Free Anime in Australia: 29/June - 5/July

posted on 2015-06-29 04:00 EDT
The weekly update of anime available in Australia through free to air and online streaming.

There are many ways to get your anime fix when digital TV and the internet allow for content to be released at a much greater rate. So, we have decided to start listing what's on week by week, to give you an idea of what you can watch and where.

Free to Air

  • Attack on Titan
    • Friday: All states from 11:05pm SBS2.
  • K-On!
    • Friday: All states from 9:00pm ABC3.
  • Mysterious Cities of Gold
    • Monday to Friday: All states from 7:30am & 5:00pm NITV.
    • Saturday: All states from 1:00pm NITV.
    • Sunday: All states from 1:00pm NITV.
  • Pokemon
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • Friday: All states from 9:50pm ABC3.
  • Sword Art Online
    • Friday: All states from 9:25pm ABC3.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
    • Monday to Friday: All states from 3:30am & 7:00am Channel GO!.
    • Saturday: All states from 3:30am & 2:00pm Channel GO!.
    • Sunday: All states from 3:30am & 4:00pm Channel GO!.

Current Online Streaming Schedule

  • Monday

    • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!: Episode 12 on AnimeLab.
  • Wednesday

    • Mikagura School Suite: Episode 11 on AnimeLab.
  • Friday

    • K-On!: Episode 2 on ABC iView.
    • Ninja Slayer From Animation: Episode 10 on AnimeLab.
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Episode 4 on ABC iView.
    • Sword Art Online: Episode 14 on ABC iView.
  • Saturday

    • The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki Chan: Episode 12 on AnimeLab.
    • Nisekoi: (S2): Episode 9 on AnimeLab.
    • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Episode 24 on & Episode 23 on AnimeLab.
  • Sunday

    • Ultimate Otaku Teacher: Episode 12 on AnimeLab.
    • Gunslinger Stratos: Episode 11 on AnimeLab.
    • Blood Blockade Battlefront: Episode 11 on AnimeLab.
  • Currently Unknown

  • Recently Added

    • Cardcaptor Sakura: Episode 1 - 70 [Sub] on AnimeLab.
    • Inuyasha: Episode 1 - 167 [Sub and Dub] on AnimeLab.
    • Log Horizon: Episode 1 - 25 [Sub and Dub] on AnimeLab.
    • Wanna Be the Strongest in the World: Episode 1 - 12 [Sub and Dub] on AnimeLab.
  • Completed Spring Season Series

    • Assassination Classroom: Episode 22 on AnimeLab.
    • Ghost in the Shell: Arise Alternative Architecture: Episode 10 on AnimeLab.
    • High School Dxd BorN: Episodes 12 on AnimeLab.
    • Show by Rock!!: Episode 12 on AnimeLab.
    • Triage X: Episode 10 on AnimeLab.
  • Back Catalog

    • Fairy Tail: Episode 151 - 175 [Sub and Dub] on AnimeLab.
    • Naruto Shippuden: Episodes 222 - 242 on AnimeLab.
    • Outbreak Company: Episode 1 - 12 [Sub and Dub] on AnimeLab.

All bold titles are new additions this week.

If you are looking for Australian streaming solutions, has plenty of series and simulcasts here and has a large amount of their catalog available for viewing here. Please note that due to the launch of AnimeLab Premium we will only be listing titles and episodes on the service that are available through free access.

It has come to our attention that there is conflicting information on some websites. If you spot discrepancies or anime being screened that isn't included on this list, please let us know on the forums!

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