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Manga Answerman - Why Don't More Japanese Manga Artists Come to North American Conventions?

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R. Kasahara
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:21 pm Reply with quote
Does Yoshitaka Amano still maintain a studio in New York City? If so, his frequent convention appearances aren't too much of a surprise ^^

Agreed that it is indeed very special when a mangaka makes an overseas appearance, and seconding the rec for making an effort to go see them. I totally understand why there aren't more such opportunities (especially regarding their busy schedules), but as an avid manga reader, I wish there were ^^;
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Joined: 28 Oct 2018
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:33 pm Reply with quote
I'll never not be amazed that Puerto Rico ComiCon was able to get Toshio Maeda to fly out for us a couple of years ago. That.. was a special surprise. And the poor guy was just shoved into a tiny stall at the back of the thing.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:14 pm Reply with quote
^ Maeda-san is different. If you know him well enough, you can visit him at his home while in Japan. You don't have to go through his publisher, the agent at the publisher, etc. as you might have to with other Japanese guests. With Maeda, you can pretty much just contact him through Twitter and start the process from there. It also helps when your Japanese guest has a good grasp of the English language.

I would say it's more due to guest preferences, schedule and whatever idiosyncrasies their agent/publisher have. The cost is not an issue; There are plenty of attendees that don't mind ponying up the funds to bring guests over and those that I know of who have done this (myself included) don't ask for anything inappropriate like a date with the guest in return. I wish more conventions would at least ask attendees if they're willing to put up the funds to go this route instead of what conventions are currently doing, which is having the US licensee bring them over and then heavily regulating what the guest can sign or do at the event. Fans get a lot more out of the former's arrangements than the latter. For me, there's no joy in having to wait in line at 1 am every day for autograph tickets that won't be handed out until 8 am (Anime Expo). Nor is there any joy in attending an autograph session where all I'm going to get is the same pre-printed board with an autograph that everyone is getting too. It's a waste of my time/money to attend these events, and I can better use those funds on rewarding the events that give me the most for my money with even more of my money at their convention auction. I also won't spend my money supporting those companies, like Aniplex, that heavily control their guests. I can't reward that kind of behavior so they get zero dollars from me.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:19 am Reply with quote
For SDCC I heard from the Viz operators that the My Hero Academia Author actually had to work on the chapter while attending the Comic Con panel, he probably did so at his hotel
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:24 pm Reply with quote
Consider that the main source of news about what's happening in the US available to foreign viewers is CNN, which paints a very displeasing scenario of our country's state of economic and social affairs. Any potential guest from outside the USA might have the impression the US is not a friendly or safe place for foreigners.
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Inverti Herikawa

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:27 am Reply with quote
If you wanna meet manga artists, your best bet is to fly to Japan yourself. Seriously.
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Mr. sickVisionz

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:35 am Reply with quote
There's airfare, hotel and meals/entertainment for the artist, likely their editor, and maybe a licensing executive/representative. Then there's a translator who will likely accompany the artist and crew throughout their stay, in addition to helping to translate at the panels/signing events.

Anime talent talent requires airfare, hotel, meal/entertainment, company reps/managers, and a translator too right? Is anime just like ultra ultra more popular than manga?

It seems like spending $X to get anime related talent at the con is an accepted cost of doing business, but spending that same $X to get manga talent to the con is generally seen as a total waste of resources.
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