who gave me the signature, the sig is meaningless by itself.

I think more right-wing fans are becoming more vocal because all of the right-wing are becoming more vocal. The pundits have gotten them into such a frenzy that they're becoming much more noticeable than before. In reality, I don't think anime fandom is particularly liberal or conservative: I was actually introduced to the medium by an incredibly conservative bible-thumper friend of mine, who's politically the polar opposite of me.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:47 am Reply with quote
YES!! YOU BASHED THE TEA BAGGERS!! dang it! i can't believe that. i always had such a negative view of you Zac.. i dunno, you just seem like such an elitist.. like such an anime snob.

but like, me and you agree on so much... i can't believe you called out the ignorant racist tea baggers and their protest last saturday, that was just awesome. i think just that has made me interested enough to go back and listen to the first 3 anncasts that i didn't pay any attention to...

when it came to anime that needs more exposure, you said 4°C, and that is exactly what i would say too! plus you listed inglourious basterds as one of the best this year, which i totally agree with. i'd put it higher than star trek (though star trek was pretty awesome).

as for conservatives liking anime, i can think of plenty of friends who are conservatives who like anime... but i think i've got just as many liberal friends who are into it :\

lol, i love how you guys take these questions from users and then all laugh at their usernames... do you choose the questions based on content, or do you just look for the funniest username that you can read aloud, and then laugh at?

man, i listen to this wanting to hear you guys talk about like, the ending of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, or the latest episode of Bakemongatari and stuff :\. justin mentioned he's got some fansubs.. so do you guys actually watch any fansubs?


so instead of posting in ep 3's discussion, i'm just gonna edit in my thoughts here <.< (only because it's short)

Zac, you read Gunshow?! ahh! it's like with each anncast i listen to you sound cooler and cooler. (also everyone in ep 3's discussion thread kept saying "DMC" and i was like "wait, when did they talk about Detroit Metal City?? they brought it up??", but then after a minute i was like ".. oh..right.. devil may cry.. of course"

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:26 am Reply with quote
18+ to see AKB48...oh my lord. I don't even know how to respond to that. Why would their management stipulate that? Do they think the over 18 fans are better behaved? I think the guy running the con is correct; There is no way that a group of 48 Japanese girls in sailor uniforms (most chosen for their looks, not their singing ability) wouldn't sell out in New York City. It's just not going to happen.

As for the neocon anime fans, they don't have a presence on IRC. I've met one guy in all my years of IRC that genuinely was a conservative, and that somehow watched anime regardless of the fact that it doesn't fit into a neat little box of morality, and that it is often downright immoral from a conservative point of view. Maybe I don't read the ANN forums enough, but is there really a sizable neocon or con presence here? I've been watching anime for over a decade, and I've been involved with the community just as long, and I've never run into that kind of person. Anime has always been dominated by liberals, and I'd be surprised if a conservative movement is actually happening within the fandom (what could a conservative watch without being a hypocrite? Pokemon?)

I think the "de-manlification" of anime is mostly in our heads. I don't think anime was ever really "manly" to begin with. There have been Bishonen guys in even the most staunchly Shonen shows for decades.

Anyway, thanks for making the ANN podcast. This is the only podcast on anime I've ever listened to that didn't feature the words "Kawaii" "Desu" "Chan" or one white guy referring to another white guy as "whatever-kun" without being ironic. While I've never met any sizable number of conservative anime fans, I've met scores of ultra-liberal, "If it's not Japanese, it's crap" Japanophile fans, and they are just as bad if not worse.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:32 am Reply with quote
captainbanana wrote:
Anyway, thanks for making the ANN podcast. This is the only podcast on anime I've ever listened to that didn't feature the words "Kawaii" "Desu" "Chan" or one white guy referring to another white guy as "whatever-kun" without being ironic. While I've never met any sizable number of conservative anime fans, I've met scores of ultra-liberal, "If it's not Japanese, it's crap" Japanophile fans, and they are just as bad if not worse.

Wow really? What kinda podcasts are you finding? There's a variety of anime podcasts that don't go all weeboo on you. Half a dozen, including ANNcast, come to mind almost immediately. I am aware of the hypocrisy of my forum name having an honorific.. so spare me. If someone called me that in real life I'd probably be very, very confused... just as if someone called me by a character name in a game I was playing.

As for the politics in fandom and this goes for any fandom, politics are left at the door for me. If someone brings up a political topic I usually avoid it if the previous conversation was about the last 5 anime series I just saw.

