Director John Woo Makes Anime Voice Debut in Sōten Kōro

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A Better Tomorrow director to make cameo in 30-second scene on April 28

John Woo, the Hong Kong director best known for A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, and many other action films, will make his first voicing acting debut in the April 28 episode of Sōten Kōro television anime series. Woo's Red Cliff Part II: Mirai e no Saishū Kessen film just opened in Japan on April 10, and the first Red Cliff film opened last November. The Red Cliff films and the original Sōten Kōro manga by Gonta King and Hagin Yi are both based on the same classic Chinese historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Woo performed his voice acting for the fourth Sōten Kōro episode in Japanese. He plays a soldier leaving a battlefield for one 30-second shot after the main story ends. Woo produced the computer-animated Appleseed sequel Ex Machina in 2007.

The same Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel inspired countless Japanese manga, anime, and games of varying historical accuracy, including Sangokushi, Ikki Tousen, New Tale of Three Kingdoms, Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan, SD Gundam BB Warriors: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, KOEI's Dynasty Warriors game franchise, and BaseSon's moe-influenced Koihime†Musō.

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