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REVIEW: One Piece 3D2Y: Overcoming Ace's Death! Luffy's Pledge to His Friends BD+DVD

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The paragraph about the art and animation is something else. I feel like the author should have done at least a little bit research about the staff and what they stand for. Sakugablog and numerous interviews provide all the needed information. With these specials they don't just wanna adapt Oda's designs, they are a playground for the animators in a way. Koudai Watanabe is influenced by the 90s anime aesthetic, pointy cheeks and sketchy line work. Not only was he assidgned to do the designs, but his corrections are all over the special. Save for a few shots the art was mostly consistent thanks to him being the Chief AD.

>Luffy doesn't look quite muscular enough throughout the film – he appears skinny rather than wiry.
That's the whole point of his designs.

One top of that there's a big number of scenes by special animators.They were given the freedom to go all out. Different styles with fluid animation.
Granted they focused on the climax fight, but as you can see there are other nicely animated cuts throughout the special by talented animators such as Naohiro Shintani (DBS Broly character designer) and Hiroki Morimune (Precure animator). You won't find many TV specials that are as animated as this one.

>There are a couple of scenes that use 3D animation, one of the first times the series as a whole has done so
That's wrong. CGI has been used before. Episode 145 was one of the first attempts. 3D2Y came out after Film Z, which had great 3D animation. And I think I don't need to mention other movies and specials.
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