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Artists Announced for Tokusatsu Drama Ultraman Arc; Opening Theme by access, Ending Theme by Arcana Project

The tokusatsu drama Ultraman Arc will premiere in Japan on July 6, 2024. It has been announced that access will perform the opening theme, while ARCANA PROJECT will handle the ending theme.

Ultraman Arc, the latest TV series in The Ultraman franchise, aims to inspire children's ability to dream, serving as a bridge to a bright and hopeful future. Through the world of Ultraman, it delivers a bright, heartfelt, and heroic image.

The opening theme song, “arc jump'n to the sky,” and the ending theme song, “Meramera,” will be simultaneously released as singles on July 21, 2024. The soft vinyl figure limited editions will include the Ultraman Arc Imagination Blue version and Ultraman Arc Imagination Silver version, respectively.


We are in charge of the theme song for Ultraman Arc, and we produced it with great joy and excitement. We have loved Ultraman since we were children, and we are deeply moved and grateful that it has continued to give dreams and courage to Japanese children for nearly 60 years.

For us in 2024, we strongly relate to Arc, which encourages dreaming and imagination, and we expressed those feelings directly in the song. We hope that listeners will feel our respect and positive feelings for Ultraman through it.

A group consisting of Daisuke Asakura and Hiroyuki Takami. They attracted attention immediately after their debut in November 1992, and a year later, in 1993, their Budokan concert sold out on the same day.

Furthermore, the following year, in 1994, their 3rd album DELICATE PLANET took the top spot on the charts. Within two years of their debut, they released three albums and eleven singles at a rapid pace, gaining enthusiastic support.

Although they took a break from activities starting in 1995, they resumed in 2002 after a seven-year hiatus. Since then, they have continued to steadily pursue their activities, consistently showcasing innovative and ever-evolving music production and live performances.


We, ARCANA PROJECT, are in charge of the ending theme for Ultraman Arc. We are delighted to be involved with a household name like Ultraman. “Meramera” (meaning “blaze up” in Japanese) is a song that burns as bright as the sun, and we believe it will resonate with the hearts of those who are pursuing their dreams. We've infused it with the message that you can carve the future with your own hands. The dance is so lively that you'll find yourself wanting to imitate it, so we hope you do! As ARCANA PROJECT, we'll burn as passionately as the sun and unleash our imaginations to make Ultraman Arc a great success!

Usa Sakurano, Hana Hanamiya, Shion Aida, Aozora Sorano, and Hikaru Amano make up the five-person vocal group ARCANA PROJECT, co-produced by DEARSTAGE and Lantis.

With a world view based on tarot cards as a motif, the group expresses various music genres through the performances of each member and their unique vocals.

They debuted in September of 2020, singing the opening theme song for the TV anime Monster Girl Doctor. Since then, they have performed many anime songs, including for The aquatope on white sand, Mononogatari, and Synduality: Noir. Their latest song, “Meramera,” marks their eighth consecutive tie-up.

Product Information
arc jump'n to the sky (OP theme song of Ultraman Arc)
Artist: access
Release Date: July 21, 2024

Tracks (all editions)
1. arc jump'n to the sky
Lyrics: Hiroyuki Takami, Composition/Arrangement: Daisuke Asakura
2. Blaze of liberation
Lyrics: Hiroyuki Takami, Composition/Arrangement: Daisuke Asakura
3. arc jump'n to the sky (Instrumental)
4. Blaze of liberation (Instrumental)

Standard Edition
Product No.: LACM-24594
Price: ¥1,650 (inc. tax)

Limited Edition with Soft Vinyl Figure
Product No.: LACM-34594
Price: ¥3,520 (inc. tax)
Includes Ultraman Arc Imagination Blue version

Meramera (Part 1 ED theme song of Ultraman Arc)
Release Date: July 21, 2024

Tracks (all editions)
1. Meramera
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Saeki YouthK
2. You are Peace!! feat. YouPi
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND
3. Mikakunin Seacret
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Shinji Suzuki (KEYTONE)

First Production Run Bonus:
All editions will include a random trading card (one of five types)

Standard Edition
Product No.: LACM-24596
Price: ¥1,540 (inc. tax)

Limited Edition
Product No.: LACM-34595
Price: ¥2,530 (inc. tax)
Includes M-Card for Meramera music video, making of music video

Limited Edition with Soft Vinyl Figure
Product No.: LACM-34596
Price: ¥3,520 (inc. tax)
Includes Ultraman Arc Imagination Silver version

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