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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 11

by MrAJCosplay/Cartoon Cipher,

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My Senpai Is Annoying ?
Community score: 4.4

As our year winds down, a new year starts for the incredibly cute and adorable cast of My Senpai Is Annoying. I know a lot of people probably want me to talk about the kiss between Sakurai and Kazama, which was great even though I think the show can get away with the two of them just dating at this point. It's actually really fun seeing the two sort of be in denial about it even though that's clearly what each other wants, and I'm a little surprised that other characters haven't picked up on this sooner. Maybe it's because I could see a lot more actual fallout if they got found out going on dates together compared to Futaba and Takeda who are much easier to tease (the former especially). Hands-down my favorite moment of this episode is where Futaba ran up to Kazama in a hot rage and just beat the hell out of him on camera in front of everyone because he was casually talking about how well she gets along with her senpai. Scratch that – this wasn't just my favorite moment of the episode, it was probably one of my top three favorite moments of the show thus far. Sorry, Kazama – you're great but you one hundred percent deserve that!

Joking aside though, this episode was actually kind of cute thematically as the end of the year is a time for reflection. Kazama reflecting on the time that he spent with Sakurai and being a bit more forward about how he wanted to go over to her house to see her, not just to hang out with her little brother, was really sweet. If anything, he's a little bit too honest compared to everybody else in the show; he just doesn't think that he's that special or important. If only he knew the loads of people watching the show rooting for him to succeed but I digress. Obviously Futaba also reflects on how much her Senpai means to her and it was really sweet to see the episode start by having a lot of her coworkers kind of congratulate her growth as a salesperson. This was a person who started the show kind of entering the adult world on her own and she's managed to carve out a pretty safe, supportive community around her. Now obviously a lot of that is thanks to Takeda who, for the first time I think since the series started, finally showed a bit more of a flustered side in a way that I wasn't really expecting. When the two got their fortunes and we find out that both more or less said that the two of them are meant for each other, I was fully expecting him to just sort of laugh it off or make another allusion to how he enjoys someone to look after like the daughter comments that he made back in episode one. But instead he seemed embarrassed by what the fortune said and actively tries to hide it from Futaba. There's a lot going on in his reactions in this episode and it's got me so curious to see if we get a follow up to it in the next episode. Probably not, but we'll just have to wait and see I guess. I mean, this episode did give me more than I was expecting after all, so who's to say that the following episode won't follow suit?


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