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Anime Spotlight - BAKUMATSU

by ANN Staff,
Broadcast starts October 4th, 2018.


This story takes place during the Bakumatsu era in Japan.

Japan's history looked bleak during this time, and many passionate men fought over hegemony within the country, various ideals in their hearts. Shinsaku Takasugi, a samurai warrior from Choshu, attempts to sneak onto a ship run by Yoshinobu Tokugawa, his partner Kogoro Katsura at his side. Takasugi and Katsura aim to steal a legendary treasure that is said to have the ability to control time: the pocket watch "Jishingi." Having heard the Tokugawa intend to use the watch to dominate the land, Takasugi decides to steal the watch and prevent Tokugawa's attempt.

"That's just a boring way!"

However, the moment they obtain the watch, it is stolen from them by a woman dressed in black. The two head for Kyoto where the Bakufu is located, guessing the woman is a servant of the Tokugawa. There, they come upon the great castle of Susano'o, which rules the town with an iron fist. The town they arrive in is much different than it should be, and even the way the people there act gets Takasugi and Katsura bewildered.

Even beyond time and space, “Truth”, “Belief”, and “Faith” would never change….The story about brave heroes who run through their faiths is now opening the certain.

Crossing through time, the curtain is raised on this tale of the warriors of the Bakumatsu who move forward holding true to their beliefs!

Character Names & Descriptions

Shinsaku Takasugi

Voice: Yūichi Nakamura

"I'll make anything boring interesting in a snap!"

A whimsical and unconventional adventurer from Choshu. He has a tendency to move straight ahead for the sake of his beliefs, whether there might be danger in his way or not. He studied at the Shokasonjuku private school run by Shōin Yoshida. He is a man with a strong sense of honor, holding the teachings from his "Shoin Sensei" in his heart even now.

Kogoro Katsura

Voice: Takuya Eguchi

"Well, shoot. Looks like I don't have enough lives…"

A theorist with a cool set of glasses and a hot heart that pushes him to care about others. He's usually the calm, cool and serious straight man of the group. However, he often gets dragged into trouble by his old fellow Takasugi, by whom he is accompanied. Despite this, he has an unbreakable bond of trust with him, and is almost like the mom of the group.

Ryoma Sakamoto

Voice: Shinichirō Miki

"The best strategist keeps his trump card till the very end."

An aloof socialite with an air of professionalism to him. He's quite good with interpersonal matters and is able to get on just about anybody's good side, but he also will do anything to achieve his goals. He has an extremely sharp mind and is quick to adapt his knowledge of business to any situation. He travels alongside Okada as his bodyguard/advisor.

Izo Okada

Voice: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

"I shall cut you down if you get in my way."

A silent and loyal worker. His main job is to guard Sakamoto, and is currently with him due to certain circumstances. He has a slender body, and is able to complete any mission in near silence. He is a master swordsman with sharp instincts, and separates himself from the competition with his uncouth style.

Toshizo Hijikata

Voice: Toshiyuki Someya

"Our roles are to just follow Kondo-san."

Extremely tough on not only his men but himself as well, Hijikata is truly the "Demonic Vice-Captain" of the Shinsengumi. He lives to support Kondo, the commander of the Shinsengumi, and has led the organization along in order to do so. He is feared by the others around him due to his strict rules. But he's actually very caring and human person. He thinks about the Shinsengumi and Kondo more than anyone else.

Isami Kondo

Voice: Takuya Satō

"Come on, take it easy, Toshi."

The reliable big brother of all his comrades in the Shinsengumi, which he leads as its commander. He always puts his soldiers first. Contrary to the stern attitude of Hijikata, Kondo is a much warmer person, and he works to unify his ragtag gang. He has the ability to see the truth through the haze of lies and show his true determination if it's for the sake of his comrades.

Soji Okita

Voice: Tsubasa Yonaga

"Ahaha! …Now I can get serious."

The dangerous, genius swordsman with an abnormal love for combat who serves as the leader of the Shinsengumi's first division. He always has a smile on his face, but his expression is one of madness born on the battlefield. He hates compromise, and often finishes jobs based solely on his natural instincts. However, like an unstable child, his laid-back persona will shatter whenever something gets in his way.

Hajime Saito

Voice: Keita Tada

"…How lenient…"

A lone wolf who is of few words, has a sharp tongue when he does speak, and often uses sarcasm. Saito is the captain of the third division of the Shinsengumi with sword skills that are a match for Okita's. He is often entrusted with assassination and political purge missions. When he is forced to team up with someone, it will usually be Okita. He has sworn his loyalty to Kondo, but sometimes the things he mumbles seem to tell another story…

Yoshinobu Tokugawa

Voice: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

"The Tokugawas shall be the ones to sever their own destiny."

A kind guardian of the Bakufu who holds absolute authority. The 15th shogun of the Tokugawa Clan. He has a tendency to put others before himself. He is skilled in martial arts despite his standing as shogun. Due to certain circumstances, he is very close to Yamazaki. He had contact with the emperor during the time of the Tokugawa Bakufu.

Susumu Yamazaki

Voice: Taku Yashiro

"I shall put my life in your hands!"

A loyal, earnest, and pure boy who is a spy of the Shinsengumi. Having sworn his loyalty to Yoshinobu, he protects him with no care for his own life. He's usually a very passive person, but will even give a piece of his mind to Kondo if it's a matter concerning Yoshinobu. He is very physically fit and nimble.


Voice: Shunsuke Takeuchi

The most influential member of the Imperial Court.


Voice: Yoshiki Nakajima



Shinsaku Takasugi
Yūichi Nakamura
Kogoro Katsura
Takuya Eguchi
Ryoma Sakamoto
Shinichirō Miki
Izo Okada
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Toshizo Hijikata
Toshiyuki Someya
Isami Kondo
Takuya Satō
Soji Okita
Tsubasa Yonaga
Hajime Saito
Keita Tada
Yoshinobu Tokugawa
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Susumu Yamazaki
Taku Yashiro
Shunsuke Takeuchi
Yoshiki Nakajima


Original Work
"Renai Bakumatsu Kareshi" (Furyu Corporation)
Masaki Watanabe
Assistant Director
Akihiro Saitō
Series Composition
Masahiro Yokotani
Original Animation Character Design
Animation Character Design
Hidekazu Shimamura
Color Key
Imari Katsuragi
Art Director
Takeshi Sato
Director of Photography
Akira Shimozaki
Naoki Watanabe
Sound Director
Sadayoshi Fujino
Ryo Kawasaki
Animation Production
Studio DEEN

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