As for the context of there being 'liberal and conservative' otaku... I can understand that. But I put that in the context of fanboy/elitism. Fanboys are unable to see anything beyond what they believe is the greatest thing on earth and heaven help you if you go against them. Elitists believe themselves to be the gospel of all things in their particular fan base and don't acknowledge you as a fan if you don't agree with their own view 100% and do not believe that there is discussion to their ideals. The best way to deal with people like that is to always keep an open mind on everything you can and avoid getting caught up in someone who can't see the merits of series you enjoy vs. series that person may enjoy and people who think if you watch anime dubbed that you're some kind of 'poser'.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:36 am Reply with quote
well. I had never heard of AKB48 before
so I went on to youtube hear one of their videos.

I kinda wish i hadn't :/ their vocals aren't great but the songs i listened to were fun and catchy, and the girls and uniforms are super cute. so I can definitely see the appeal. I wouldn't spend all my life savings to travel to New York to see them. but if I was there and got to see them perform. I wouldn't complain, I'd probably have fun. So I don't see how its so shocking about a girl wanting to go see it.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:48 am Reply with quote
Keep up the good work, guys; these things are a million times more entertaining than that certain cute elf girl. :]
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:50 am Reply with quote
i can't believe you called out the ignorant racist tea baggers and their protest last saturday

It's great to see the intelligence and rational thought that went into this statement. Way to elevate the discourse. Rolling Eyes

I wish you guys wouldn't have dragged politics into an anime discussion. Observing trends is one thing, but ignorant bashing of Glenn Beck and ordinary citizens who are opposed to big government is uncalled for.

Let's leave the political bomb throwing to other sites. I get enough of that elsewhere.

That said, I do enjoy the podcast. Keep them coming.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:05 am Reply with quote
kawaiibunny3 wrote:
well. I had never heard of AKB48 before
ditto. Pure otaku bait, though I can see the catchiness of the songs alone drawing younger females. I would feel dirty inside just sitting in the auditorium before the show. But I'm old. Excellent formula though, from a music biz perspective. I can see why they are successful.

Best show yet. Justin, you aren't weird, probably, but maybe a bit misunderstood. I applaud you having the balls to consider yourself Miyazaki's equal, but I just hope that's as a human and not a creator. Otherwise, Delusion City is your stop. If you do exceed his career in any fashion, I'll happily recant and buy your DVDs or whatever. Acknowledging and having respect for, even admiring, someone's level of talent doesn't imply idolization or self-limitation. There's also a difference between what someone produces and who they are. I like Janeane Garofalo's performances, but I would stab her with a fork if I had to sit next to her at dinner (in self-defense after she came at me with her butter knife, of course).

"terrifying belief system of exclusion and hatred". Times like this, I do miss Zac as Answerman. No need to comment Wink

"would like it better if Jesus was involved". That was funny. That's maybe because I'm not of the faith myself, but even my evangelical relatives have a good sense of humor and would at least smile. They are actually sane, nice, thinking human beings, not frothing, holy-rolling inbreds. But I do think it's overblown, this idea that a.) conservatives are all Christian, and b.) that Christians don't like anime based on religion. I do have a large branch of relatives literally working in evangelism. They have iPods, they fly planes, and their children watch anime (are allowed to, anyway). Admittedly, not all Christians (or Muslims, or Hindus, or Atheists) are as open-minded, or at least tolerant of other viewpoints, especially in entertainment. But in my long years, including being old enough to watch the Summer of Love on TV, I find liberals to be far more intolerant of opposing personal viewpoints than conservatives. Yeah, both sides have their radicals, but in general conservatives don't even approach the level of intolerance of lefties, who are, who must, who always will be "right", and are damn well gonna make you be right as well, even if it takes passing a law and pointing a bayonet in your direction (and of course forcing you to pay for the bayonet). Wink

What makes anime accessible to conservatives, frankly, is that it is in fact more conservative than liberal if the sexual and religious part doesn't overly bother you. Besides the occasional obvious "message" shows like Flag (which types of morality-enforcing entertainment generally bomb in any medium), most of anime is just plain old honor, love and glory, or silly comedy or gruesome horror or engaging mystery thriller. But with much better manners, which we conservatives appreciate.

"But it's cake!" Winner, best quote. Please post pictures!

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Hunter Sopko

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:35 am Reply with quote
On the next episode of ANNCast, Justin leaves the Band of the Hawk to seek his own fame and fortune after hearing Zac's admission that he could never be friends with someone who serves under him.
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