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NEWS: Independent Publisher Plans New World Manga Anthology

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:14 pm Reply with quote
awesome! I might submit something.
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The Xenos

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:25 pm Reply with quote
"Shockpop World Manga Digest."

Ah geez, not this s--- again.

Now they're mixing that 'world manga' BS with the term digest. Wonder-f---ing-ful. I was in my local comic shop complaining about this. He showed me a new TokyoPop 'Global Manga' and I said I read an interview with the US author (who worked for Image comics too) and what BS it was. Then he went on kidding me about how everything is 'manga'. Then I pointed to an Archie comics Sonic the Hedgehog collection and he said, "Well, not that, it's a digest." You know, just to screw with my head and argument a bit.

And now I come home and find these weeaboo mangaphiles have also stolen the term digest? Fantastic. Confused

You know why even have dictionaries or definitions? I'm sick of the Wikiallity of the term manga. There is no true definition except the one that makes you a buck I guess. Then again back in the 90s people thought Rob Liefeld was a good comics artist and people copied him. Now if you want to sell comics you just call your crap manga. Wonderful.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:38 am Reply with quote
While I think there's a few promising non-Japanese artists out there, the crap to good ratio is worrying. Of course, the Japanese have their fair share of crap too, but since their market act as a filter for the market abroad, we don't get to see too much (remember Chibi Pop Manga?) of that. And that, my friends, is nice Smile

That said, I don't like the way western made, Japanese-style comics are being marketed. Commercial publishers appear to accept anything that looks remotely like mainstream manga to push sales. Thus diminishing the general image of manga AND that of promising home grown artists.

When I helped publish Fanthology a fan-funded anthology of manga style comics by Dutch artists, I remember we were quite strict in selecting the work that made the cut. We wanted work that felt like manga, rather than only look the part, thus weeding out the 'western comics with added big eyes and speed lines'.
If only western publishers would be willing to cull the lesser artists from their publications like this, there would be less of a problem. Be harsh, be selective. Please allow the 'not-yet-there' crowd to cut their teeth on self-publishing some more, before throwing them off the deep end. In the end, it will be benifical to everyone involved.

Oh, and the name 'Shockpop World Manga Digest' just asks to be trounced twice for every syllable in it.
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