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Anime Spotlight - Asobi Asobase

by ANN Staff,
Premieres July 8, 2018 (JST)


The genius author Rin Suzukawa breaks through barriers of comedy in this hilarious manga serializing in the Young Animal magazine following the lives of middle school girls. Asobi Asobase is now an anime!

Olivia is a girl born and raised in Japan, but despite her blonde hair, she can't speak English. Kasumi is a girl with short hair and glasses who is terrible at English despite the serious and intelligent air she has. And finally, Hanako is a pigtailed girl who dreams of becoming normal. These three girls formed the "Playing Committe." The curtain raises on the laugh-out-loud, amazingly cute, amazingly fun middle school girls!

Character Names & Descriptions

Hanako Honda

Voice: Hina Kino

An energetic and bright girl who can both play sports and hit the books. However, that doesn't mean she's the smartest knife in the drawer. She admires normies with fulfilling lives, and she's currently part of her middle school's soft tennis team in order to become one herself. However, there seems to be no hope of her becoming normal anytime in the near future.


Voice: Rika Nagae

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who transferred into Hanako's midde school. Both of her parents are non-Japanese, and her appearance might make you think she knows English, but she's actually really bad at it because she was born and raised in Japan. In fact, she can barely speak a word of English.

Kasumi Nomura

Voice: Konomi Kohara

A girl who appears to be a goody-two-shoes who reads book in the classroom after school, but she's actually extremely unskilled at English. She asks Olivia to teach her English. Her large breasts don't look like those of a middle schooler's.


Hanako Honda
Hina Kino
Rika Nagae
Kasumi Nomura
Konomi Kohara
Ryotaro Okiayu
Student Council President
Honoka Inoue
Mai Kanazawa
Megumi Toda
Tsugumi Aozora
Aoi Yūki
Ryōko Maekawa
Yasunori Masutani
Mitsuki Saiga
Kentaro Honda
Eishin Fudemura
Maki Izawa


Original Creator
Rin Suzukawa (Serialized in Hakusensha's "Young Animal")
Seiji Kishi
Series Composition
Yuuko Kakihara
Character Design
Keiko Kurosawa
Assistant Director
Yū Kinome
Color Design
Sakiko Ito
Director of Photography
Shinyo Kondo (DEEN digital)
Background Art
Morita Editing Room
Sound Director
Satoki Iida
Masato Kōda
Animation Producer
Yūji Higa
Animation Production
Opening Theme Song:
Performed by Hina Kino as Hanako Honda, Rika Nagae as Olivia, Konomi Kohara as Kasumi Nomura
Ending Theme Song:
Performed by Hina Kino as Hanako Honda, Rika Nagae as Olivia, Konomi Kohara as Kasumi Nomura

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